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The dual nature of Light

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posted on Jan, 3 2015 @ 12:24 AM
Firstly I will point out im not a physicist or mathematician. This is in skunk works for good reason of only being a thought exercise for explaining the duel nature of light as exhibited by quanta or wave effect. My intention is not to debate the right or wrong of the idea, but simply to present an idea which may get some people thinking of their own ideas, that they in turn might want to create their own thread on.

The earth is round, and it rotates around the sun. Its rotational speed is 40,075 km (circumference equator distance of earth)/ 23.93 hours (essentially the 24 hr cycle) = 1,675 km/hour,
or 465 meters/second.

The speed of light is 299 792 458 metres per sec. If we view the earths rotation as a wave cycle then where the earths circumference length 40075000 metres (synchronises) with the wave length of light, occurs when the earth rotational speed is equal to the speed of light.

This frequency component at this theoretical condition is calculated using Velocity = frequency x wavelength relationship

299 792 458 = frequency x wavelength

frequency = 299 792 458 / 40075000 = 7.48078 hertz (cycles per second)

This could explain the duel nature of light as propagating in quanta or wave form. The wave form may be dependant on the synchronization effect as explained. The rotational speed of the sphere drops away below light speed to a relatively much slower speed. The loss of synchronization causes energy to be released in packages which do not exhibit waveform effect. As the rotational speed becomes relatively very low in rotational low speeds (earths rotational speed), the effect becomes so pronounced that energy released breaks down another level, released as thermal radiation; which in turn allows for the density (heating/cooling) compression effects to be introduced into volume.

To calculate the wavelength of light of light relative to the rotational speed of the earth (465 meters/second) linear scaling might be possible.

([465 ] / [299 792 458]) x 7.48078 = 1.1603 x 10-5 Hz

The frequency is very low and consistent with the appearance of being a solid object.

The other variable which can alter frequency and wavelength components is the diameter of the sphere. In the case of the earth since the diameter is a fixed quantity then the variable we are working with is velocity (so not discussed here).

posted on Feb, 15 2015 @ 03:26 PM
I'm pretty tired at the moment so this is making my brain hurt a bit, just replying now so I can come back when I'm rested!

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