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Are drone strikes as common as we think?

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posted on May, 11 2015 @ 11:09 AM
This article (below) just popped up about the alleged false report that was created to claim that the life of Usama Bin Laden was taken by a drone strike. Once the first helo went down inside the walls of the bunker and a tail rotor was left behind, the story had to be changed and we now have the report of a DEVGRU team going in to take out the terrorist leader.

I am actually reading Mark Owen's book "No Easy Day" which is his first-hand account of the raid and the assassination of UBL. The book is also filled with other missions that were performed to take out other Al Qaeda leaders, bomb-makers, etc.

This got me wondering: I am sure drones are used quite often to neutralize terrorists, especially in the mountainous terrain of Northern Afghanistan that is difficult to navigate, but are they used as often as we are told?

In the war thus far, Army's Delta Force and the Navy's DEVGRU have been used to hunt down high value targets all over. How sure can we be that one of these teams did not strike a target and a drone was given credit to keep these men out of the limelight? They receive very little coverage of the missions they perform, but the death of various terrorist leaders is covered in the media every so often.

What does everyone else think?

False Report of drone strike killing UBL


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