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An experiment in guided meditation

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posted on Apr, 23 2015 @ 12:17 PM
So I wanted to conduct a cool little experiment based off guided meditation.

First, For this experiment you will need a dark and cool room. Cool enough to feel slightly chilled when you begin but not cold where you are uncomfortable.

Second, You will need or not need the following. Either music of your choice meant for mediation, like gregorian chant or other soothing music with no discernable vocals. If not complete silence is best. If you have background noise you cant avoid try the music at a low tone...just enough to drown out the rest.

Third, You will either need very loose fitting clothing or none at all. Nude with no jewelry is best.

Fourth, a comfortable pillow or rug to sit on.


So the purpose of this guided meditation is to enhance our perception of our bodies and loosen our grip on our senses by regulating body temperature and disassociating with nerve endings. If you suffer from chronic pain, this could help.

I am not an expert but an enthusiast. This has no medical concerns besides the obvious you should know about yourself already. If you cant sit indian style, sit how ever you like. If you have a cold, or are sick, dont use the chilled room. Whatever.

Ok, so with the setting in place, sit down indian style or how ever you are most comfortable. If you want to lay down that is also fine. I started doing this sitting down and now lay down since I have learned not to fall asleep. That is more dependant on being more or less physically fit.

So, the first thing we do is just sit close your eyes, and let the thoughts we have bottled up come up naturally. While letting your mind decompress don't hang onto any particular thought. As they come and demand more attention, a counter thought or follow up thought on your end, just let go and know that you are not here to think about that. Like being at the car wash and ignoring the low gas light on your car. You did not come to gas up the car, and even though running out of gas would be a concern, you came to the car wash to wash you car.

Know the purpose of your time. Repeat to yourself that there is nothing for you here. You are here alone and that nothing you brought with you is really there. You came alone, and you are there only with yourself. The outside world exists outside the bubble you have created. You are sitting in a void.

Feel your nudity. Feel the connection to the state you came into this world in. With your eyes closed imagine yourself sitting there. See your body and do not judge it pleasant or flawed. Just see it as you would if you just died and were leaving the flesh. What would how your body looks even matter? You will now be spending eternity as energy or whatever. Stay there for as long as possible until you start to notice small details about yourself as you look on in your mind at yourself.

So in that thought of yourself sitting, begin to sit down next to your body that you have been watching. In your mind see yourself sitting next to yourself. Whichever side is fine. Just sit next to you sitting there as you pictured in your mind.

Stay like this for as long as necessary until you start to wander in mind....the two of you. Stay until the room, the void you are in begins to travel with both of you staying still. Do not focus on where the room goes. No matter where it is still a void and apart from everything. The world, heaven or hell you imagine. This is the void in between all that only YOU exist in.

As the two travel, notice the sensations of your body. Know that they belong to the one sitting next to you. The physical you is feeling. Know then that all else that you feel belongs to you. The you sitting next to the physical you.

When the distinction is clear in your mind, imagine both of you stand. As you stand see your hand outstretch next to you and take hold of the other hand of you. Outstretch your physical hand and feel the spiritual hand you have also outstretched in it. Remember the proprietary nature of feeling. The flesh feels one, the spirit feels the other.

Staying in that distinction and feeling your hand in your your spiritual eyes, and open your physical mouth. Breath in a long breath to your satisfaction. Exhale through both your nose and mouth. Imagine your spiritual eyes BLINK, and repeat another breath.....

Do this several times until you feel as though you no longer want to.....imagine that this satisfaction will also mean that your spiritual eyes need not ever blink. They can remain open as long as you breath to your satisfaction.

Close your mouth and breathe normally through your nose.

Now, with the two you standing, imagine that the spiritual you is slowly turning to cold water from the ground up. That as the water seeps up, his spiritual body is becoming fluid. At the same time imagine that your physical body is turning into molten steel. See the hot metal creep up through your feet and transform them into fluid hot metal.

When this image is clear enough, imagine that the water and metal are now seeping into your veins, becoming them. In both of you the water and steel are now flowing all throughout your bodies.

Feel the cold in your veins of your spiritual self, feel the hot metal in your physical veins.

sit with this as long as you like.

Now I want you to remember that each body feels its own emotions. Sit contemplating the sensations you feel and remember to whom they belong.

In this imagine that the transformation is complete and there are now the two yous standing next to eachother.

One flowing clear and COLD water, the other hot and fluid molten steel.

Now imagine that the floor these two things crept up from is them. There is the cold water you standing on water, and the molten metal you standing on molten metal.

Now see that you have not let go of each other's hands. No matter the visuals you have seen before, know that you have not let go of each other. See the steam rise from your hands still touching. Now, take the leg closest to the other you and imagine that the other you does the same, step into your other yous place....the water foot stepping into metal, and the metal foot into the water.

As you do this see the two bodies merging. Know that you are now becoming one....that you never let go of each other, and now are willfully stepping into each one.

See now a body you occupy with half molten metal and the other half flowing cold water. See the steam shoot from jets all along your center between these two halfs where they meet. In your head, upper torso, belly, genitals.....all shooting streams of steam between these two opposing halfs. Feel the steam leaving your spine and the back of your skull in these areas as well.

Now see that you have an arm of each. One hot metal the other frozen water. Then see you have legs of each...then see that each leg is standing on its corresponding form. Metal on metal, water on water. See that you are standing as two halfs made one, each in his element.

Then see that you are looking through the eyes of this new form...looking out. Turn and as you place each foot on the other element see the steam rise. Your cold water foot on molten metal floor. Your molten metal foot on cold ice floor.

As the steam rises see it dissipate....see as the metal half of your new singular form cools and solidifies into clean and sleek solid metal. See as the water side of you feazes and solidifies into ice

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posted on Apr, 23 2015 @ 12:23 PM
continued, see as the molten floor cools, the now solid ice half cools it and solidifies itself further and is made like the metal of your other side.

See now as the two are becoming indistinguishable. Sit and contemplate the seamless and stillness nature of them.

Now that you have turned to face yourself after looking out during your creation and now that all your sides have cooled and settled, look at your face. Into your eyes.

See the molten metal still in churning out flames in your eyes, the fluid flowing cold water in them settling all and still beyond time.

See the singular form you have become. Remember the feelings once separated and in context of your two see their existence in your self as one. Know that your eyes are the only parts of you like your former separated self. That your feelings flow from your eyes outward and melt your perceived form you have become.

With those eyes, lose yourself in them. Look deep into them and forget the sleek form you once were.

Lose yourself in them and allow them to thaw you and melt you.

Mix into a single pool of self and let that flow through your veins. Let this current of self flow freely and melt and thaw all it touches including your veins until there is nothing but a pool of warm liquid everywhere you see.

Know that since all form is gone, your sight is all that remains to contemplate the deep pool of still water.

See now what you will. See the forms you will create with this formless primordial pool of all things.

See a new form rise....and once that form rises facing YOU, open your eyes once you see into theirs.


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posted on Apr, 23 2015 @ 12:25 PM
What I want you to do is read this, think of it, adapt it to your needs and make it suitable for your own story and perception.

Once the exercise is complete, tell me who you are...what you see.

It really isnt for me or anyone here on ATS or the internet. Its for you. Though if you feel like

posted on Apr, 23 2015 @ 12:49 PM
a reply to: tadaman

Thanks tadaman - I will try this in the evening when I get home. Seems like an interesting process and I need some stress relief as I am sure many others do in these trying times.

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