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Flame Meditation - Elemental Gateway

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posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 07:29 PM
Greetings friends and members of the community.

My background of knowledge is heavier on the mental, emotional, "spiritual" natures which are intertwined with the biological Nature.

As I move forward with "time" on Earth, I learn, I grow, I expand, I explore internally and externally.

Today I want to bring forth a meditation method and in some cases with correct intent, Astral travel experience.

The first time I went through this exercise, I was spontaneously brought into Astral form (the dream body for simplistic defining). Which, I carried my intent and conciousness to travel to specivic geography on Earth and such...

The elements are Raw nature, and very powerful in the universe. They create and support everything that is, and will be, within this womb called universe.

No doubt humanity has steered very far away from their natural; order, connection, intunment, and awareness of self and it's connection with Earth and the elements.

Much of our ancestors and their ways do not make any sense to us. Mainly, our internal hard wiring, is being manipulated unconsciously, hence the loss of connection and understanding certain natures and realities.

Anyways moving forward.

The flame, the fire, the purifying element.. has always been one of the more admired of the 4 raw elements. More so for its mental and spiritual (internal) aid.

This exercise works for me, not every time, but it depends on the practioners INTENT, DESIRE, CONTROL while going through the mental and internal nature.

Let's get to it;

This exercise only takes a darkened room, and a lit candle, or fire. The flame itself should be the dominant form of EXTERNAL light within the practioners environment/space.

One has to focus on none other then the flame itself. Two eyes, focused and staring at one light source, the dancing flame. Blinking is natural, but constant thought is NOT.

One must stop any train of thought, and focus a STILL mental. Just gaze the flame, in balance and stillness. Your mental focus should be more still and focused then the flame itself. You will understand what I mean by NOT out thinking the flames motion/dance.

Allow the image of the lit flame to "burn" (pun not intended) into your minds eye. This means; when you do close your two receptive eyes, you will still see this flame image within your mind.

Continue gazing the flame undisturbed, mentally motionless, and free of thought. Feel one with the flame, the fire, the element itself.

After about 15-30 minutes I usually get sent into Astral form, or leave awareness of the physical body/external surrounding.

When that flames image is burned in your minds eye (third eye btw) you can try and keep your eyes closed, and continue the same focus on the now INTERNAL FLAME.

This is very simple exercise, as truth and nature is always simple and not confusing. That is natures way, the way of the elements, simple and multi purposeful.

The rest of the meditation is up to you. For example;

While focusing on the external or now internal flame, you can now exercise INTENTION. If you want to travel somewhere, focus your intent while gazing the flame still, of that which you want to explore.

The Mastery or trick to the mind is this -

Control thought, be STILL in your mental. Have no thoughts, no idea, no opinion, no expectation. Just BE STILL AND BE ONE WITH FLAME.

The little kinks on our mind always steer us from focus, your job as a human being in yhe cosmos is to master thought, then master body, and master spirit.

The True Trinity, our true Nature as a conscious entity of universe.

I would appreciate feedback if anyone is interested with this technique. Such a technique can be used with either element, but the nature of each is different then the next.

For instance - some relate and connect best with fire and do not.connect with with air per say. Or another connects and masters air but struggles with fire and water.

Learning to master each element is the keys to the doors, in this realm.

Thank you for reading, wholeness
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posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 09:07 PM
beautifully written

posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 09:10 PM
a reply to: NTellect

As always friend

Thanks for taking the time to read.

posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 09:25 PM

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posted on Mar, 4 2015 @ 10:13 PM
a reply to: Elementalist

Thank you kindly Elementalist!

This truly is a wonderful exercise!

I have done a similar meditation with the intent of honoring the element of Fire, creating a sacred space within which the fire and I can become one. It is remarkable how the fire can assist in dissolving the thought patterns that are operating with such fascination for the ego!

I like the way that you put that, "learning to master each element is the key to the doors, in this realm"

Absolute truth right there with the bonus understanding of the other realms!

It is a wild ride we get to partake in throughout our infinite existence!

Once again thank you for sharing this, as I will attempt this meditation again with added intention!

posted on Mar, 5 2015 @ 10:20 AM
a reply to: elementalgrove

I appreciate you Friend, thanks for stopping by. Seems we have some things in common

I like how you use the word honoring, where past civilizations and cultures would just worship and make things sacred and mystical losing internal path and balance...

You are to MASTER the raw elements via MBS (mind, body, spirit). It's like taming a fierce dragon and riding it, becoming it's master.

