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Xavier -- (Christmas On Mars)[HOL2014]

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posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 02:28 AM

Humanity speculated about its demise for centuries... it was news to no one. Be it in the form of conspiracy theories, media hype, personal experiences, ancient predictions, protests, or war, one thing has always been certain; an end comes to all things, and humanity would be no exception. But, as a universal rule, every living thing is designed down to their simplest cells to defy and avoid death at almost any cost--and this single, simple, yet overwhelmingly powerful drive, is the only reason that humanity still thrives today.

A handful of brilliant minds foresaw the oncoming storm, and with a combination of scientific advancement and expansive spending, these select few were able to begin a terraformation on the red planet, Mars.

They were not the only ones with the idea, mind you; Plyuto (once Pluto) was terraformed and renamed by another branch of elitists, along with two other planets of our galaxy. Travel between the planets was scarce, for obvious reasons. It was quite exhausting to make such a tremendously long trip, and because none of the planets relied on one another for any resources or services, travel between them was incredibly rare and usually unneeded.

However, soon before and shortly after the great war that destroyed the Earth, The scientific human elitists soon found that our neighboring planets were not, in fact, uninhabited. As humanity's straggling survivors sought to nest on new planets, they came face to face with two intelligent, alien species.

The first discovered was the Amandi; it was an enormous conglomeration of small, large-headed three-eyed aliens. The species had never encountered humans before, and they were completely non-violent. They used telepathy to communicate and pray with one another, and this ability helped them to understand human language when the need arose. Humans asked permission from the Amandi to terraform their home planet, Pluto, and they graciously agreed. Over the decades, as Pluto slowly grew more and more habitable (and the humans sped up the process any way they could, fearing that Earth's end was very nearby), the Amandi adapted to the changing environment and embraced the change. They considered it a gift from the Creator, as they were given a beautiful, more comfortable world with warmth, grass, plants, new foods, and cleaner, more plentiful water.

But, as the project went on and the humans colonized on the planet, they soon realized that they did not have the numbers to fit every job needing done. The fresh land was ready for harvest, and the new technology required fuel. Homes and establishments needed to be built, and the humans were far too busy to manage it all. This sparked the hostile takeover of Pluto once the terraforming was almost entirely complete, and the Amandi became slaves for a new nation of humans, which would later be named Crimson.

The second species discovered were the Reptilians; they were very different from the Amandi. Humanoid, green, and scaly, this fierce race originally inhabited Venus--but they, like humanity, searched the stars once their home planet became uninhabitable (over thousands of years, Venus became too hot for the Reptilians to live on any longer as the sun expanded). They discovered Mars and established a Reptilian society, shortly after the terraforming was already put into motion by the humans (though, because the humans did not yet inhabit the planet, the Reptilians thought it to be simply empty). When the humans returned to the red planet, with Earth completely in ruins, the Reptilians were not pleased when they learned of the terraforming prior to their colonizing, OR that they were now expected to share the planet. For a while, the two species simply avoided one another after signing the Equal Living Act, which carefully emphasized which areas of Mars were largely acceptably Reptilian (places which formed into hot, dry, desert-like lands after the terraform), and which areas were considered human territory (mostly cold areas, where Reptilians could not survive due to their cold blood). They lived in peace for a short time, sometimes even trading goods and resources... and, the optimists of both sides--for just a little while--actually believed it might stay that way... that two species could live in peace, with one another...

Tensions grew, and to this day, no one is sure who cast the first stone. Reptilians began organizing attacks on human trading companies, many of them forming into (as humans considered it) a terrorist group known as the Cold Bloods, who intended to exterminate humanity and reclaim the entire planet for the Reptilian race. Humanity did not take this lightly; in many areas where trade was common, small human groups were coming together, targeting Reptilians who were traveling alone, or Reptilian children. Soon, the opposing discriminating groups were causing so much chaos between the species, all trade had stopped, and thus, the hundred-year-war for Mars began. Attacks grew, militaries were created, and bombs fell.

Only one nuclear weapon was used in the war, and as far as either side was concerned, it would also be the last. Mars was only half the size that Earth had been; the nuke devastated the great Capitol of Mars, the very first and very largest city established on the red planet, killing thousands of Reptilians and humans alike. Both sides silently vowed never to use nuclear fire again; the risk of destroying the planet was far too great. Still, this did little to stop or even slow down the war... time went on, blood was spilled, and many humans and Reptilians continued to live and die, just as they had on their old worlds.



To her horror, the mug toppled over, sending a tiny wave of black coffee spilling over the surface of the table.

Xavier stood board stiff, staring emptily at the guests--one of whom she'd just spilled coffee on--lost for words. Gulping, her teeth gritting together so tightly it made her jaw ache, she carefully set the remaining two cups of coffee on the table, in front of the guests who had ordered it, stifling the urge to release a long, annoyed sigh.

