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Life Is A Process; Everything Is Equally Real

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posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 12:15 AM
I think we in general have a certain misconception about life. We see it only from a very narrow bandwidth. We don't see it as the process which it is. We see things only from the perspective of our present standpoint. The viewpoints of our past and future seem less real. If we are sad today, the happiness which we have felt is irrelevant. We have conviction in our present ideals, yet the conviction was equally present in past contradictory ideals, as it will be again for future ones. But the passage of time is illusory in the sense that reality is defined by actuality of experience, and the fact of an actual experience immortalizes it; its reality can never be touched, despite its impermanence.

You are no less who you are today then who you were a year ago. You will be no less you in 10 years. Every single perspective in the timeline of your existence is equally real, and thus equally valid. Attachment to the present manifestation or perspective of your self is, or creates, the illusion. Any aspect of your experience which cannot be said to be universally present throughout all experience, is merely a frozen phase of a process which is perpetually in motion. Its polar opposite, the being that comes into existence through its non-being, is an equally real and valid aspect of this process. Through the inherent reality of all differentiations and polarities, the reality of any given 'specific' is thus invalidated. Time is again an illusion, in the sense that it makes one set of specifics seem truly real, and the others false. Yet in their own place and time, those other specifics are real, and these false. They are all equally real, and thus all equally unreal.

Yet, really all of this is impersonal. You can perhaps see how all of the different phases of your life have an equal reality. But can you see that every perspective that has ever or will ever exist, every individual at every point of his or her life, are equally real? That not only are your experienced aspects of existence real, but every experienced aspect of existence is real. Given that everything which exists is real, reality must be beyond any given 'thing' or aspect. The very fact that a reality other than your present experience truly exists, means that your present experience is not equivalent with reality. It is thus unreal. Is this not the way to detachment with the allowance for full experience of life?
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posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 12:40 AM
a reply to: TheJourney


The way I see things, the past is not real, nor is the future...

The past is nothing but memories, regrets, failures and success...

While the future is nothing but hopes and dreams

Neither of which is reality...

Now is reality, and always has been reality, and always will be...

posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 12:51 AM
I will go ahead and say nothing is real save that which is beyond the illusion of duality. Meaning only god is real all else is but an illusion or a false notion of ego.

If the past was a singularity and the future is a singularity, then the present is also a singularity.

It can be no other way.

Universes are brought about and dissolved every moment only the substratum of the infinate ever remains unchanged.

posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 01:05 AM
I think my post essentially agrees with what both of you are saying. I initially emphasize the reality of all disparate things. Shortly after beginning writing this, I realized it was clearly a dialectic from emphasis in former writings of reality as being ultimately, utterly, beyond anything. Which is, at its surface, an invalidation of experience. But, life runs through dialectics, yin/yang and whatnot. However, towards the end I try to make it clear that though reality is to be found in all things/time, this itself renders reality as being utterly beyond all of it, despite being equally present within all. Reality is beyond all polarity and differentiation, yet present in all of it.
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posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 01:30 AM
Have you ever remembered a dream, and at the time of dreaming, thought that what you were experiencing was "real"? Only to wake up in the morning, and say to yourself "Man, I can't believe that I thought that was real, what was wrong with me?".

That, part of you that has no control over reality, is a slave to transitory "illusions" as they were, things that you think are "real" only to later have a different view point, or write-off the experience entirely.

It is because we are not at a level of development that can handle this reality, we are stuck at a level where the full capacity of our brains/minds are severely limited. In a way, our rational mind takes a back seat to our emotional "flux" that has a stranglehold on most of our "thoughts".

And most of our thoughts are contrivances based on our social lives and mundane activities.

To evolve is to use your thoughts to control your reality, and when one has such power, they will not fall prey to "dreams" and they will not ever suffer from "nightmares" - being able to distinguish between reality and illusion, reality being what they have control over, and illusions being what formerly had control over them.

These "illusory" thoughts are based on patterns that are like catches, they "catch" on to our recollections of past events, and our conceptions of possible futures. It is like a computer that is lagging, trying to deal with complex data, still processing data that had already been transmitted, and trying to buffer data that is streaming in real time, giving the illusion that one is thinking of the future, when they are stuck in the past and unable to catch up to the present - thus the present appears as the future when one is lagging.

When you have sufficient processing power, you can make all your calculations in real time.

How do you do this? Quite simple, you have to use your brain and make active decisions, instead of falling into behavioural "patters" - it involves identifying what is actually "involuntary" and subverting it so that you can gain a higher perspective on reality.

In simple terms, you have to be "fully switched on" in whatever you do and wherever you are.

Eventually, those that "think" and question will come up with answers, and these answers will also be questioned, until there is such a level of complex thought that the brain is supplied with enough "energy" to enhance and develop its higher faculties, and when one has mastered their mind, they are no longer a slave to it.

You could say that one was "inside their mind" until they had the power to isolate it, confine it, and then abstract themselves from it.

Now, you become a programmer of your mind, and not a simulation that it is running of you.
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posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 06:28 AM
Excellent OP!!'

It is funny how seriously we can take ourselves and how powerfully attached we can be to the impermanence of thought/feeling.

One of my favorite authors is Alan Watts. His interpretation of the Tao has influenced my life greatly.

I want to thank you TheJourney your words ring true!

I have found myself falling for the illusion as of late, as I had some of my unconscious thought patterns re-emerge for me to process and let go. Laughter is our greatest ally in the matters of our incarnation upon this beautiful planet to learn from the great teachers of Good/Bad

posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 08:17 AM

Life Is A Process

Yes i can see these if i press ctrl-alt-delete and look at my task manager and i can even see the number of threads and the PID ID plus time slice.

I hope life on earth is a bit more complicated than that and needs muiltiple processors with a back up facility even if the "me" is just one thread on the network.

Al l planets have a frequency and apparanltly the earths frequency has gone up over the past 50 years but you will have to do your own reseach into this

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