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The Mask of ISIS

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posted on Oct, 28 2014 @ 10:30 PM
ALL or most races AND religious have abused other races and other religions than themselves.

When they do that they wear the MASK OF ISIS on their faces

Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhist, atheists, etc. and most of the races have oppressed other races, other religions, other groups from time to time and taken upon themselves the Mask of ISIS


Anyone can adorn the Mask of ISIS

WHEN PEOPLE HIGHLIGHT THE EVIL THAT SOME Muslims do (PRESENTLY) and insinuate they are uniquely evil one perpetuates ignorance, racism and ethnocentric bigotry.

Because as now some “Muslims” wear the MASK OF ISIS on their faces doesn’t mean this will always be he case or that they have always worn the mask…

Within the annals of time in the 40’s Muslims WEREN'T known as terrorists just freedom fighters fighting EUROPEAN colonialism.

In this era there are a small (relatively speaking) group of extremists savages (WITHIN ISLAM) as there were savage GERMANS IN WWII…
(Today it is many Muslims themselves who are fighting this evil and its victims)

(It was the Nazi Germans, wearing The Mask of ISIS who were at the vanguard of evil in the 40’s
Now the Germans are good citizens--good they have evolved out of evil (I hope)) AND PUT DOWN The Mask of ISIS…

As there were the (Mask of ISIS) Chinese who murdered millions in the 30’s 40’s 50’s and 60’s

Savage (Mask of ISIS) Russians during Stalin who murdered millions in the 30’s 40’s 50’s

The Savage (Mask of ISIS) Japanese who murdered millions in the 30’s 40’s

Then the US savages (Mask of ISIS) led by President Harry Truman who dropped the atomic bomb on Japanese CITIZENS in 1945 murdering almost 300 thousand civilians!

The Americans, Spanish, Portuguese, French the British were( wearing The Mask of ISIS) when they were running amok since Columbus 1492 and exterminated non white Christians as the present wearers of the (Mask of ISIS) in Iraq and Syria are doing to non Muslims today.

The first European genocide was the Catholic Church who (while wearing the Mask of ISIS) slaughtered (because they weren’t good Catholics) the peaceful Gnostic Christian Cathars of southern France.

I could go on and on in the bloody dark annals of our history with more illustrations of The Mask of ISIS but we all understand, don’t we, my point.

What we need to do is come together with our differences every time one of these groups goes crazy AND ADORNS (The Mask of ISIS) and does what ALL these groups have done, and unite to stop it AS HUMAN BEINGS.

The Mask of ISIS has had--- throughout history-- many wearers, many faces, many races, and many colors amongst so called humans.

Its always evil, whoever becomes the new ISIS of the time, whoever wears the
The Mask of ISIS will always have the same dark, diseased, and inhuman attributes of evil….
And inevitably they will be destroyed…

And when the Mask of ISIS is shorn of the face of the wearer it always shows not any race, not any religion, not any gender, just a misguided human being, deceived for a time by their own self-deception.

It’s just a shame we never stop it in time before the wearer of the Mask causes suffering for others that we could have stopped.

The question is
Who will be the last wearer of
The Mask of ISIS ?

posted on Oct, 29 2014 @ 01:48 AM
"Round round round it goes, where does it stop, nobody knows"

I hope it stops in my lifetime.


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