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Repression unleashed in apartheid Cuba

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posted on Dec, 7 2014 @ 04:09 PM
Seems Cuba is having some difficulties with so-called "political" dissidents.

Maybe some big racism going on down there.

That's IF the sources can be trusted.

Looks like the "arrests" by government agents is on the rise with over 8000 this year alone.

Repression unleashed in apartheid Cuba: Political arrests have quadrupled in 2014

Here's something you won't read in one of Ernesto Londoño's amorous editorials in The New York Times defending Cuba's apartheid Castro dictatorship: Political arrests on the island have reached 8,410 through November of this year, a total that quadruples the number of arrests in 2010 before the munificent and magnanimous reforms of dictator Raul Castro.

But The New York Times and Londoño are not the only ones turning a blind eye to the thousands of dissidents systematically harassed, beaten, and arrested by State Security agents, many of them black Afro-Cubans victimized by Cuba's lily-white Castro regime. The Associated Press, Reuters, the BBC, and a host of other media agencies are looking the other way as well.

Luckily, the Castro regime has not been able to completely shut down the independent journalism movement in Cuba and while Londoño and his colleagues sip mojitos in Havana with officials and agents of the apartheid regime, these brave and courageous Cuban journalists are reporting the truth about the racist Castro regime and their half-century long reign of terror.

2nd source linked...
Political Arrests Have Quadrupled in Cuba

posted on Dec, 7 2014 @ 04:35 PM
a reply to: xuenchen

My grandfather on my mothers side spent 11 years as a political prisoner in Castro's Cuba.

People who defend this regime from the comfort of America infuriate me.

posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 08:24 PM
a reply to: projectvxn

Obviously you haven't seen the discussions i have been having with some members about this. Heck, I was accused by Intrepid of being a hater, and lying about having a family in Cuba for saying that allowing normal relations with Cuba will not help the Cuban people, and in fact the money the Cuban regime gets will be used to oppress even more the people in Cuba.

Of course, to these people it doesn't even matter that there are Cubans on the island who also say this "deal" will not help them at all. Are there Cubans who think it will help, of course, but many others have seen this before and know similar "deals" with other governments have NEVER helped the Cuban people.

This is what he says after one of the ladies in white says she hopes the deal will bring good changes:

The resources that will be derived from the lifting of the embargo will be used by the Cuban regime to equip, train and perfect the oppressive force against human right activists.

BTW, even though he says it in Spanish, his statement is translated into English in the video as well.

A lot of people, mostly foreigners, don't want to believe that they are being lied to by the Cuban regime and what they see in the "tourist designated areas" is not the same thing as what happens in the rest of Cuba.

To this day there are people, mostly tourists or people who have tourist friends who would rather believe the lies that tourists and foreigners are fed by the Cuban regime, than believe what the majority of Cubans and Cuban-Americans who have experienced life in Cuba have to say.

Throughout the years I have seen in these forums, and on other websites nothing but contempt and dismissal from many foreigners who would rather believe the lies being told to them by a repressive regime, than believe the people who actually lived and experienced such regime.

If anyone is hating, it is all these people who have contempt for the majority of Cubans and Cuban-Americans who try to tell them the realities of regimes like that of Cuba.

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