Such mastery is the keys.. but again, each element are unique and different in their separate natures.

posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 02:08 PM
I've tried this, in the darkened bathroom, will need to persist. Have stayed away from concepts of elementals, because to me this is the hologram, perhaps they're not elementals, but behind the scenes Higher Up Family and Coders. Family and the connections between people, and their relationships and connection, and quality of love, growth of abilities, seem most important. Using a symbolic flame, with an intent, wondering if it could be seen as cleansing, ie lifting old programs within the subconscious that may contribute to poor health, seeing old things fly out of our energy body. That might be an interesting intent. Normally picture standing under a waterfall, to cleanse but fire might be a good excercise to try here. My friend's treatment for cancer, has worked. Won't discuss that on this thread, but at one point, during her healing, she was compelled lie down and she watched old advertisements from decades ago, fly out of her auric body, things that she hadn't realized were there and stored in such a way that could cause illness. She is preparing her energy and subconscious to receive new concepts, her own programming.

posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 02:43 PM
Does intent allign with what we focus on, the thoughts we are filling our minds, spirit with? And can we draw that reality into this, valley of darkness is one way of putting it. But when looking at earth, its a jewel that far surpasses alot of local planets, unless its all photoshopped. We have a beautiful jewel here, that should not be a valley of darkness, but a paradise of equality, kindness, love, progression of talents and skills for all.

Wonder how fire relates to so much in the duality and why its with caution I think of fire? Is it because I'm a water sign?
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posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 04:18 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

This is why I have followed your postings over time Unity, we relate internally, but our concepts and perception may be different.

Intent is focus yes, it's the ability to direct WILL power, mentally into the space of consciousness's observations and experiences.

I am water sign too, but I relate to fire, earth, water best. Air, I have much trouble relating too, and therefore mastering...

I know you are a pure spirit Unity, and use heart center to guide and balance your spirit/consciousness.

I myself have been up and down the different levels of the human spectrum. My spirituality expanded and started when I learned and held Love in my heart. It was this state and vibration that awakened my kundulini energy, which to date has been the most outstanding and memorizing experience I've had internally.

Powerful stuff..

Earth, which is an English anagram for Heart, which true spirit shall be called Gaea, is a jewel, a light, in a dark valley.

The reason your internal is caution of fire, as it can change one very sudden. On one side, it can expose darkness or be used for destruction.
On the other side, it can burn away impurities within the body, mind spirit complex.

As I said, the elements are multi purposeful.

To end from rambling too much; each Raw element can be used as a meditational gateway. Fire was just my first thread of the four.

Spirit and the raw elements have a pact to create the universal creation, where spirit can experince and explore the creation.
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posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 05:07 PM
a reply to: Elementalist

Feel that like my friend discovered there are so many programs that need to be removed, so the fire element meditation may be good that way. For example, fault lines. To me this is related to fear of heights, and deep water, which again is fear of heights for me. So we moved to an area that is ancient crumbling mountains, hills, with faces on the rocks, that slide. And i noticed these faults in the mountains, actually all over but 2 big ones. So started researching the geophysical area, to find that its a lot of odd types of mineral composition, relating to a a kind of silica acid/alkaline and also was formed by thousands of feet of magma. And some of the fault lines go to below sea level though we're above 1000 feet.

So programs and fears tend to be imbedded while here, because that part is bugging me, just everywhere I look feel like I'm on the gates of hell in this paradise, thinking of holding some higher frequency here, but also, looking for an escape route as well.

I really think that we all need to remove old programs and fears from us, that they insert cookies, small programs in their media and we're all layered up with distortions and these are what we are shaping our realities with.

I've seen the fault lines differently, had a vision of Gaia preparing the fertile growing belt, the farmlands and rivers, lakes, carefully structuring up a place of fertility, an oasis in the desert,, and there is a really positive way, not to mention there are ancient bases that others may think are lower level, but I see access by Good and Guidance and Higher Ups instead.

Air to me, is wonderful. Not sure what the shamanistic concepts of air are, but in the natural way I feel about air. I am both Aquarius rising with lots of air in my chart and also Gemini in the sidereal or eastern astrology. And what air is to me, is from the heights, higher frequency, maleable, quick thinking, not quick manifesting, though it could be seen that way, but more, patient, and watching over, as in the witness, watchers, and like a sense of humor, angels wings, and lightness of heart and spirit, and mind, very much mind. Mind and heart balanced, but the ability to not judge and see things from different aspects. To observe with more conscious awareness rather than react. Air is also very charming, sweetness like a cooling breeze in the weight of summer heat or a bouquet of flowers or pine trees, or nature, cutting through all pollutants to remind of us where home and nature is.

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posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 05:35 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

I could converse with you for hours! ha..

This place, Gaia, is an elemental paradise. A beautiful energy of pure heart courses through the body of Earth. As we said, a jewel in a dark vally, for now..

