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Gambler's tale: A dish best served cold (HSS 2014)

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posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 07:20 PM
Halloween Short Story Festival?

Gambler's tale: A dish best served cold (HSS 2014)

Ruins of DFW
Republic of Texas
October 31, 2031

Rain poured in poured in through the hole of the decrepit apartment.. As The old man sat in a moldy old leather chair, the wind blew hard as lightening flashed and lit up the room..

On the cracked screen, "Robbie.."

The old man had a tear fall hidden by the rain. He repeats the sounds on the screen, "I cant believe you want to make one of these videos.."

The woman giggles.. "Robbie you waited till we were married.. Now you get your prize.."

The old man Robbie has more tears fall as he watches the video.. "They killed you and our babies.." Robbie smiles as the light flashes and he brings a skull to his lips.. "They got our babies.. But I got them.. By god I got them.."

The lightening flashes again from the whole.. Several skeletons line the room in military gear..

Looking at the brown water in the fresh skull he was holding, "Mister VP.." Robbie coughed and spit up blood, "I promised that I would have my revenge.. I got you, your wife, the head of the CDC, and all your little dogs too.."

The sound of footsteps hitting the puddles outside make Robbie stop..

"It looks like my time is up.. I will probably not joining you.. They paid my love," Robbie watches the young ladies face on the screen.. He coughs blood as he hears the noisy Texas soldier.

"the bastard is a serial killer.. Last report we got was he was hiding out in the slums," The sound of a child screaming as the Texas soldier kicks it.. "Damn pigs.. I would say just leave him here but the US government wants him ALIVE for trial.."

Robbie stands up and walks over to the TV screen, "My love.. If you can get a pass from Hell to come visit me.." The old man loads a shoot gun, "Well these are very special armor piercing shells.. I have the new bug and do not qualify for treatment.. II will see you at.."

A young lady decloaks as the old man falls to the ground from coughing, "Dad.. Its me.."

"No.. No.. No," Robbie shakes his head as he cough..

The young lady picks her father up, "Its me.. " She pauses and starts to sing with tears in her eyes, "this little light of mine.."

Tears fall down the old mans face, "Is it you?"

Hope passes over the old mans eyes..

With tears pouring, "Its me your baby girl Lizzie.."

The Soldiers are several floors away, "Wait one.. We got another signature.."

"Dad," She taks a needle and jabs it into robbie.. "This is something to knock you out.. and keep you alive.."

Another man decloaks, "Damn it Lt. Commander.. This is gonna slow us down.."

The Chief decloaks and puts a hand on the Doc shoulder as he is treating Robbie, "Doc.."

Congratulations on finding your father.. Now F$%^&ing focus on getting your men back alive.. Your dad will need massive amounts of treatment..

Mayor Cladius Nero Craine

"The mayor just authorized this rescue mission," The Doc put a band on Robbies hand.. "Old man when we get back to Sagan your gonna have to tell me which gods you prey to.." The Doc looked through the readings, "Lt. Commander we are going to have to go.. This man needs immediate treatment and we all have two weeks in ISO coming.."

The Texas Soldiers come barging in.. Lizze, the Lt. Commander Pulls the trigger blowing them back out the stair well.. "Hostiles.. Shoot to kill.."

Her and the Chief Recloak..

"My Lizzie," Robbie cries out as he slowly passes out..

"Old man.. You are one of those mean as$$ed dinosaurs who is alive because you will it so.." Doc whispers to old man, "You have a lot to learn.. Your a grandfather old man.. And your daughter grew up to be an Iron clad B$%^&.."
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posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 08:57 PM
City of Sagan
November 17th, 2031
Dref Special cases
House Division

Robbie looked in the mirror, "Dr. Schtien.. I cant pay for this.."

Schtien snorted, "You old buzzard.. Pay for it.. My god you see those young jackals.. You made their day.."

Robbie looked out the hologram, "I have.."

"Blah.. Blah.. Blah.. we cured it," Schtien looks over a holochart.. "Civilization.. Bah... When we leave here, we will have to have a drink.. I have a new liver to corrupt.. "

"I am cured and I can leave.." Robbie looked around..

"Not so fast cowboy," Schtien held his hand up.. "Your body is mended.. Your soul.. thats gonna take some time.."

Robbie closes his eyes..

"Do not get that way," Schtien responds.. "You went way off the deep end.. Eighty seven murders.. " Robbie gets a look in his eyes, "Old man.. You have years of therapy ahead of you.. As for the murders.. The State of Texas and the Remnants of the US government are both demanding you be turned over to them.."

