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When the Comedians become a Tragedy, it is time to recall the Prediction of Malaise Speech of 1979

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posted on Nov, 19 2014 @ 08:37 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the light,
Dear Readers,

2014 is going to pass to History as the darkest year ever for the American Comedians. In this Year we have seen, in less than a semester, the deaths of Robin Williams of a suicide boosted by chronic depression aggravated with years of Cocaine consumption, also the surprising death of Joan Rivers in a minor surgery that it seems she really didn't need with urgency at all and in which there are still many doubts about professional medical ethics.

Now, we are seeing gradually how the life of an Icon of the 1980s Comedy is turning to be a terrible Tragedy, one of the most famous Philadelphians by the way, Bill Cosby is facing multiple allegations of sexual abuse of young models, singers and admirers.

If the accusations against him are proved this might involve dozens of possible crimes performed and tolerated under the shadows of the fame, in what seems to be a horrendous case of double personality, that it would make Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde drama look as a joke.

What is going on in America? what kind of moral crisis is the one we are witnessing?

if Comedians are writing tragedies, in which apparently corruption is the common denominator in one or other direction, it is clear that something is definitively very wrong.

Please check:

Probably what all these tragedies around comedians can teach us is that we are definitively reaching the bottom of a complete lack of values and principles, it does not seem as an exaggeration to claim that.

What goals, standards, values or ideals are we pursuing ? to what gods have we been praised? for what expectations are we living ? is it money, fame, power, pleasure, influences, corruption?

Are we really in the good path and if not, when did we lose the route ? I believe we are still on time to awake to start to look for the lost way that somewhere we left back to us, if America wants to recover a position of leadership in a world also in crisis, plagued of chauvinism, materialism and addiction to consumption.

Where is the space reserved for the compassion, generosity, and the brotherhood of the human spirit in this civilization founded in mere competition for accumulation of wealth and power? Where is the space for the confidence in us? for the faith in humanity when the rule of the moment is economic predation? and when the triumph of the individual , group or corporative objectives over the collective ones, what is called success , is reached at any cost, even sacrificing all ethical principles?.

Possibly it sounds ironic, but there is who foresaw this moment long time ago, although no body understood his prediction, and for that reason no body did nothing to correct what it was wrong on time. Here it is the seer who tried to warn us of this situation, he was later awarded with the Nobel prize of Peace:

President James Earl Carter addressed the nation on 1979 with what is by far the most Philosophical speech ever made by any President, his immediate concerns was the dependency of Petroleum, but he denounced a social illness that was even bigger, which implications have touched every aspect of the global civilization we are living in, an ailment that was gradually controlling the country and the world as a terrible epidemics, boosted also by a very irresponsible use of economic, moral and political authority along many years.

Thanks for your attention,

Do you also feel the weight of a crisis that was foretold 35 years ago?

your friend,

The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Nov, 19 2014 @ 09:29 PM
If you see a tragic world, you will live in one.

Why dwell on the pain of others ? They are allright now, or in their end. Create love and happiness for you and the ones you love, and create your own heaven here,..... And it will never end.

The same could of been said about belushi or john candy, but comedians are people too, and sometimes they die tragicaly.... Would it be better if they died slipping on a banana peel ?

It is said comedians are the most depressed of people, thats why they are always looking for humour or the attention from it.

posted on Nov, 19 2014 @ 09:50 PM

Probably what all these tragedies around comedians can teach us is that we are definitively reaching the bottom of a complete lack of values and principles, it does not seem as an exaggeration to claim that.

They may be comedians, but they are still humans. Still vulnerable to all the ups and downs we all have and at risk for depression as much as the next person. Being comedians doesn't make them invincible, doesn't make it more unusual for something to happen to them. It doesn't have anything to do with a lowering of values, it has to do with a human in pain, while the rest of the world ignores it, because, "Hey, what could Robin Williams possibly have to be depressed about" or "Joan Rivers had so many plastic surgeries, she should have a goatee." We don't see them as people.

posted on Nov, 19 2014 @ 10:09 PM
a reply to: IntastellaBurst

Dear InstastellaBurst,

I respect really your point of view on this subject, and believe me if you would be opening a thread on meditation, either mindfulness or any other method, or if this might be a one dedicated to teach the people how to live in the middle of the crisis or the storm and remain in control I would be support completely your suggestions.