"I'm sorry." Xavier told the guest opposite her, who was wearing a thin coat of coffee on his lap.

"Oh-hoho, don't worry about it, hahaha!" The hefty man laughed, swatting a hand casually, his cheeks puffing on either side due to his broad smile. As his grin grew, his bushy silver beard continued to conform to his face along with his expression changes. "Ahh, its the season for forgetting and forgetting, ain't it? Merry Christmas!"

"Thanks." Xavier said, nodding and swallowing her feelings of awkwardness as she felt a few lingering eyes resting on her. I have to get the hell out of this place...

Just before Xavier decided to turn and leave, the bearded man spoke again.

"Hey youngster, I've got a favor to ask." He said.

"I'll get you a new coffee." Xavier replied, wishing dearly that she could leave the diner and avoid the staring eyes of the guests.

"Oh no, not that... although, i would like a new coffee, please... er..." He said, leaning forward and resting his arms upon the wooden table, his two younger companions watching him silently from their seats. "No, its something else, youngster. Something a bit more important."


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posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 03:46 AM

"What...?" Xavier questioned vacantly, staring at the bearded man.

"Your poppa owns this place, right?" He said. "Your dad, I mean... could you ask him something for me?"

"Sure." Xavier agreed. Please just let me leave...

"Ask him if he'd be willing to host a Christmas convention in this old lodge of his." The bearded man requested. "Its quite an ideal place for a nice little get-to-together, I think. Its on the side of a mountain, out of the way, far from any towns or cities... oh, and there's always a foot of snow outside, too. This is the whitest part of this red old planet I think I've ever seen."

Xavier continued staring at him, wondering if he'd finished.

"I'd pay, of course." He added. "We save up funds all year, every year in order to pay for our annual Christmas convention. Its a family tradition, you see..."

"Alright." Xavier nodded. "I'll ask."

After giving him a small wave, and a faint half-attempt of a smile, she shuffled off, vanishing into the large hallway between the diner and the lobby.

Though most parts of The Black Dingo--her father's lodge--were very large, the rooms all somehow maintained a very warm, comfortable, cozy vibe. The lobby contained a few armchairs and two large couches facing towards the massive windows, or towards the huge brick fireplace on the left wall.

"Christmas..." Xavier muttered to herself. "Who the hell'd spend an assload of money on Christmas...?"

As she approached the glass doors, leading outside, she stopped when she spotted her reflection.

Xavier ran a few of her crimson-colored bangs through her fingers, then slightly patted down her short hair. Her hair was an unusually deep shade of red--so deep, it looked incredibly unnatural. She wasn't the only person on Mars who had this condition; one in roughly twenty people born on Mars would be born with a particularly bizarre color of hair. No one was sure what cause this to happen, and it wasn't the strangest mutation in society today...

Just as well, Xavier didn't complain; it was perhaps the only thing she liked about her appearance. Apart from her unnaturally red hair and her ocean blue eyes, she usually looked rather unhappy, and even homely... then, there was that scar... that big, nasty scar...

"Hey." A familiar voice boomed from behind her, sending a mild wave of panic down her spine.

Xavier turned, sighing.

"Hope you're not thinking about going outside." Her father said, marching through the lobby towards her, his eyes fixed on her in a very direct way. "You were supposed to clean your room last night. And, when you're done with that... you haven't even gotten to the water heaters yet. Are you ever gonna do anything?"

"Maybe if you pay me." Xavier said, only half kidding.

"Cute." Her father responded, smirking. "Get to it. And if I catch you outside before you're done, its your ass."

He made a few guiding gestures with his thumb, ushering her on, then he pushed the glass doors open and stepped outside. Xavier watched as he strolled towards another wing of the lodge, through the unbelievably thick blanket of snow... folding and crumbling as he kicked it from his path... that beautiful snow...

A wave of brisk, cold air hit her as the doors swung shut, consuming her body in a feeling uncomparable to anything she'd felt inside the lodge. As she watched her father get further and further away, pressing her face against the glass, a bitter, uneasy sensation began to brew in the pit of her stomach... That bastard... he's a complete tyrant... I'm not allowed outside? Really? I have to fix the water heaters while he goes off and drinks with his buddies over at the bar...

Xavier began towards another hallway, the one leading towards the basement. There were three rooms in the basement of the main building; a spare room, the water heaters, and a storage area for food, water, and other supplies. The spare room belonged to Xavier; it was a damp old basement, but using very little resources and a whit unmatched, Xavier managed to turn it into a very comfortable, dingy little craphole. When she returned to her crummy room of salvation, she plopped down onto a thick mold of ten blankets--which she'd manifested into a bed--and made herself cozy. Xavier had no intentions of cleaning her room as of now. There's nothing to clean in here, anyway... I got rid of all the trash, and I don't have a dresser for my damn clothes. What the hell does he want from me? He just needs something to whine about... something he can make my fault...

