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Explained Mysteries

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posted on Jan, 21 2015 @ 08:48 PM
Remember them shows that were on television, usually on a Saturday afternoon - be some white-haired, kinda grandfatherly old ex-gameshow host from the states with pristine teeth sat in an old library, cases of dusty books everywhere. He'd tell you about weird stuff that'd been reported, the bizarre creatures, entities, or just the weird and wonderful things that exist and happen in the world - I used to love those shows.

But nothing that mysterious has ever happened to me, there are a couple of I suppose kinda silly but still humorous incidents that appeared to be a bit odd but turned out to have rather mundane consequences - I'd like to share those with you now.

If anything these serve as examples of perhaps why a certain level of skepticism may be healthy - to be objective and investigate before you leap to crazy conclusions as I often do.


Explained Mystery #1 - Morning Star.

A few years ago I was going to work on the bus. It was early morning, before 6 AM and really dark outside and I was tired, staring out the window.

A light caught my eye, I know the area well and it stood out in the dark sky, it was never there before - it appeared too high, there are no buildings that high and I could see no structure below in the darkness, the light was quite bright and a reasonable distance away, intrigued - my mind considered the various amazing possibilities.

A UFO or a huge star? Nibiru? A meteor heading right for us? Soon the light was out of sight, I pondered on it, wondering what it could be. I was well aware there may well be and probably was a rational explanation, still - there might not be! My mind was boggled by the possibilities..

Having arrived in work I forgot all about this light nonsense and cracked on, being as productive as ever. On the bus home I'd completely forgotten about the light so wasn't really looking to see if I could identify the source in the daylight. I made it home, still blissfully ignorant of the mysterious events that morning.

Next morning and I'm on the bus...and there it is again! That light, seems to have moved slightly but bright as ever and still seems too high...ain't no buildings over there, again my mind went into overdrive and I told myself - "You're gonna bloody look and see what that is later on the bus home!"

Needless to say I forgot again, but I remembered that night when I was home. It came to me and I realised that I am an idiot after all. Tomorrow, tomorrow I'll find out by hook or by crook. In the morning I remembered again on the bus before I got to that area where I saw the light the previous mornings, "...this is good" I'm thinking - "'re training your mind and learning how to remember stuff!". We pass and the light is there, again in the same general proximity, seems really high but hard to tell if it has moved. I won't forget this time.

So bus home and I'm primed and on the edge of my seat, having had a less productive day at work due to having spent most of the day reminding myself not to forget...we get to the area where the light was the past few mornings and the suspense is killing me...right, let's have a look here then I'm thinking...

You can imagine my disappointment when I saw a huge crane-type thing had moved in on some land and there appeared to be what was a productive building site with loads of little storage containers, diggers, etc. The big crane machine thing had a huge, still quite bright and visible white light right at the top.

I plumped back in my chair and exhaled - "You're an idiot..." I thought to myself - "...there was a rational explanation the whole time!"

"Rational explanation to what?" I responded. I'd forgotten already.


Explained Mystery #2 - Flash in the pan.

I'd just moved into my new home not long ago and was still getting used to the house and the area. One nice, bright afternoon I was sitting in my room working on something or other I can't bloody remember was ages ago.

I had the blind pulled down to block out the bright light, one of those horrible kinda cloth type roller blinds, white - looks like a sheet of paper draped a-front the window. Anyways I'm just sat there looking over some paper or book, I can't bloody remember what it was years ago - suddenly there was a brief but quite intense and tangible flash of light in my room. It lasted a microsecond.

It was quite startling, I looked out the window and noticed nothing unusual, nice day - kids playing, people lounging about in the baking sun...I went back to doing what I was doing...can't remember what it was bloody years ago, but I was proper intrigued.

What could it have been? It was like a bright, warm, brilliant glow or guardian angel trying to manifest physical? A small nuclear explosion in my bedroom? I dunno, probably something simple - someone trying to take pictures of me though my window? Naaah, I live on the 4th floor...hmmm..what rational explanation could there possible be? I'm home, alone...thre has to be a rational explanation, but there's always that niggling doubt - I know it's a long shot but what if, what if it was something otherworldly?

A few weeks later and the setting is similar, in the same room, nice day, blind pulled down...can't remember what I was doing, was bloody ages ago but I'd forgotten all about the incident a few weeks prior then suddenly...FLASH! There it is again! What the hell is that, it's bizarre! I stopped what I was doing...can't remember what...and again I peered out the window...all looks normal, but I notice something else...

A chap who lives in the building across from me is also looking out of his window! He saw it it came from outside, which ruled out the nuclear explosion and guardian angel theories off the bat.

I closed the window, shut the blind and came back inside, puzzled, almost a second later and FLASH! Again! I run back to the window and everything's as it was...I notice the chap in the building across the road has just closed his window but he's still looking out sort of over in my direction...did he see the source of the mysterious flash? I scan the skies for ...I dunno, flames or something, a huge glitter-ball...nothing

I close the window and blind and go back inside. I consider going over there and chatting to that geezer over the road, I don't know the chap having not lived there long...suddenly FLASH! It's a bloody plague of mysterious flashes has descended upon us! Again, I go back to the window...chap over the road has opened his window already and is sort of hanging out of it, talking down to someone in the street... couldn't hear what they were talking about, plus probably wouldn't remember was bloody ages ago.

Suddenly it occurs to me - "Hang about..." I think to myself...

I wait, I wait until the chap in the street leaves and the guy in the house across the road pulls his head back in and closes the window...and there it is in all it's heavenly glory - our dear old sun reflecting proudly across the pane of glass as he swings the window round to the closed position...illuminating my room and effectively blinding me temporarily in the process.

And I think to myself - "You're an idiot".


Anyone else got any Explained Mysteries they'd like to share?

Please do.

posted on Jan, 21 2015 @ 09:26 PM
Yeah I confessed on the ATS radio show what happened recently .
We were driving at night and we saw a dead set UFO, when we got home and look up the coordinates we saw there was a illuminated Urt Mongolian dwelling on top of the mountain. ghheeesh.

posted on Jan, 21 2015 @ 10:18 PM
I had a cleaning job once and was taking out the trash. I saw this light in the sky that I first took to be a star. I stood watching it for a while because I didn't remember a star being in that location. Well, it started moving! In fact, it got closer and closer..until I realized it was a plane on its way to the airport. I swear I thought it was a UFO.
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posted on Jan, 21 2015 @ 10:20 PM
a reply to: Skid Mark

How funny would it be if we could record ourselves in that moment of wonder.
I am sure I would have looked like a nutter!

posted on Jan, 22 2015 @ 12:39 AM
a reply to: zazzafrazz

I'm pretty sure that I did, or at least a simpleton. I remember just shaking my head and doing a facepalm and then shrugging the whole thing off and walking back to the building.

posted on Jan, 22 2015 @ 08:22 PM
Lol...kinda surprised I got some responses, pretty cool.

My cousin to this day swears he saw a I get what he's saying, he couldn't identify it therefore he's correct from his own perspective, but it's the way he talks about it like it's an absolute cert that it was something not of this world despite having stated clearly that he cannot identify what it was...which is hilarious to me.

It was just a light in the sky and probably there was a rational explanation, I prefer the mystery - my experiences were more intriguing and interesting to me before I found out the mundane explanation.

In other words I'm content to be ignorant on some things...I miss the magic of innocence and stupidity and much less prefer the harsh reality of it.

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