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Jonathan Adampants & the Keys of Unlocking & More

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posted on Nov, 8 2014 @ 01:51 AM
Jonathan Adampants and the Keys

I have made a couple threads related to procuring keys for the unlocking of this matrix we all appear to be trapped inside of within the paradigm of 'illusion'. There are literally layers of these veils in place serving to divide and cut us off from the 'reality' of who and what we really are. How do we return to our own? How do we retrieve what we really and truly are without being in one way or another utterly manipulated, swayed or injected?

When you begin to delve deeper into this all......and discover what is painfully obvious in the powers, entities, beings, principalities, even what is most disturbing of all which is our own potential in 'powers' of creation unleashed with ignorance and our own principality and authority surrendered to our own enemies, we being to see deeper layers that are ever more startling.

The rabbit hole is a wonderful diversion in light of the 'actuality' of our present 'condition' and 'reality' in the duplicitous nature of the battle that rages between the material world in our flesh vs our Spirits. Reality is an interesting word or term we use for what we are experiencing but is it the 'truth'? Is what we are experiencing a reflection of the condition we are truly in? Our perceptions mirror and Project the version of reality we are all experiencing but where and what is the Truth in this all?

In Eve Lorgen's words:

I’ve listened to all of Jonathan Adampants video talks and am so impressed with the material and detail of his knowledge of “awakening” when the veil is lifted. This lifting of the veil is when the Creator Spirit really opens up the perceptions of those who intend with love and purity of spirit. All video talks are informative to the truth seeking person, especially when it comes to spiritual deception, mind control, positive and negative entities, connecting to the Divine Creator Spirit and how to “read between the lines” when Creator Spirit of Truth is communicating. This happens especially through nature with animals or even people and through synchronicities. Jonathan also reveals that demonic and the cancer consciousness can also communicate through people and this often happens through neurolinguistic double meaning. He admits also that the dark forces often interfere with any planned group meeting of truth seekers. The power of Creator Spirit in healing best occurs through spontaneity.

Propaganda, Parables, and Perception

The Third Phase

The Healing Begins Now

Jonathan Adampants Collection

The Wetiko Virus

The Invisible College - War in Heaven
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posted on Nov, 8 2014 @ 05:48 AM
I am saving your thread to watch these videos when I have more time.

Very Interesting Topic.

I feel that each individual is at their own "layer" working through them at their own pace. When they are ready.

The best analogy I can think of is Excalibur. Being able to pull out the sword because one is ready of their own will.

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posted on Nov, 8 2014 @ 07:13 PM
a reply to: leolady

Delighted and looking forward to your feedback.

Interesting synchronicity LeoLady as you stood out to me recently and here you are the one that has noticed what I feel is perhaps one of the most profound truths out there capable of cutting through the chaff.

Jonathan's material to me is one of the most aligned and truthful I have ever come across amidst the labyrinth of mis/dis-information.

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posted on Nov, 10 2014 @ 11:07 AM

In Eve Lorgen's words she has taken sections of Johnathan Adampants "The Healing Begins Now and given a synopsis of the parts where he discusses how the veil is being lifted - this cancer consciousness and how the miracle of healing can then manifest.

How the Veil is Lifted and the Miracle of Healing

These are two clips of a longer youtube Audio Talk by Jonathan Adampant’s from the original The Healing Begins Now Youtube Video. Because the original is 4 hours long, many do not have the time to listen to the entire talk. I have listened to his talks many times over and have selected two clips that I believe really express the keys to LIFTING THE VEIL of supernatural awareness and power.

The Healing Begins Now Clip 24 of 27

The insanity of “polarity”, having to be taught good and bad, balancing good and “evil” when you really don’t need to do this (in certain ways) because innately we are born with all goodness inside. It’s the shutting off of this connection to Creative Spirit that leads us to become “other” than love and awareness. The cancer consciousness, this computer like entity (the Gnostic understanding of Demiurge?) which must assess the effects of “creation” from a structural and polarity based point of view—is the imposed system which we don’t need.

It comes from a place of lack and imposes its “view of reality” upon us from its own separation consciousness. This yields all manner of incomplete and false belief systems about “reality” and how things must be. How parts of yourself become split off outside of your body whenever any negative event and emotion occurs, (ie., trauma dissociation) and how these parts actually hold awareness and knowledge of things.They can be tortured to watch the you doing things, addictions etc. that are hurting you.

“Recovering the innocence you had as a child, through healing, connecting, recovering these parts, THEN THE VEIL BECOMES LIFTED. The veil becomes lifted by having the desire, intention and humility to go to places within the self (ie., emotional realm) to discover greater awareness and release from pain. It is this intention and desire through humility and love that is the key. This is the essence of what true COUNSELING and HEALING is all about. And yet people in their pain, programmed and unaware arrogance, think they know it all and bypass the most precious gift of all, Love and Awareness. Joy.

Healing can take place now, whether something happened one moment ago or years ago. Being in the moment of that “feeling/experience” while connected to loves intention is how it can be cleared all now, resulting in miraculous shifts of reality in your life. To do Counseling is not about you having “problems” and that something is bad or wrong with you. (Who or whatever led you to believe that there is something shameful about counseling? Ask yourself this and what belief system sets up this kind of destruction.) It is the willingness to explore the hidden realms of your own treasure chest of being, so that you can be more of who you are. Love, wisdom, awareness, creativity and joy. 25 of 27

The key to healing and lifting the veil. How shame, guilt cause you to kick out parts of your soul out of your body. Gaps of yourself stuck on the outside of your body. Fractals of your holographic being existing in other dimensions. Those parts of you see whats going on in this world in subtle realms of reality. (Oftentimes they are screaming to get your attention to WAKE UP and you wonder why all these strange things are happening to you? LOL) Forgiveness, understanding of these hurt parts of self. They erase the barrier to awareness. Heal yourself of the past, everything you hate yourself for…The imprint or program keeps these parts of you outside of you. Stuck in unawareness and powerlessness. Release the program, the imprint. This part of you, when released is WHAT WAKES YOU UP.

More energy and new awareness that is connected to the Creator Spirit is now available to you, to LOVE and heal even more. And to help heal and awaken others. I and thou realization through love so powerful that profound healing and miracles happen. Realize the parts of you are others, as well as those parts you shunned through shame, guilt, pain, self-hatred.

The deal about Jesus Christ. Religious deceptions and corruptions. True healing and connection to Divine Creator Spirit is not about “giving your heart and soul to Jesus”. It’s not about him being your Lord and Savior. Not about worship of some deity. It’s about love of yourself, awareness in humility of connection to all those hurt parts of yourself. Knowing you in others, not through projection or assumption of who they are, but really knowing you in them through the love that you are in the ALL. The All in All is you and them. Understanding and realizing the scaler mode of how we are in multi-dimensionality.

Discerning the illusion of false beliefs, religious deities and the cancer consciousness. You know by connecting to your own being, your pain, your shame, your guilt and your own compassion, love, joy and true insight of wisdom. Patience. How to help heal, awaken, give— when you are essentially an invisible ghost to the unawakened around you. What to do?

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