As for air, the element I know of, but must spend more true moments and experince with it to understand it physically, mentally and spiritually. I don't connect well with it.

My parter is air sign, very centered and anchored in her heart place, as well as third/mind's eye. As you are, friend.
I myself, have that "fear" sensation of heights and deep water. I have my own reasonings for this that may not relate to yours.. hence, I must relate and master this element.

I'm very intrigued that you actually research your geophysical surroundings and relate physically and spiritually. That's awesome

Myself I am Pisces, the water element , but relate with fire and earth. My connection with Gaea is very deep, though I do not feel I am native to this planet.

It's very strange thing.. I have the most deepest love and compassion for Gaea, when I think of her and relate, tears roll down my cheeks, and my heart whirls as a vortex. So it's obviously a deep connection to this planet, but as I said I don't feel as a native spirit here..

But my path for now is clear, the focus is aiding humanity and guarding Gaea, while mastering MBS and the 4 elements.

I am no shaman, friend, never been to a native region as such beings usually reside. I don't practice ritual or anything unique like that. The connection with the elements and spirit came through intuition and receptive thought from non physical source.

posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 06:09 PM
a reply to: Elementalist

My parter is air sign, very centered and anchored in her heart place, as well as third/mind's eye. As you are, friend.
I myself, have that "fear" sensation of heights and deep water. I have my own reasonings for this that may not relate to yours.. hence, I must relate and master this element.

I'm very intrigued that you actually research your geophysical surroundings and relate physically and spiritually. That's awesome

Myself I am Pisces, the water element , but relate with fire and earth. My connection with Gaea is very deep, though I do not feel I am native to this planet.

Well I'm cardinal water, cancer with alot of air in me. Always really appreciate the air signs in my life, and never knew how much we're like our signs, beyond the superficial daily horoscopes when I woke up from a dream where I had mapped everyone in my family. Who was like who, which relative the children and my immediate family where like, and it turned out they all were matches to those who shared their element, for example my libra son, very sensitive, peace seeking, romantic and seeks balance and higher meanings, is libra and woke up realizing he was very much like my aquarium grandmother, true idealist, mind, and saw through rose colored glasses deliberately, but also saw the world. She had us playing memory games, but would encourage me in getting 4 or more pairs off at the beginning, and tell me that was a gift akin to a relative. As if she was doing this, trying to activate some skills. I still don't know if it was all on purpose.

But really appreciate the air signs in my life.

Not from this planet, though don't understand the journey on planets, do people really wish to stay and hang around them. Are we really in something living, or do we enter a kind of movie, and does a Spiritual parent step into be the nursery school planet?

Have no idea where the fear of heights is from either. Never really attempted to explore this.

Will attempt to use fire as a cleansing, and a sense of primordial health energy chi.

posted on Mar, 6 2015 @ 06:44 PM
a reply to: Unity_99

Thanks again Unity, we shall save further dialogue as to not steer this thread into adept exchanges.

The OP is a simple guide of using flame/fire to open a gateway in The mind, by using the method given.

To also share a connection with this specific element, and how it can be stored/burned into the minds eye as an internal light source for meditation or said experiences (Astral travel, RV etc).

Be well sister, until further dialogue...

posted on Mar, 7 2015 @ 11:36 AM
a reply to: Elementalist

I saw a post on another thread, Third Eye opening - Hello, and was asking you something, and realized it pertained to this mediation.

Is mental projection, the kind related to RV, also the same as a real OBE. The reason is because that is the form I've been consciously pulled on, and its very real, when your consciousness is in this projection of self, your senses work, touch, sound, all the bells and whistles of the waking state here, but you know you can withdraw and your soul/spirit/energy body didn't leave in the same way others do. That to me does require third eye open. With your fire meditation that relates to the projection and astral, I'm actually curious because to me, but its perhaps a bit more random, have seen or experienced a plane or invite or place, and walked in.

Do you decide and then bring up consciously images of what you wish to explore?

The reason I ask this, is more novice like when it comes to astral, based on a sense that its not safe out there. When I step in, was invited and also was pulled, didn't consciously create the scenario. More natural spontaneous flow that was meant to be, when looking retrospectively at this. As if this was part of what was given for me to experience.

Never had a conscious oobe, a different kind than the walk in mental projection, kind. I know when it happens its as if a projection of myself leaves because my sense of self is located in the projected self that feels with senses in the new locale. But, oobe's are different, you can see your body, whereas I'm aware its like being in another room and can simply wake up. To me an oobe is more akin to a near death experience.