However, to arrive to such higher perspective it is needed to have some kind of values that many unfortunately do not share on our days, why ? because the feeling of separation in between human beings has increased dramatically since the times of the Malaise Speech, as well as the skepticism concerning the strength of the spirit.

In 1979 the people used to devote their free time in part in to be in touch with the world through the media, the TV and the news papers primarily, but in our days the people is not just wanting to be informed about the world affairs, is living in a virtual reality that the information technology has created around us, in such a way, that what is really a mere illusion has gradually caught all the attention of extremely big sectors of the population that are right now unable to distinguish it from what is the other reality, the one of that possibly you are referring too.

Today hundred of millions of subconscious minds are completely sucked by the web machinery that is hypnotizing them to believe that all what we need to do is to consume more of something to be happier, more successful and better in all aspects, even if the price to pay is to be in a kind of well disguised bankruptcy owning all what we have to the Chinese banks that control our credit in the other side of the ocean.

To appeal to the harmony that we can find in the inner kingdoms is necessary to have some kind of spirituality, and unfortunately the massive consumption giant informatics matrix that I am talking about is conspiring daily against it, brain washing the minds of millions that are unable to see other perspective than the one I am trying to describe you.

We can without doubt progress substantially in to survive in this global economy through spiritual awakening, to use in part a title of a movie of Robin Williams, and there is no doubt that meditation techniques are useful, but a life that is a torment is not going to be completely repaired it does not matter how many times you meditate, it can improve , but changes in life style are required to accommodate the circumstances to the ideals.

In other words, meditation will not fix this adverse and negative reality we are living in, without having corresponding actions to change negative aspects , it is going however to help us a lot to find our path.

I think that is precisely what Jimmy Carter did on July of 1979, when he spoke in such an unusual sincere and very direct language of the need to change the negativism for a new attitude, in the need to start to think that a change can be achieved only from inside of us, because without that self confidence no battle can be won in life at all. What he was doing at that moment was to convoke the entire nation to a collective meditation, few really understood the message, many even reacted with mockery or sarcasm and even there were who used it politically to destroy his Presidency.

Today there are several times more parents unable to stay with their children giving to them a truly education in values precisely due to the frenetic fight for survival that this global economy is daily demanding from us, we are living lives as just small pieces of a giant machinery not as persons with the right to have our own character.

The machinery of the global economy is certainly producing wealth, but flowing almost all the time only in one direction, toward the few that control the system, and even at that level there is no longer philosophical values or absolutely no principles to respect, the only commandment is to cumulate more money, the same if you are an American multimillionaire evading taxes abroad or a leader of the Communist Party of China owning entire corporations.

So when a matter is not affronted and solved what usually occur is that becomes worst and more difficult to fix later.

Thanks for your comment,

The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Nov, 19 2014 @ 10:50 PM
a reply to: DAVID64

Well Dear David64,

It is a pain that celebrities that have lived surrounded of certain privileges have failed dramatically to awake of this collective dream to see that there is nothing external to us, there is no brand of no product at all , no magic drug, what so ever, that can give us true and deep happiness , peace, calm, feeling of realization, that those are things are not in sale or can be bought.

The decade of 1980s, that followed the to the Carter administration, showed to be one based on a kind of materialism that instead to remedy the problem created an incredible dense fog curtain to hide it, America ceased to be an only one nation linked by common values, to be one of the most polarized and divided societies of the world, division that in our days is really extreme.

It is curious and at the same time ironic that many of the idols of that epoch, the shining stars that the media created to make us dream in a supposed era of progress that only existed for very few, were not really as we imagined, they were not in their real lives having the same experience than in the films or Tv series they worked, in other words they were living of a lie that we all agreed to accept as real.

It is really dramatic to see how far are the real human beings we believed were special , for the nice characters they performed, of those ideals.

Thanks for your comments,

The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Nov, 21 2014 @ 07:22 PM
Michael Valentine Smith. Humans laugh when it hurts too much to cry.

posted on Nov, 22 2014 @ 06:23 PM
Greeks said comedy is tragedy. Which is true to a point. When we can't deal with something we cry or laugh or have anger issues. But comedy is tragedy look at any joke. It deals with things we see and affect us but can't full deal with head on.

Now a comedian is an extension of that. Most comedians became comedians due to personal tragedy. Coping mechanism. So to see them die is nothing new. I'm sure this has been happening forever.

God Bless

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