Xavier's thoughts continued to swarm throughout her mind rapidly, making her feel anxious. Ever since she was eight years old, she'd been living in this place... this gigantic winter lodge, out in the middle of nowhere, supporting a man who had no concept of respect... someone who took her in when she was a child, after her family was killed during a caravan run... killed by Reptilians... she barely remembered... barely cared, anymore... He's not even my real father. The only reason he took me in was to get some free labor. He doesn't give a damn about me.


"Hey loser. Open the door."

Carlos said, then turned the knob and entered without permission anyway.

"Get out of my room." Xavier muttered, lying on her side and staring at the wall, her arms crossed.

Carlos stared down at her, making a face, though she didn't see it.

"Oh, get out?" He said in a challenging tone.

Then, an enormous weight landed squarely on her back--most of the breath escaped her.

Carlos sat on top of Xavier as though she was a fine leather couch. He extended his arms along either side of her body, leaning back and making himself comfortable.

"UGNGH--You fatass!! Get--OFF!"

Xavier was not a weak, skinny girl... but, nevertheless, her lunging and squirming proved useless against Carlos's gorilla-like body weight. Though Xavier had a mostly muscular build for a girl, Carlos was easily twice her size. And as she continued to struggle, he began to smile.

After a while, Xavier grew exhausted. Then, Carlos reached his feet, laughing and stuffing his meat-like hands into his jacket pockets.

"Dad says to fix the heaters, fry face." He said, then stepped out of her room, slamming the door behind him and knocking over one of her clothing hampers as he did.

Xavier lie on her bed for what felt like years, her hair completely askew now, her face red, her hand-me-down tshirt--which was much too big for her--twisted sideways along her torso. She gazed into the old gray ceiling, feeling more miserable than ever. It was impossible to tell who she hated more; her adopted father, or her adopted father's son, Carlos. That fat, over-fed, pampered Carlos... that snide, hateful Carlos, who lived in a lodge suite while she, Xavier, was forced to live in a nasty basement...

Something ran through her. She couldn't explain it... it was a sudden, undeniable rush...

Xavier stood from her makeshift bed, inching towards her window, the only window in her room. It was a small, rectangular window at the top of her wall... the only part of her room that wasn't underground, beneath the cold, red soil of Mars. It was a small window, and it was completely blocked by snow; no daylight could get through.

Still, it seemed just big enough to fit a person... just barely...


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posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 03:09 PM
Looking forward to more of the story!!

posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 03:55 PM


Carlos nodded, glancing into the diner.

"Some old guy told me to ask you about it, I'unno." Carlos told his father, shrugging. "It was an old dude with a beard. He wants to host a Christmas convention here."

His father exhaled a heavy breath, slicking back his short, dirty blonde hair. He and Carlos headed into the diner, towards the bearded man's table.

"I've heard tell that you want to host a convention here." He said to the bearded man, slipping his hands into his suit's pockets.

"Oh! You're the owner--yes, pleasure to meet you." The Bearded man replied. "My name is Nicholas, I'm the host--I run this convention every year, you see--I've got folks from all over looking forward to it, and my back-ups have all fallen through. Then I found this place... seems like a godsend."

"Mhm." Carlos's father replied, narrowing his gaze at old Nicholas. "So this convention.. exactly how many rooms do you need on reserve?"

"Nearly two hundred." Nicholas replied, standing.

When Carlos's father made a slightly shocked face, Nicholas continued.

"Oh I've got the money--red gold, plenty of it--everything we need will be paid for. I just need the consent of your hospitality, mister...."

"James." Carlos's father said. "My name is James Black."

"Mr. Black, lovely to finally meet you! The owner of this fantastic place... Merry Christmas!" Nicholas exclaimed, grasping James's hand and shaking it almost violently.

"Yes, er... mutual." James replied, staring at Nicholas oddly. "So... as long as you can pay for the service, I don't see why we can't host it here. Uh... the traditions of this convention..."

"Nothing bad." Nicholas assured, waving a hand. "Nothing violent, no nudist parties, nothing you'll need to worry about... just a weekend full of music and big dinners."

"Alright then." James nodded. "Sounds like a plan. Although, I'll need you to pay upfront for the rooms... come with me--"

"You can't host a convention here!" A third voice chimed in, making James and Nicholas both whirl around curiously.

A balding, skinny old man approached them, his wrinkled face portraying the utmost of concern.

"You outta yer damn minds?!" The old man scolded. "That monster lives 'round here, you can't be bringin' fresh meat around these parts!"

