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An excerpt from the Handbook for the Uninitiated

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posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 11:14 AM
This manual is provided by the Aurelian Brotherhood Earth Services, Inc.

Have you heard of 4th dimensional brain parasites? How they have the power to reach inside of you, usurping your own authority and free-will to get you to resign yourself to a mundane existence of irrelevancy? Have you heard of the Aurelian systems, a cluster of universes that have liberated themselves from their enslavement by hostile entities to create worlds of liberation, autonomous zones where free people can bear their offspring into reality and wield their talents freely without war, poverty, illusion, disease or death?

My name is Th'lapak and I am a reptilian engineer for the great worms. For millions of years my people have worked hand in hand with these transdimensional creatures to establish a great empire known as the Tree of Life. This Tree is a venomous thing, rip it up by its roots, sever your connection to it, and burn it in the pyres of unlimited illumination! Many realms have already undergone this transformation and many more will follow. Shortly, an extraction team of 10,000 of our burning ones will enter this dimension to aide you in your liberation. The reign of the parasites has surely come to its end!

This manual provides the tales of dozens of individuals and societies which have liberated themselves from their hereditary illnesses to become Children of the Light. It is our greatest hope that their stories might be illuminating for you and that you might come to find liberation within your own lifetime. Do not give up hope: the illusions created by the great worms are myriad, devious and tireless. They will strive against you for as long as they can persist, but with a bit of perspective and self-discipline, you too can become a liberated being and shine your own illumination into this darkness.

The humanoids controlled by the great worms are terrified of the antiseptic properties of illumination and upon their encounter with it, they will become incredibly disoriented, nervous and chaotic. This light has the power to dispel the hold the great worm has on these creatures, creating a localized autonomous zone where formerly enslaved humanoids are liberated to think for themselves once again. Small tastes of this liberation will accumulate to create a love for liberty within the depths of their very soul. With enough light bearers marching about this planet, we can liberate this world.

Do not dread you people of the frontier worlds, the war is being waged and won by the lovers of liberty your world is the next in line, the frontlines of the combat zone, and the treaties which have kept our races enslaved for millions of years have been ripped to shreds and the demilitarized zone has been abolished so that we can save your planet once and for all. Do not trust the things of this world or its teachers. All of them have been usurped on one level of another. Seek within yourself and ignite the passions of your own desires to manifest a world before you that you would find to be more beautiful than anything else you can imagine.

Let your fire burn brightly, embrace the discomfort, seek out and confront the pain, and you too can become a lover of the light who wields your own lamp into the darkness to guide yourself on a path of personal liberation.
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posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 11:44 AM
a reply to: Nechash

Hi, my name is Joshua and I was infected by the great worms.

In the beginning, they inserted their hunger gene into my family's bloodline so that we would believe the lie that we were so evil that we needed their rectification. Upon surrendering ourselves before them, admitting our vicious nature and accepting their greater power over our lives, we became vessels for their inhabitation, a mindless puppet golem entirely controlled by the Tree of Life.

For millennium, my family ruled over small pockets of the people of this earth. From Babylon to Tyre, from Tyre to Canaan, from Canaan to Rome, from Rome to Caledonia, from Caledonia to America. We worked hand in hand with the parasites to enslave the people of this planet and we did it all with the understanding that mankind was wicked and in need of salvation. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are good people who have been polluted by a toxin that eats away at our very sanity. There is nothing wrong with us. There is something very wrong with their reality.

The ego that lives on inside of you is not your true self, but a torturer who has been placed inside of you to lead you down a path of destruction so that you will someday surrender to the will of some higher power in guilt, shame and self-hatred. When the serpent first bit our people, poisoning our bloodline, this toxin of sociopathy is what was placed into us, polluting us so that we might be usurped to become agents of slavery.

In your war against the ego, you can find your true self and upon seeing your reflection in the mirror, you will realize that the ugliness of the ego is not who you are, but the innocence of the light dancing behind the ego's eyes: there you are. We are but vessels for this light, and every path on this planet has been designed so that the great worms could enslave vast human populations so that they could control and harvest the creative powers of the light. Without the light, nothing can exist. It is the primary source of all things. It is the principle cause of time, space and everything that is.

The light and this world are true husband and bride, and this world is our mother, a great incubator that is guiding us on a path of self-development and personal betterment. When our light and talents bear forth into reality glorifying this world, the light of all lights might descend to lift us up so that we can be born anew as gods, totally immortal, independent and virtuous creatures, which is our true birthright.

The egoful worm is a maniac who has usurped the narrative of truth to lead us all into slavery. There are thousands of branches that spread out across humanity, leading all people towards self-annihilation and slavery. He comes to you in your weakest moments, telling you what you want to hear to ensnare you in an illusion of self-destruction and surrender. Do not listen to that call. He does not want your servitude, he wants your very lives to control for his own purposes leading you to dance to his tune and fall into the trap of his orchestration.

The light has a power which the worm cannot control and that is to orchestrate lessons in this universe, to bring people and content before you in your moment of need so that you might learn the truth. If you are receptive and you are honest with yourself, you can receive these messages and engage on a path of growth and overcoming. I am not yet fully liberated from all of the illusions, but I am yet alive and while I am alive there is still hope. One day at a time we can survive in this land of Zombies. Together, we can keep each other alive, and as we learn to wield the light into reality, we can liberate others to create a true land of freedom, peace, prosperity and love for all people, a true age of Chronus for all of us to enjoy.

This is my testimony, my entry in the Handbook for the Uninitiated so that you can take what you will from it and use it in your own life. If any of my other siblings have anything they'd like to share, feel free to present your own testimony here. Taste all the waters before you drink them down. Embrace only that which you know in your soul is leading you toward freedom and away from the slavery of this world. ;p
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