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Rumi the Sufi Part 3 - Only Breath

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posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 09:37 PM
Rumi the Sufi Part 1 - Theology of a Mystic - The Myth of You

Rumi the Sufi Part 2 - Wait and Trust the Waiting

From the Quatrains

These words I say do not belong to me.
I say them but I am not fully aware of what I am saying.

Rumi did not write his words. His followers wrote his words as they were uttered. Rumi tells us that he is unaware of where the words originate. Most of his recorded poetry is still untranslated to this day.

There is energy in them and something that depletes energy.
I have no control over any of that.
I know they come from my heart, from my love,
but I still do not know whose words they are.

Often, people write original content, yet have no idea how the content wells up. In many cases, simple songs and quotes hold hidden meaning. How many song writers and authors realize just where the inspiration originates? The word Genius originates with the word Genii/Jinn from Islamic lore, considered an attendant spirit of the individual. If you consider the source of Genii, you also see this same concept in the Bible as Spiritual inspiration.

Consider these verses in reference to the Ruach Elohim (Spirit of God) opening the minds of men.

Genesis 41:38 (Speaking of Joseph)
So Pharaoh asked his servants, “Can we find anyone like this—a man who has Ruach Elohim in him?”

Exodus 31:3
I have filled Bezalel with the Ruach Elohim, making him highly skilled, resourceful, and knowledgeable in all trades.

Numbers 24: 2The Ruach Elohim entered him, 3 and he delivered this message:
“This is the message of Balaam, son of Beor.
This is the message of the man whose eyesight is clear.

I am the soul in a hundred thousand bodies.
What is the soul? What is the body?
I am both, and there is someone else I am as well.
In order to please that one,
I put on various personalities. I say my lines.

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