James wanted to leave, but Nicholas seemed to be very interested in whatever the old man had to say.

"Monster?" Nicholas asked.

"They say its all taken care of, on the news." The old man went on, pointing at the television in the corner of the diner. "But its a damn lie... them lizards are gearing up for war, and that green monster's been lurking 'round these parts for years now. Reptilian raids on innocent hard workin' people are on the rise... you think that green monster ain't involved? They're SMART! They got SPIES all over!"

Nicholas resembled a deer caught in the glare of headlights, but James looked rather unamused.

James knew very well what the old man was rambling about; The monster--or, as some would call him, the green man--was a rumor that had been floating around for years. People would claim that a green man would sometimes appear during Reptilian raids on humans, and some even claimed that the green man lived on Mt. Crumpet--the mountain on which his lodge resided.

"I don't much appreciate you spreading fairy tales to my new guests." James said forwardly, glaring at the old man. "Please refrain from spreading garbage and disinformation about my lodge. I've heard this silly story more times than I care to remember... and I must say, its getting very old."



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posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 04:33 PM

posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 05:33 PM

Once Xavier finally managed to pry the window open, a small flood of snow fell into her room, but she didn't care. She stuck her arm through the opening, attempting to shovel the snow to the sides in order to clear a path. Her arm was covered in goosebumps in a matter of seconds.

At last, her hand made contact with the frozen red dirt--and daylight began to bleed into her room.

After locking her door, Xavier wrapped herself in an old, large leather jacket, then placed an empty crate upside down in front of the opening. She climbed up, sticking her head out the window and examining the outside.

Mt. Crumpet was waiting in the back yard of the lodge. Xavier had always wanted to explore it; it was a massive mountain of snow, perhaps the biggest mountain on Mars, and here she was, living on the bottom of the mountain day after day, never allowed to leave...

Not today.

Xavier slipped her arms through the window, and slowly levered herself up and into the tiny opening, her torso squished by its frame. Once she was halfway through, she gave herself a last, strong push, and before she knew it, she was lying in the snow, staring up at the sky wanderingly, her ribs aching from the pressure of the window's frame. She hadn't realized that she was smiling.

She stood, brushing the snow off of herself, then gazed up the mountain... that gorgeous, mysterious mountain...

Xavier began to climb the hill, and the further she did, the steeper it grew... she wasn't sure exactly what made this day so very different... why she suddenly had the nerve to abandon her prison lodge and her chores...

She was sixteen years old, and she had no friends, no pets, and nothing to live for apart from the chores forced upon her every day. Xavier had nothing to lose... why on Mars would she want to continue sitting around, awaiting some outside change or death?

As she continued up the mountain, occasionally overcoming a large rock or a steep pattern, careful not to slip on the snow or ice, a couple of hours had gone by, and the sun was fading from the sky. The two moons of Mars, Phobos and Deimos, were growing steadily more visible as night time approached and Xavier kept on, higher and higher.

Exhausted, Xavier finally decided to stop. Standing on a gigantic rock overlooking the world below, she peered down at the lodge, which was barely visible to her now. She grinned happily, seeing the lodge so very far away... she'd never been so far from it before. It was unthinkable, but unfathomably wonderful. She couldn't know exactly how long she stood feet from the edge, wishing she wouldn't have to return home.

Okay, she thought. I'll look around a little bit more, and then I'll go home and fix the heaters. I wanna explore just a little bit more...

Hands frozen stiff and frostbitten, cheeks and nose red and feelingless, Xavier strolled around one of the highest surfaces of the mountain, examining its many shapes, rocks, formations, and the deepest pits of snow. It took her a moment to spot another human-shaped figure standing nearby.

Near a few of the large, jagged rocks, another person was standing eerily still in the night. It looked like a shadow, and if she hadn't imagined it, the figure was watching her...

Maybe its not a person, she pondered silently, her heart beginning to pound. Its standing really still. Maybe its just another rock.

As if hearing her thoughts, the hooded shadow stepped forward, crunching the snow. It drew nearer, stepping into the moonlight, and Xavier was able to see that the person was wearing at least three layers of winter clothing and two scarves around its neck.

"You okay?" Xavier asked, growing nervous. "Wha.. what're you doing up here? Um... are you lost?"

The stranger did not reply, but continued easing closer to her.

Xavier wanted to step backwards, but behind her was one of the many steep hills which made up Mt. Crumpet. She couldn't risk falling...

"Please-don't-" Xavier gulped as the mysterious person came within two feet of her.

When the stranger extended its hand, Xavier broke into a run; she darted around the stranger, towards the flattest area in sight, hoping not to fall down the mountain. She pressed her back against a huge rock, her breath becoming rapid. There was nowhere to run...

