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So What (poem)

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posted on Nov, 21 2014 @ 01:49 PM

So What

So what if I don't follow through,
Not everyone is built like you.
We all weren't made to get it done,
Some of us are just creative ones.

We give pieces of us out to the world,
Ask nothing for it in return.
Just to see from beginning to end,
The idea created by other men.

Sometimes it's not about the end result,
Sometimes it's about the path you sought,
Watching people work out the puzzle together,
Sharing new ideas, making the original better.

The joining of the minds interests me most,
When I see it happen, I'm totally engrossed.
How so many individuals can work as one,
In order to get the impossible done.

Then go back to who they were before,
Not realizing that we're so much more,
So worried about being the individual mind,
They forget that we, all of us, are aligned.

Take a look when you can spare the time,
At how high humans beings can climb,
When we really put our heads together,
And try to make this world a little better.


posted on Nov, 21 2014 @ 03:07 PM
what is

what is is that, that follows that
that, that drives its way forward in blind unknowing
shaping, forming, ever encroaching and flowing
rivulets of thought marrying into one
carrying us forward into oblivions sun

a river that climbs it's mountain ominous
for much hurt comes of struggle in oneness
self bleeding wretches learning together
blood congealing ,form, set and feather
edges all blurring , no room for a tether

and now to pass the river to another
for that becomes that, the other and a brother


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