"My lizzie is an officer.. I cant cost her her position," Robbie tears up..

"Well the stars are shining in your favor.. I ruled you mentally incompetent while you were in flight.. Me and the Mayor argued over it," Schtien laughs. "That bastard argue you were perfectly finne.. He'd done the same d$%^ thing in your shoes.."

Robiie laughs for the first time in a long time..

"However.. Mayor Craine is not a doctor and deferred to my expertise," Doctor Schtien grins.. "Experts from both states are coming to interview you.. They think they can rule you sane.. Mayor said tell em whatever in sam hell you want to.. He is NOT sending you back.."

A young lady walks in with a completely shaved head, "Doctor Schtien.."

"Winona," Robbie stands up and grabs the teenager.. "I have died and gone to heaven.."

Winona breaks down in tears and hugs her father, "You alive.. Sis told me.. Momma died saving us.."

The two stand there and just hold each other..

"My god.. You look so much like your mother," Robbie sniffles as the ones on the screen are taking notes.. "You shaved your head.. Is that a tat?"

Winona cries, "Dad.. I am thirteen.. Its just four day body paint.. Its of.."

Robbie kisses the Tat, "Your mothers favorite cartoon character.. I.. I.."

Schtien stands up, "I have to stay.. Medical rules.. But the kids do not need to see this emo moment.." Schtien shuts off the viewer.. "Audio only vultures.."

"I missed you.." Winona just hugs her dad as tears fall.. "I had my first period three months ago.. I am in the gifted classes for genius plus.. I came in second in last years science fair.." She looks at her father, "I have something else to tell you.. I have a boyfriend.."

Schtien sees a look on Robbie's face, "I.. I had to snort.. You may not leave the hospital Good sir," the Doctor looks at Winona..

"Dad.. You cant kill him," Winona got real worried and narrowed her eyes..

"You look like your mother with that face young lady.." Robbie has tears in his eyes, "I wont maim him permanently.. I am your father and thats all I can promise..If he makes you happy I am happy.. Just let me know if that changes.."

Winona moves her jaw sideways.. As she rolls her eyes, "Father.. "

A voice comes over the com, "Doctor Schtien.. I am special prosecutor Hernandez and I have Doctor Welson with me to conduct the examination..We wish to begin the interrogtion.. Bring the.."

"As his physician I have some bad news.." Doctor Schtien looks at the Half hispanic prosecutor, "At this time period my Patient will not be available for another twenty four hours.. He has had a slight change in his care regiment.."

"We have an agreement with the Mayor.. You will be a good civil servant," The Prosecutor was red faced..

"Paragraph four subsection five, medical health clause," Schtien coldly answers.. "Unless of course you wish to catch Corbinite disease.. The patient you want to see tested positive.. I can bring him to you right now if you insist but then we have to make you leave the city.."

"Corbinite disease,"The other voice calls out..

"You must be Doctor Welson," Schtien sighs.. "It has infected his flux capacitor complex.. We will have to add a special blend with adamantium and dillithium crystals.. All standard procedure since the 90's.." After half a second, "You know that doc.. I dont mean sound grumpy but we had this crap out of his system.." Schtien holds up his hand, "You know how the damn nurses are. always b$%^ing..."

"Of course.. Its an old treatment.. " Doctor Welson responded cooly, "We dont not want to break decontamination procedures.." Doctor Welson responds, "Just get his flux capacitor complex fixed.. I am surprised your still using that mixture.. We really should sit down and discuss this treatment.. Thats for later.. We will wait.."

"Thank you," Schtien tries not to laugh at the fake doctor.. "Our dilithium chambers are running low .. Perhaps you would be interesting in discussing a trade.. I heard a rumor that you are running low on your synthetic Vibranium.."

Winona covers her mouth as her father bites his upper lips..

"We arent running low on synthetic Vibranium just yet, "the special prosecutor failed hiding his excitement.. "We can talk tommorrow.. We have heard about Sagan city's legendary care of its guest.."

Taking a deep breath, "I will have to send it to your room sir.. I have had to institute a city wide quarenteen because of the Corbinite.. Your not infect but .."

Winona snorts not meaning to..

"Scuse me.. Great the first signs.. Yeah," Doctor Schtien responds.. "Is two days from now ok.. If I have caught it we need to get.." Schtien sneezes on purpose, "To get you treated and immunized.. Its up to you because your guest.."

