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Emergency Alert test in my city, this has never happened before

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posted on May, 10 2015 @ 11:50 AM
a reply to: TorinoFer

If you think thatsbad, explain this:
KING5 News Seattle Wa

Now why would a National Guard unit be getting these vehicles?

From the link:

Washington's became the fourth state in the nation to get Stryker vehicles assigned to its National Guard units.

This makes sense since we have Joint base Lewis/McCord here, but this part is about these vehicles;

The new vehicles are custom built to drive into "hot zones" or terrorist crime scenes.

Yeppers, something up. With the Emergency Alerts happening (all bet it testing) more frequently, a new "air raid" siren being set up near my house, and NBC vehicles being sent to National Guard Units. It all makes me think back to that report from the CIA about Russia starting a war with the US by the end of the year.

posted on May, 11 2015 @ 08:30 PM
War of the Worlds


posted on May, 12 2015 @ 03:22 PM
a reply to: FlyingFox
That's interesting to know. My off topic statement; "So the whole fear of disclosure based off of the War of the Worlds broadcast should be completely ignored"

Now back on topic;
I've noticed a greater number of disaster prep announcements being made in resent weeks, then this time last year.

posted on May, 29 2015 @ 06:54 PM
I live in the US and have seen EAS tests on my T.V. and radio for as far back as I can remember. However a couple of days ago I got one on my Cell Phone which has never happened before, in fact didn't even know EAS had the ability to send alerts through the cell network. Anyone else get one of these?

posted on May, 30 2015 @ 03:10 AM
It's just the emergency alert system, it's perfectly normal. My town actually takes it a step further, and by request you can have them text emergencies to you. That actually came in handy for me once. I was out of town, but driving in scheduled to get there around 6:30. Get a text saying tornado warning from 6:15-6:45, stay off the roads, get to shelter.

It ended up being nothing, but I have to admit I liked having that warning system since I don't use TV and rarely listen to the radio.

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