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Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies Launch/social.

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posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 10:21 AM
I know were still some time before the movie opens. I wanted to have a forum or a social if you will for people who are like me maybe if there are any out there who are super fans or freaks about this wonderful amazing story and its would be culmination. I would like to know form fans of the book what are you looking for in this third installment? what do you need for you to say okay Peter Jackson did a good job? what scene would you like to see?

Why this is a big deal to me is because this was the first novel I read growing up as a kid. This is what started it all for me. without this book I might not have gotten into the fantasy adventure genre. The Battle of the five Armies chapter blew my mind away with chaos that happened in it.

If I can one of the things I am wanting to be in the movie is they make it more about Thorin, his first rise as a dictator then his redemption as a friend and comrade.

and I am so pumped about this movie I am trying to get the group of people that are going with me to dress up and where suits,, haha

posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 10:29 AM
How cool for you to dress up when you go see this movie!!!

I loved all of the movies so far and know I won't be disappointed with this one.

posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 10:41 AM
im so looking foward to it too me and my wife dressed up for the last 3 harry potter movies lol i know were nuts but it was fun and we defo were not the only ones that dressed up haha all i can say is i felt like it added more to the fun of it and my us feel like kids again our accual kid thought it was great to.

posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 10:43 AM
double post
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posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 10:52 AM
a reply to: American-philosopher

I'll be waiting till it comes home. I don't do that theater garbage. Too many people. Too expensive. I'm a xenophobe.

That having been said, I anticipate seeing this film as well. The Hobbit is what got me into fantasy in the first place. It led me to writing, drawing, dungeons and dragons, a lot of things that generally shape the man-boy I am today. Damn you Tolkien!

*shakes fist at uncaring sky*
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posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 11:24 AM
a reply to: American-philosopher

My brother was lucky enough to watch it at a special showing specifically for the relatives of J.R.R. Tolkien last sunday.
He doesn't know them himself,but his friend does,and she couldn't go on that date,so she gave my Bro a pair of tickets.
Lucky git.
He met a couple of the Tolkiens after the film,and said they all loved it.

posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 12:26 PM
a reply to: CagliostroTheGreat

IS there one scene that you read from the book that your looking forward to seeing?? if I had to guess I would say for you it would be The Eagles coming just in the nick of time to save the day right?? (hahhah I don't know you)

posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 01:24 PM
I wonder how many movies the director could have split the Ring series into if he was this greedy from the beginning?? Must be an accomplishment of some kind to spread a short story so thin...

posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 09:24 AM
Honestly, I loved the first movie of The Hobbit, but I was hoping for more from the second.

My favorite part of the book was Bilbo's conversations with Smaug and I felt the movie was lacking a bit in those.

Tolkien made the dragons in The Hobbit and The Children of Hurin seem like majestic and powerful creatures. Unfortunately I wasn't getting that impression in the movie.

Another rant issue, I felt the whole Scooby Doo tactics (run around while the bad guy chases you in vain) were a little over the top.

Hopefully the third movie redeems it for me. What I'm looking forward to is when Bilbo finally returns home and can see how important that journey was for him. Like a big conclusion to his decision to get out and see the world instead of being a shut-in.

posted on Dec, 11 2014 @ 10:11 AM
a reply to: ArnoldNonymous

I agree with you about the Smaug thing I said to my uncle at the time that they turned to fierce feared creature into a this cartoon type of thing. Where he ran from the battle in what setting would you think one of the most powerful creatures in the land would run and leave his gold! But something else that is probably a little bigger story wise, none of the dwarves would stay behind as they portrayed it in the movie in Lake town. It takes away from the critical part in this movie for me of the dwarves dying for Thorin. Fili and Kili's heroic stand.

And I think you may get that conclusion with Bilbo. and it would also be nice if it could show some workings and doings of Sauron.

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