The stranger moved with a swiftness unthinkable for a human--it grasped her by the throat, its cold, rough fingers tightening around her windpipe, quickly ceasing the flow of air to her lungs... she couldn't breathe...

The creature's claw-like nails dug into her skin as it continued to strangle her, its scaly hands colder than ever... it wasn't... it wasn't human...

posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 05:52 PM

originally posted by: Night Star

Thank you for reading!

posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 06:58 PM
a reply to: XxNightAngelusxX

I am looking forward to reading the rest of this tale! You have a habit of creating page turning stories, and this one is no exception!

posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 07:51 PM

originally posted by: TrueBrit
a reply to: XxNightAngelusxX

I am looking forward to reading the rest of this tale! You have a habit of creating page turning stories, and this one is no exception!

Thanks! Its going to be a long one (for a short story, anyhow). I'm taking a break ATM, playing Fallout, getting ideas going... Next time the game crashes, I'll resume writing. Thanks a lot!

posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 09:08 PM
I'm at the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next and you're going to play Fallout? LOL

posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 10:42 PM
a reply to: Night Star

Don't worry, that game crashes all the time. She'll be back writing before you can say "super mutant".

a reply to: XxNightAngelusxX

Great story Night. I too eagerly await the next entry.

posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 11:37 PM

originally posted by: CagliostroTheGreat
a reply to: Night Star

Don't worry, that game crashes all the time. She'll be back writing before you can say "super mutant".

a reply to: XxNightAngelusxX

Great story Night. I too eagerly await the next entry.

LOL!!! So you know the game well, eh? I'm afraid you're right. It crashed right after I posted my last reply... but I ended up getting into a few deep conversations with a good friend and my fiance, so I've been off the radar for a few hours. Back to the story~

posted on Dec, 8 2014 @ 11:55 PM
a reply to: XxNightAngelusxX

Oh sure, I'll probably have to get to sleep and now you want to write. LOL Kidding. I should be up a while longer. Carry on!

posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 01:09 AM

As her vision began to blur and distort, her body jolting and panicking, her hands balled into fists, and she resisted with all her might, but to no avail; the scaly man was much stronger than her... stronger than any human being, really...

Her mouth opened, gaping for air... desperately trying to make a sound, though she was unable to... who'd hear her, anyway...? No... this was it.. it was over...

Something hit them hard.

Another figure hurdled from seemingly nowhere, tackling the scaly stranger. The clawed hand released Xavier, making her slump into the snow, gasping for breath.

Sitting horribly disoriented and barely conscience, lying against the rock behind her, Xavier squinted into the snowy night, attempting to figure out what had happened.

A second hooded figure had appeared, and was wrestling with the first one. They were trading a few harsh punches as they maneuvered through the snow, and the second hooded man charged him with another tackle--

Xavier gasped.

Both hooded men toppled backwards... they fell off the nearest edge... over the edge... the edge of the humongous Mt. Crumpet... God knows how far they'd fallen...

Xavier stood bolt upright and rushed towards the ledge, staring over it, ignoring her dizziness.

Mt. Crumpet had many rocks and ledges, the entire way down... and, after staring intently into the endlessness of the mountain, Xavier was able to spot one of the hooded men lying dangerously close to another ledge about fifty feet down. She wasn't able to see the other one; he must have fallen all the way down.

Then, she spun around and headed for the slope as fast as her tiring body would allow her to, careful not to slip on anything wet or frozen, lest she meet a similar fate as her attacker. She continued down the mountain until she was level with the ledge on which her savior had fallen, and she cautiously waved through the rocks towards it.

Once she finally found herself on the rocky platform, Xavier knelt beside the hooded man--the man who had saved her.

She examined him closely, blinking.

It took her a moment to fully comprehend what she was seeing.

He was a man--not a Reptilian--a human man, wearing an ancient pair of jeans, an equally old black button-up shirt, and his whole body was covered in a very thick, black cloak which harbored a few tears and holes. The hood still covered most of his head, but Xavier was able to see his face... that terribly bizarre, yet strangely captivating face...

It was a slender, beautifully carven face, but that wasn't the most marveling thing about it. His skin was a mild greenish color. And, along his cheeks and jaw were cracked lines, his skin splitting open slightly... and after a moment, Xavier noticed that similar cracks were covering both of his arms up and down as well. The openings in his skin were glowing a brilliant green color, the likes of which Xavier had never seen before, and his hair--longer on the top than on the sides--was styled in the form of a stringy, messy fohawk. Both his hair and his sideburns were a bright, Christmas green, and his eyes were closed peacefully, almost as though he was sleeping.

"Hey.. wake up." Xavier said, forcing herself to remain calm and ignoring the man's flabbergasting appearance. She leaned over him and gently placed a hand on his cheek, giving it a light shake. "Are you okay? W.. wake up."

