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Few new poems

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posted on Jun, 15 2015 @ 12:43 PM

I will mourn a thousand days
With thought of one that's yet to be -
I'll hold my breath in cold night's air
Counting all the missed seconds from - eternity
Remaining still
Until the dawn will rise again
Then you'll see me up in solar light
Enloved still in you - to scream
There's no heaven, neither hell!
But a constant pounding beat
That fill my chest and moves my dreams
To the point where the world is silent
And I - am there, so there's - thee
My love, my pain - eternity



Sweet and not pretending
You are honest as a dog
And you love me as a phoenix

Strong and still with flaming sword
As a Templar I am sworn
To love you and protect - You

Matters not.If.May.Be.To.
Where we are ending
As a new way shows before
Our voices heed - upbringing

Under.Up.Beneath.Or through.
There nothing is determined
We are making our road
And I am more than just delighted...

To be walking next to you
My love, my soul, my...
Why, my lungs
...are breathing!


[Sacral fate]

Send me on the wrath boat
Send me down in Shades
Strap me on a war thorn
Blow me up insane

Down with all the wrecked ones
To walk in boots half filed with sand

Dig me down
Down to earth
Do your best
I will return
My name will shout
To heavens more
To break the walls
And take the throne

Aces filled with gasoline
Ortus spiral sex engine

Keeping on the fire road
Making it in sacral fate

Lust in heavens, now fear my name
To shake the world we're born today

Burning all the past dreams
Sinking all the rotten ships
In the heart filled with fire hymns
...the wind is blowing in our sails!



In the midst of storm - devotion
Play the flute - posses the motion
Its been given - its been done

In the sleepless night - devotion
Walk on water - let all go
Like the air - keeps the crow

In the cut of death - devotion
Path of changes - will you take it
Roads are plenty - travelers' one



One night
I reckon meanwhile sleeping
I found myself in chair
At a baroque styled
Atom Caffee

The waiter came
Yet he was blind
I ordered long
And it came right
But what I saw
Was my surprise
A face of man
In my coffee lied
Just from the cream
I thought and sipped
Yet the shock was big
When heard a voice
Starting up word with me:

Hay, hay, drink me slow
Enjoy my taste -
It stated on

I bid your name
You - voice from...
And where you come
For all sanity's sake!

My name is Morn
And from your coffee
I might be grown

How that happened -
You're evil ghost
I have just sipped
And you have popped

Rather not
What I am
And you are too
My kind is yours
And yours is mine
And glue we are
A glue just fine

Excuse me, Morn
But that sounds crap...
A glue for what
A carpet, brick
Or maybe bone and skin...
It have to stick?

The glue itself is what you'll stick
And glue you use to do this trick

Beg me pardon, coffee voice
You're getting nuts
I ordered coffee
Not a drugs!
Please think rationally -
The glue is made to fix just stuff!

I'll say the glue is not
For what is made
For what the glue is
Made it all
You know it well
That's why you came
To my Caffee -
Baroque and

This could not be!
Please kill me first!
I'll listen no more to this nuts!

The waiter came
And a smile he rose
Collecting carefully
The coins - I threw out
With no tip at all
Then he bowed
And I amazingly bestowed
Two eyes were shining there
A witchery - I thought
His sight was there
And blind was not...
Oh gods!

My trembling lips let out a word while
Looking at his face blinking at me -
What the hell you've done?

He looked away with Innocence of cat
Then turned back heading for the bar
Giving me a quick and almost silent answer:
I glue them up!

Thus ends my story
Shivering and
With no glory
Waking up
Sweated and afraid
From the voices
In my head
Hooked up
In dream
At the baroque styled
Atom Caffee

posted on May, 11 2017 @ 06:58 AM
Wow! You are really good in poems. I used to write several when I was a child too, but now I'm student and I'm so busy with all those assignment that don't have any time for writing. I guess I need someone who can do my homework for me and relieve me a little in education. Maybe then I would have found the time to write a poem and share it here.

posted on May, 11 2017 @ 05:03 PM
a reply to: Egoismyname

Thanks for sharing!

I am not much of a critic I don't judge other peoples art,I don't think I have that right.

But I enjoyed the read and applaud you for overcoming the second big hurdle of writing;

not being afraid to put it out for public consumption.

Keep up the good work


Edited to add

I didn't realize this was a thread necro. Ahh well good luck to you egoismyname
wherever you are.

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(post by stevewaugh removed for a serious terms and conditions violation)

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