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Imagine being someone like one of Gaddafi's many illegitimate sons

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posted on Apr, 17 2015 @ 07:44 PM
I was just thinking,

Imagine being related to someone like Gaddafi? Imagine if you werent even one of the popular sons. What if you were like one of his illegitimate sons from one of his MANY MANY whore bodyguards (the Amazon slut soldiers). Sure you would get to travel a little and get a little expense account. THEN your dad gets killed and you are probably wanted for something or another. You run out of money and although have safe haven in some places that sympathize, you are their bitch for all intent and purposes.

It must suck.

I cant imagine being in such a terrible state of affairs. Even if you did have SOME money, you are basically the bastard son of a person history will never redeem. You are always just a crisis away from being killed silently and without a single candle in your honor.

I would rather be me than the son of one of these powerful people who play with the devil.

Funny, they thought they had it all, and now, are just what they always were, the love childs of Gaddafis whores....and thats all they will ever be.

Crazy life, crazy world.

Even if you were one of the liked sons, that doesnt say much considering your family is full of whores and half brother sons of whores. It would be hard to find some sort of honor or worth. Just a meat sack with time on his hands....not exactly a life even half as satisfying as a miner or a cop who goes home to a loving family and lives in peace....sleeps like a baby and always will.

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posted on Apr, 17 2015 @ 08:44 PM
Initially the idea is interesting. The illegit son of someone; how does he cope? But I don't understand why you have to label them "sons of whores" and the like. Each human being is legitimate in his or her own right. It doesn't really matter who your parents are. That doesn't make you any less legitimate a human being. So exactly what is your point of criticizing these folks in terms such as these?

The interesting part is their survival. In other words, does their heritage give them any advantages or disadvantages? If they've got title to some of their father's ill-gotten gains, they may have a slight advantage. If not, they would only gain advantage in circles that support Ghadaffi in principle, and there are probably some groups that do. In the absence of any advantage, change your name to Mohammed if it isn't already and make your way in the world like so many other faceless people with foggy backgrounds. Not as if it's never been done before.

posted on Apr, 17 2015 @ 10:12 PM
a reply to: tadaman

lol, there is so much hate, venom and loathing dripping off this thread, i don't know where to begin...

GMR (Great Man-Made River) Water Supply Project, Libya

The Man Made River
irtually unknown in the West: Libya's water resources. The real reason for toppling Quadaffi?
Five Things You May Not Know About Muammar
7 Reasons The West Wanted Gadaffi Dead

and those amazons were more woMAN than some mysogynists will ever be...

imagine what kind of person hates great men [and women] of accomplishment, possesed of a spine so much, that not content with their murder and applauding it, sets out to villify and slander not only the deceased but proceeds to spew bile against their children. from the anonymity of the interwebs...

i imagine such a creature would be definitely an invertebrate of the taxon vermes
and has never been kissed either....

posted on Apr, 17 2015 @ 10:22 PM
a reply to: schuyler

Well I was going for the most extreme of thoughts that must cross their minds. Really their mothers being "legitimate" or not as concubines or formal wives is what would affect them. Its kind of the premise of the argument. A question of how this all must affect them. If they ever explain who their parents are or what their origin story is, they will always think it. "if only mom was such and such I would be his REAL son".

The issue has had to come up for them. Why their other brothers are treated like the real sons of their father, while their own mothers are seen as nothing more than an object of pleasure in the eyes of everyone else. A private whore to this powerful man and they the accident of that relationship.

I dont care if they are or arent whores. I am not saying that the relationship of their mothers to the now dead Gaddafi is important, but to the body guards, media, private circles, etcetera, it does matter and they have to deal with that too.

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posted on Apr, 17 2015 @ 10:36 PM
Thay can always go into american politics ....

posted on Apr, 18 2015 @ 08:15 AM
Here is an interview with the head of the armed forces of Libya under Gaddafi

“It fell under the umbrella of the Department of Protocol under the direction of Nuri Mesmari, a schemer who had the gall to parade around in a general’s uniform every now and then, and had the nickname ‘the general of special affairs’ so the only word that was applicable could be avoided.”

“And what was that?”

“I hardly dare tell you: ‘general of the whores’! He looked for women everywhere; that was his specialty and his primary function; he would even pick up prostitutes on the street.”

“And Mabrouka Sherif ?”

“Crucial to the system. She actually carried a lot of weight with Gaddafi, and was glued to his side on a permanent basis. I was so revolted by her that I refused to shake her hand on three separate occasions. She had networks all over and dealt, among other things, with the wives of state leaders. She practiced black magic, and I’m sure that she used it to keep Gaddafi under her control.”

“Did he believe in black magic?”

“He denied it, but although we’re living in a scientific era, even Western leaders consult clairvoyants! In any case, there were several of us who wanted to tell him that Mabrouka Sherif and Mesmari practiced it. I remember one day when there were five of us high-ranking military officers in the car with him, I was driving, and one of us said: ‘Watch out! You’re the victim of black magic and those two are busy wrecking your image.’ He shrugged his shoulders. ‘I have complete con in them.’ All my warnings failed completely. He was the head of state and I was nothing but a paid employee. I’m not the one who needs to answer for his crimes!”