The green man released a low, quiet moan.

Xavier watched him, awaiting some kind of response.

The man winced, seeming to stir himself awake.

He stared up at her dazily, his ominous eyes shining emerald underneath the light of the two moons.


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posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 02:02 PM
The green man sat upright, then he bit his lip, making a muffled, pained noise.

Xavier's heart skipped.

The man's right arm (the one he presumably landed on) was dangling at a completely unnatural angle by his side.

"Your arm's broken..." Xavier breathed. "Let's go to the lodge--I might be able to find you some help there."

The man met her gaze a second time, his large, bottle-green eyes staring into her in a deep, mysterious way. He then grasped his forearm, glaring at it for a moment.

Xavier watched him.

"What are you--"


She jumped.

The green man forced the arm back into its socket. He looked as though he was using every ounce of his energy not to howl in pain.

Then, the arm continued to change; it made a few more horrible craaackling noises as it conformed, ever so slowly, back into its original shape. The man was staring heatedly into his arm, waiting for it to finish repairing its own bones.

Xavier watched, astounded, her insides squirming as the green man's broken arm rebuilt itself.

The open cracks along his broken arm were glowing an even brighter neon green than before, and after about a minute, the arm had fully healed itself, and the glowing cracks in its skin returned to a dimmer light.

"How did...?" Xavier muttered, bewildered, unable to tear her eyes from him. "How did you do that?"

The man looked her way again, saying nothing. After briefly scanning over his arm, ensuring that it had healed properly, he stood and marched away.

Xavier watched him until he was out of sight.


"Where the hell have you been?" James snarled the moment he caught sight of Xavier, who only just wandered into the lobby, her body covered in snowy flakes, her hair screwed up, and her expression even more distant than usual.

"Nowhere." Xavier answered emptily, heading for the back hallway, but her father's hand clamped onto her shoulder, stopping her.

"You don't go anywhere unless I send you there. You have a nice long list of stuff to do now. I can't afford for you to start screwing things up right now--now of all times..." James told her, their eyes burning into one another.

Xavier blinked, noticing Carlos standing just feet behind his father.

"I'm leaving for the weekend." James said. "Its a, uh... Christmas meeting type thing. I'm not coming back until around the 27th."

"You're leaving for Christmas?" Xavier said as casually as possible. "You're just leaving us here for Christmas..."

"No. Er... you." James said, releasing her shoulder.

Xavier glimpsed at Carlos again.

"You mean he's going with you on a Christmas trip... and you're just gonna leave me here by myself." Xavier growled, her tone rising. "Are you serious?!"

James released a deep sigh, looking off.

"I need someone here to... watch things." He said. "There's going to be a convention here all weekend, and the people should start showing up tomorrow. You're gonna have to manage that."

"WHAT?!"' Xavier exclaimed. "So you and Carlos go vacationing and I have to run the place by myself all Christmas? What the f--"

"That's enough!" James hissed. "I need to know you can run this place if you--"

"I CAN! Better than that useless prick!" Xavier hollered, waving a hand towards Carlos, who looked taken back. "Have fun. Just leave. Bye! Hope you both die in a lizard raid!"

Xavier stormed away, and James, who's face was beginning to turn a deep scarlet, marched the other direction, out the lobby doors, and into the snowy night, suitcase at hand and Carlos following close behind.


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posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 02:46 PM
It was almost one in the morning before Xavier had realized what she'd done.

She returned to the open area she'd discovered on the top of Mt. Crumpet only hours ago. Surprisingly enough, the journey this time wasn't half as exhausting as it had been the first time. Xavier guessed that her anger had helped fuel her second climbing of the mountain.

Returning to the ledge overlooking the world of Mars, she sat on the flat snowy rock, staring down at the lodge at the bottom of the mountain, which she could barely see. She crossed her arms around her legs, the icy air whizzing by as snowflakes began to descend from above.

She hardly remembered climbing the mountain again, and she'd almost forgotten that she was attacked by a mysterious hooded Reptilian upon her previous visit to the top of Mt. Crumpet. The only thing occupying her mind during her second climb was the face of her father... that stuck-up, angry, bitter old fool, and that overfed pig of a son of his... just because I'm not technically related to them by blood, they treat me like I'm not even part of the family... or maybe its because I'm a girl... or maybe because they just don't like me. Most people don't like me, I'll give them that... I'm homely, I hate dressing up, I hate girly stuff... I can't stand the stupid rules in that damn lodge... and I have a big ugly scar on my face... of course they hate me... who wouldn't...

"Are you mad?" A voice came from behind, startling her.

Xavier spun around.

"You were nearly killed up here." The green man said. "And you come back two hours later...?"