Anyway, tried to consciously oobe and had 2 experiences related to that form. One was a future me, giving me a checkup, and was woken up for this. And just knew, the veil was lifted, knew this was me and was being kept without fuller knowledge for a purpose while here, and felt myself eager to return to where I'd just been. So I asked, wait, where did I come from and where am I going as this wall of sleep fell in an instant. The second time, was in delta hz meditation and had my body slow down, paralysis and instantly was leaving, knew we always did that when we reached this state in sleep, but the fuller experience of myself, larger soul body, with gentleness halted this and had awareness that because I was conscious, this was not permitted, and it seemed to be either about safety, the kind of realm this is, who is around us. That part feels right. But also because the direction I'd head and focus on in that state is Higher Self and my Guide for answers. Perhaps would go for so many answers that it would be hard to return.

Because of that, have never consciously chosen a realm to step into. I never experience curiosity here, just see this as a massive slavery camp or a giant maze with many hurdles, and do not agree with, or give my free will to, or accept in any way that short cuts are permitted and that the end justifies the methods, so I denounce and renounce this plane and all its methods. Its evil beyond to me, everything to do with this plane. This is not how we learn. Learning like this sullies any widoms gained to me.

With your method, can I shortcut everything here, and just picture higher realms, the cities that were shown where learning and preparation for next levels take place for our entire family, keep being shown these places. Always felt too humble to just show up, without an invite. Can we do that, just show up?

posted on Mar, 9 2015 @ 10:36 AM
Thanks for sharing and great explanation, i will be trying it for sure.

posted on Mar, 9 2015 @ 10:51 AM
I will try this again when feeling up to it, try it with intent. Was doing dishes last night and just gazing zenlike, without thought, at the sunlit mountains and a subtle voice/communication/message, can't remember the exact words but this understanding came. It was more than astral though, it was translocation, physically translocating. Had this sudden awareness that everything is around us, all at once, and that higher ups would focus on the coordinates or locale they wished in this, and walk in there so to speak. Think its safer astral or projection, and believe the same thing is done via projections for all explorations. Wasn't sure how it was done universally, the same way if universally this was infinite space within a perceptionally tiny thing, and the universe was infinite data not infinite space. But on the other hand, if this locale around earth is considered a mansion or hotel, and all those translocation hotspots are rooms, then you'd need to portal to another building? The actual mechanics of the system is needed on lower levels?

Actually asked what the mechanics were and how this applied to other systems, say pleiades, for example, or another galaxy, but the information had stopped its dripping, so was left with, wondering if this system is primarily infinite data like it seems to be to me, something we're rendering with our soul orb, ie dvd player. Its just data, we all create the rooms via the programs installed by the dvd and join in on a shared digital realm. If that is true, picking cordinates in pleiades would be no different than picking cordinates in UK.
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posted on Mar, 16 2015 @ 07:09 PM
To me, fire represents purifying love. When the body is sick, what does it do? It heats up and burns away the impurities so that the body stays healthy.

Heat = Energy and fire is a type of light for people to see in the dark. High energy means more light and more heat.

Keep the energy high, bright, and hot so the cold, dark, and depressing stays away.

When are people social hanging outside a lot? In warm weather.
When do trees and plants start growing again? In warm weather.

This is why some people worshiped the sun because they realized the life-giving power of warm light. The sun that lights up the sky is a reflection/symbol of God The Source which light up The Heavens. Many things in this physical world/hologram are clues/hints/reflections of the Spiritual realm.

When I do my fire visualization, I visualize a white flame - not red or orange because those are low energy colors. Blue is high energy.

I once fell asleep focused on white and I was in a dream fully aware, then I saw blue light everywhere then I focused on white and saw clear transparent angelic beings and got sent back to my body. Maybe, if I would have only focused on Blue the clear transparent angel beings wouldn't have showed up and I wouldn't have gotten sent back to my body??

I don't know, but based on that experience, it seems white light brings people back and Blue seems powerful., too.

When I shared my experience someone here on ATS told me that in the Tibetan book of the dead, the pure blue light represents liberation from karma (the cycle of suffering through birth and death).

So yea, I think Blue or White flame would be higher positive energy than red.

Has anyone tried flame meditation with blue and white and compared experiences between the two?

posted on Mar, 16 2015 @ 07:20 PM
a reply to: arpgme

Thanks friend for reading and inputting.

This is not an exercise of; love, high vibration, light, angels and all the fuzziness.

Its about stillness of the mind, body, spirit. Which I thought was clear in my OP, so apologies for not clarifying that better.

Love and warmth is just one part of our spectrum
Do dismiss the color red and orange (color is redundant in this exercise) is to dismiss a large part of who you are internally.

Your the entire spectrum friend

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