“When did you work closely with the Department of Protocol?”

“Virtually never, for, as I told you, I would refuse to be part of the official trips Mesmari organized. But they still asked me to go to Spain, to France, et cetera. Even if they put my name on the list and reserved a room for me at the hotel, I’d refuse. I didn’t want to be mixed up in that.”

“Mixed up in what?”

“These goings-on with women.”

Now I ask you, If this is the head of the army, and he had ALL BUT CONTEMPT for the head of the amazonian guard, calling her by a name many used which was "the general of whores" can any of Gaddafis children with them be seen?

Perhaps "whore" is not an appropriate word for me to use, but I really dont know what is. THAT is what they called them. THAT is the name used by almost everyone behind Gaddafi's back and by many others outside of Libya. That is the stigma any child with them would carry in that part of the world and in that country.

In any event, the interview is incredibly interesting. It shows the level of deviancy that Gaddafi engaged in. The guy had a private dungeon under his houses where he would rape torture and kill. The head of the Army himself alluded to the military academy formed by Gaddafi as being nothing more than a secondary harem for the pig.

Check it out

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posted on Apr, 18 2015 @ 08:22 AM
Here is one more exerpt that I think is very telling.

Then I brought up Soraya’s testimony. How Salma and Mabrouka kidnapped her in Sirte, her successive rapes, her incarceration in a basement at Bab al-Azizia. He shook his head, devastated. “I wasn’t consulted on that sort of subject. I could have opposed it. They would have put me in prison. I swear I knew nothing about that basement! It goes against my values! I am a respected military man, a father, a grandfather. Can you see me as a rapist? A pimp? Never! I’d be incapable of sleeping with a woman who isn’t interested!” There was a moment of silence during which he seemed lost in his thoughts. He took a deep breath, threw a meaningful look at the two rebels in charge of the prison, and, raising his arms to the sky, exclaimed: “He who should have been the nation’s spiritual leader! It’s awful!”

Was he really surprised or was he putting on an act? Was it conceivable that Libya’s chief of security was really dumbfounded as he heard mention of the crimes perpetrated by the master of Bab al-Azizia, while so many employees—guards, chauffeurs, nurses—were aware of them? “I didn’t spend much time with him. We weren’t close. We were closely related, and I stayed with him until the end. I even supported him when he was wounded, to bring him to safety. But I swear that this information comes as a shock! What I heard about the gynecological examination room at the university gives me goose bumps.”

“Would you say that sex was used as a political weapon?”

“Come now! That’s a classic. You know very well that sex is used as a weapon all over the world. Even in France. The first time I went there I knew that the French Secret Service had signed up a Tunisian woman to trap me. Fair enough, but it showed how little they knew me. They don’t pursue me—I am the one who pursues! Gaddafi often sent girls also to trap those close to him or highly placed people in the government. Some came to their downfall that way.”

“Did you know that he forced some ministers to have sexual relations with him?”

I wonder what role France has played out in all this? I wonder if any of the regime found a home in France? If they did France should be ashamed of itself. They seemed to like trips to there and they did own a couple homes and from what I hear a couple of these illegitimate "HAREM" sons are there now.

France needs to find them and place them at the disposition of international courts for mass rape, torture and murder.

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posted on Apr, 18 2015 @ 12:20 PM

originally posted by: tadaman
a reply to: schuyler

I dont care if they are or arent whores. I am not saying that the relationship of their mothers to the now dead Gaddafi is important, but to the body guards, media, private circles, etcetera, it does matter and they have to deal with that too.

Your view is somewhat ethnocentric. In many cultures around the world, the Middle East in particular, and even our Western tradition not too many years ago, the presence of illegitimate progeny was extremely common. Even in Great Britain, for example, it was actually rare if a member of the aristocracy did not have children born "on the wrong side of the blanket." Men married for politics and position. Their wives gave them "an heir and a spare," and they had a "bit on the side" in a London townhouse, someone they could easily turn out if they were displeased.

In general, that's the way the world works.

So my point, really, is that you are presupposing all this angst, suggesting these people's mothers are considered "whores," when they aren't considered such at all. "Concubines," perhaps, or even members of a harem, but to say they are "whores" is way over the top and simply imposing Western values, which themselves are relatively recent, on a culture you do not fully understand.

posted on Apr, 18 2015 @ 12:41 PM
a reply to: schuyler

I am not saying these are my words or thoughts about the mothers of these people. Personally I think men are greater "whores" than women on a whole. That IS what they are called in Libya though. That is just a fact.

I dont even like that word. I am just trying to get inside the mind of these people.

I would prefer "concubine", though really partner is better terminology.

There is a stigma though. You can downplay it all you want but secular or non secular countries havent come all too far yet.

BOTH do see illegitimate children as something less than the recognised ones. You could say mass, but there are countless humiliations that an illegitimate child goes through in even a regular family...not to mention in the family of a public figure or head of state.

In any event I dont necessarily disagree with you. I just think the whole "whore" word set this conversation down a path I wasnt trying to go down.

What ever.

have a good one.

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