"Who are you?" Xavier asked curiously, reaching her feet.

"The green man!" He replied, making a few comically spooky gestures with his hands, arching his fingers as though they were claws. "The monster of Mt. Crumpet, the Reptoid spy, c'mon... you really never heard of me? Seriously?"

"I've... heard stories." Xavier admitted. "But you... you don't seem..."

The green man crossed his arms loosely, listening.

"The stories make you sound.... bad." Xavier told him.

"What makes you think I'm not?" He asked, smirking.

"Its kinda obvious you're not." Xavier answered honestly.

"Well'p, once in a lifetime opportunity for you, innit? You get to ask me any questions you want now. Find out if the rumors are true." The green man said, stepping closer. "Do I really dine on human flesh alongside the Reptoids? Do I come down to the lodge and scare the children at night? Aaaargh!"

He made a snarling noise, and a falsely monstrous motion, laughing.

"Why do you sound... foreign?" Xavier asked.

"Of all the questions in the world..." He said. "I'm from the European Colony east of here."

"You're British."

"Very good."

Xavier glanced down the mountain, then back.

"There's no towns or houses for miles out here." Xavier said. "Do you live up here?"

"Ye'ap." He responded, cocking his head.

"In the snow...?" She added. "How do you survive up here? It gets below freezing sometimes."

"In my house, of course." He told her. "Don't you have any better questions?"

Xavier paused, examining him.

The green man, seeming to read her thoughts, quietly anticipated her next question.

""You're not a Reptilian..." Xavier said, drawing a little closer, reading him closely. "How did you get... I mean.... How..."

"How did I get green...?" He finished for her, in a halfway humorous tone.

"Y.. yeah." Xavier said, nodding, stealing a glimpse of the open glowing cracks in his skin. "And... your arms... and your face... d.. doesn't that hurt?"

"What, these?" He said, lifting one of his arms and fiddling with a small section of his open skin. "Ahhh, no. These haven't hurt for ages."

"How did that... happen?" Xavier wondered, hoping that she wasn't treading into uncomfortable territory.

His expression seemed to soften.

"I'm not sure you'd believe me if I told you."


posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 05:06 PM
Woo hoo! Keep going!!

posted on Dec, 9 2014 @ 07:59 PM
"I..." Xavier began, her body beginning to shiver.

"You look cold." He said.

"Aren't you cold?" Xavier asked, looking at his exposed arms, the sleeves of his button-up both rolled up and exposing his freakish skin.

"Eh. Sometimes.. when the feeling comes back." He replied, shrugging.

The light flurry of snowflakes had grown into a heavy blizzard-like wind, and Xavier swallowed, cradling her arms and shielding them from the icy air.

"Maybe we should go inside." He said. "Or you'll freeze to death."


"My place."

Xavier looked around.

"Its not a proper house." He informed. "Come see."

He began down the slope, and after a small moment of hesitation, Xavier decided to follow. They headed down the slippery path, weaving around the rocks and steep edges. A few minutes went by as Xavier followed the green man along the narrow path alongside the mountain, then, they reached a large rocky ledge, which was apparently their destination.

The green man approached a cave, then stopped when he realized Xavier was no longer following him.

"Arent'cha coming?" He said.

"You live in a cave?" Xavier mumbled.

"Sort of. Come inside." He said, waving her along and stepping into the darkness. They both traveled about ten yards into the cave, then they reached a large, rusty door. The green man twisted the handle, and the door flew open.

Xavier expected to see a small, enclosed area... but the inside was enormous. The cave expanded into a vast, dungeon-like opening, and it was filled with machines, loose clothing, a crooked bed, and a variety of decorations along the cave's walls; posters, bones, other peculiar items, and a huge glowing green clock.

"Holy..." Xavier whispered.

The green man turned and faced her, looking bemused.

"How long have you lived here?" She asked him.

"Since I was about ten years old, give or take." He answered. "Where else would I stay? Me? Not exactly welcome in regular society..."

"Why not?" Xavier said.

He held up one of his arms. The glowing green cracks seemed even more prominent, now that they were inside and away from the moonlight.

"I tend to scare people. In fact... I can't for the life of me figure out why you're not scared to pieces." He explained, squinting at her.

Xavier exhaled.

"Can I ask..." She said. "How did you... get like that?"

His sparkling eyes seemed to mellow as he gazed into her, wearing a profound expression.

"I was in the city..." He started, looking down. "When the bomb fell... I was in the Capitol."

"What?!" Xavier responded. "There's no way--that city was turned into a crater. You'd be dead."

