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NATO's Cyber Defense Drill: Locked Shields 2015

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posted on Apr, 21 2015 @ 09:05 PM
NATO Cyber Exercise, hmmmm....

I read this and did a bit of research to find out more as I had not heard of "Locked Shields" cyber drills before. Apparently, this began in 2010. In 2014, there were 300 super smart computer experts involved in this "drill".

About 400 computer experts will participate in a major cybersecurity drill in Estonia this week as part of NATO's efforts to upgrade its capability to counter potentially debilitating hacker attacks.

Teams from 16 nations will take part in the Locked Shields 2015 exercise at NATO's cyberdefense center in Tallinn. The annual drill is one of the largest of its kind.

This year's drill will involve both the Windows 8 operating system and the upcoming Windows 10 system, organizers said Tuesday

Could NATO know something WE don't? Likely. Very likely. But what or who would cause a major cybersecurity drill?
For some reason my mind flashed to Edward Snowden...and then to Russia...

The drill comes at a time of heightened tensions in Eastern Europe, where NATO military forces are exercising almost continuously to deter any Russian aggression following Moscow's intervention in Ukraine.

Rob Pritchard, a cybersecurity expert at the Royal United Services Institute in London, said the cyber drill probably has a similar focus.

"Russia is currently looming large on the NATO radar, and the exercise is likely to simulate attacks similar to those used by the Russian state, and state-backed actors," Pritchard said.

Okaaaaay. A looming Russia is never a good thing. And these drills are only LIKELY to simulate Russia's attacks (which Russia denies).

At a NATO summit last September, President Barack Obama and other leaders ordered a ramp-up in the alliance's cyberdefense capabilities and warned that a cyberattack against a NATO member state could trigger the same collective defense response as military aggression.

Warned, huh?

Russia? do you feel "warned"?


To find out more info and which 16 countries are included in this cyber drill, click here: Locked Shields 2015

posted on Apr, 21 2015 @ 09:51 PM
a reply to: Ultralight

I have been watching all this sabre rattling for some time with Russia. Most for the problem seems to be the fact that the Crimea which seemed to view itself as part of Russia and indeed voted to remain that way, held elections off its own batt for its own people who used their vote and marched. Now that smacked of democracy working, which we certainly can't have!

Also Europe was never supposed to encroach right up to Russia's border. This has happened and because of the (deliberately ludicrously crass way our politicians and statesmen have 'diplomatically' 'discussed these problems' the sabres are out. When the USA sends its meatheads to 'help' in Ukraine one knows the bankers are involved, cos someone is funding that. (No disrespect to the USA's citizens the UK has its own meatheads) what I mean are men that are trained simply for violence and gorilla warfare and have no conscience because its been militarily drummed out of their brains - unless of course something similar was done to their own country and families).

How often have we all heard that when economies are in trouble "A good war will sort out that" spluttered out and sure enough a war gets under way.

We know we have a failed world economy that's being propped up by creating yet more paper debt that can need be repaid.

As for cyber drills these are carried out every year, they're a bean feast that seem out of date with communication so easily available to everyone these days. What I wonder is surely the Russians have the EMP weapon, so surely our computer controlled warfare drills are compromised - or is that too simplistic a view I am not sure?

posted on Apr, 21 2015 @ 09:59 PM
a reply to: Shiloh7

I bet all representing 16 countries of Locked Shield 15 have EMP capability or can easily obtain it. That is what caught my attention.

We push Democracy down the throats of other nations then cry foul as in the case of Crimea.

This cyber security aimed at Russia is ridiculous.


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