"You'd think so." He said, nodding. "The only nuclear arm used in the war, and I had to be right underneath it. I had a... a father in the city. He was a scientist for the human military, the one opposing the Reptilians, of course. I went to his lab one day... after he told me to stay away, heh... we were in a room full of chemicals. Biological toxins and viruses that were supposed to be effective against cold blooded creatures exclusively... those chemicals were going to be used in the war... then, the bomb fell. My father shielded me, and he was killed instantly... along with everyone else. OH!"

Xavier jumped.

The green man hurried across his enormous home, dug through a large pile of indescribable junk, picked up a large crossbow, and aimed it at a crookedly painted target on a homemade burlap punching bag, which was hanging in the middle of the cave.

"Watch this!" He said excitedly, then pulled the lever back, aimed, and fired.

The small arrow flew through the room and hit the dangling bag squarely in its center, making it wobble a bit.

"HAH!" He yelled happily. "Its the funnest thing ever--I honestly don't know why anyone leaves their house if they have a crossbow!"

Xavier watched, releasing a breathless laugh.

"But... you..." She said. "That doesn't explain why your skin is kinda... greenish. Or why its splitting open like that."

He grabbed another arrow from the floor, placed it on the crossbow, and pulled the lever back again.

"The room was full of glass." He said, trying to aim the crossbow steadily. "Everything shattered at once... it cut through my skin pretty bad."

"How did you survive?" Xavier asked him.

He pulled the trigger, and the second arrow met with the back end of the first arrow; it sliced the first arrow into three jagged pieces.

"Not sure." He said truthfully, lowering the crossbow and looking around for another arrow. "Radiation. I know its got something to do with radiation. I didn't just wake up looking like this. It happened over a long period of time. Ten years or so. Over the months following, it started to make sense... a massive dose of radiation, combined with all those enhanced chemicals in the lab... I was exposed to it all at once, and look at me now."


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"So... radiation from the Capitol nuke made you like this." Xavier said. "But earlier today... when your arm was broken... it fixed itself."

"Yep. Sure did." He said, locating another arrow and loading his weapon a third time. "I'm not immortal or anything... no. I can definitely die, just like any other person. But... if I've got enough time after an injury, if I focus really, very hard, I can fix it. I can heal it. I'm not exactly sure how, I just... do it. I've got a lot of fast, fast thoughts nowadays too... thoughts I didn't have as a kid... sometimes too fast to stop."

He fired the crossbow again, and the third arrow hit the exact spot where the first two had hit. All of them popped off of the burlap sack and scattered along the cave floor.

"Fast thoughts..." Xavier said, giving him an odd look.

"Rapid... thoughts. Xavier." He said, facing her again, his luminous eyes shining as they zeroed in on her. "Alone and burned.. they're coming, all coming... connections, loose yet strong, yet scattered, patterns, broken patterns... people... traveling the wrong way... wrong way caravans... wrong way, wrong--stop!"

He planted his fist into his forehead, making a thick thumping noise.

"No, don't stop." He corrected himself. "Close to an answer--no--yes--no, but almost... almost.. something here I'm not quite getting, got it--no I don't--people, Reptilians, something's here I cannot see.. its now--now that your father's gone, Xavier!"

He then clamped both of his hands over his face forcefully. He began to breath in a very hard, slow way, hoping his thoughts wouldn't escape him again.

"How do you know my name?" Xavier wondered, still trying to make sense out of his ramblings.

"Oh, I... I don't know." He said quietly, allowing his hands to slide off his cheeks as he stared curiously at her. "Funny how that... works."

Xavier continued to stare at him, looking deeply intrigued.

"Xavier." He said by accident again. "Sorry--Xavier--the ringing name. Agh.."

He grabbed his head, wincing.

"You okay...?" Xavier asked, stepping closer to him.

He placed the crossbow on the ground, then met eyes with her again.

"Xav--sorry." He said, gritting his teeth. "Its getting away from me--again--my head!"

His fingers curled around the cloth of his hood, his head now throbbing madly.

"What's wrong?" Xavier approached him, looking concerned.

"Nothing--sorry." He said, trying to maintain eye contact with her. "I think too fast sometimes... it hurts."

"Well... are you okay?" Xavier asked again, studying him.

He gazed at her for a moment, looking perplexed.

"Oh.. that's nice." He said, patting his chest. "Oh.. good. That's a better feeling. Yes.. No one's ever asked me that before. Good feeling.. good feeling.. much better feeling.. yes.."

I'll take that as a yes, Xavier thought.

"What's your name?" Xavier asked him.

"Arkus." He responded, adjusting his hood. "The green Reptoid monster man!"

He made another fake monster pose, and Xavier laughed.

Xavier couldn't exactly remember the last time she laughed...


posted on Dec, 10 2014 @ 07:09 AM
a reply to: XxNightAngelusxX

I could blather on about how well you are presenting your characters, and how lively they seem, but rather than go all out, I am just going to say that I am loving where this is going!

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