The two agree to be immunized quickly and insist they are tired and wish to stay in there rooms..

After the cut off, "Yeah.. The Mayor was right.. Niether on is a doctor.. Mayor Craine said have fun.. Tell em anything you want.."

Robbie smiles happily, "thanks doc.. That was funny.." He does pause, "What fiction is Vibranium from?"

posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 08:59 PM
I will finish the short tomorrow..

The last post was the best lead in I could think of before I get dark with it...

Scary horror tales

It might be two post long

posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 05:34 PM
City of Sagan
Conference room
November 20, 2031

"I want it noted for the record the Republic of Texas officially object to both the Presence of the US and ," The Special prosecutor looks at the little girl.. "It is inappropriate for a pre-teen to be present in such serious Adult themed issues"

"Listen Jack A$$.. I tried that same issue with my father," The Pre-teen shook her head.. "However I lost a bet with my Father and have to do his chores .. My Grandfather also is making me do this because my Orwel blood does not welch on a bet once made.. Mama said it was a direct application of the rules of being an evil overlord.."

"I am not taking this crap," The US prosecutor stands up.. "We do not accept the ruling of a little girl.. Ms. Craine, You and the People of Sagan are making a mockery of this process.. That bastard Robert Van Walker killed a US President and a former President.. Tell your father this means war.."

As the US Prosecutor reached the door, "then I take it the US government is withdrawing its claim on Mr. Van Walker.." Ms. Craine coldly stated, "Mrs. Shoemaker.. Please remind the US delegation the terms of the bound they posted for this Arbitration.."

The Hologram of the lady coldly spoke, "Abigail.. Mr. Jetson, the terms of your bound state that if you leave the negotiation table in an attempt to force a decision, the bound is forfeit. As are all claims you may make in the case.." The hologram smiles and turns to someone off screen, "Quit tickling me Marcus.. I am little busy.. " The hologram turns towards the group and bites her lip, "As I am.." She takes a deep breath, "Walk out and I get to keep the all the gold you put down as deposit.. If you do not like the terms of the bond the US government should never had agreed to the terms.."

"To sum it up.." Abigail looks at the hologram, "Marcus stop harassing the lady while she skins her marks.. Mr. Jetson.. Walk out that door and my first decision is a clear cut ruling that the US Government chose not to pursue its so called claim against a Citizen of Sagan..You give up that claim if you lose the bond.."

"He is not a citizen of Sagan City," the Fake doctor Welson responded.. "The Republic of Texas can not accept that.."

"I have to concur with my esteemed competition," Jetson huffed as he had stopped at the door.. He walked back over to his chair and eyed Abigail and saw no room to move, "Why are you not in school.. This is illegal in my country.."

Abigail Craine responds.. "It seems we have settled the issue of this arbitration's authority or are their any more objections.."

Mr. Robert Van Walker was smiling fakely, "I accept the wisdom of the City of Sagan and its representatives.."

Mr. Jetson takes a deep breath and Nodded.. The Doctor with him also agreed as he sat silently..

Hernandez looks at Doctor Welson and sighs, "We stick to the terms of our deal over the bound.."

"Good.. What we have here is some communication issues.. You are demanding Mr. Robert Van Walker be turned over to your respective powers. Then each of you have given your excuses as to why.. Each of you claiming authority over the issue.. Now boys we have the issues up to date," Abigail sighs.. "I reviewed your testimony, evidence, and wild a$$ claims.. I have a problem with a few things.."

The older men all eye Abigail..

"What do you mean YOU have a problem," The Fake Doctor Welson responds with condensation?

Abigail bangs the table, "Mr. Welson I find you in contempt of court.. Mrs. Shoemaker.. Please deliver to the court 100 Sagan dollars of Mr. Welson's bond.. For disrespecting the court.." She glares at the fake Doctor, "Next contempt of court charge results in revocation of your bond.."

Welson eyes Abigail with murder in his eyes, but quickly drops it..

"Now if you can all behave with the manners that god in all her glory gave a horses A$$, I will continue," Abigail glares right back.. "The first is this series of claims I am reading.."

"Permission to address the court," Mr. Jetson swallows some anger in his statement..

"Denied," Abigail growls.. "Now the claims state that MR. Van Walker, in his own words.. 'I slight his throat like a little pig.. Or the statement that I am proud I killed every single one of those Bastards and watched them die slowly.. Or that statement he peeled all the flesh from the President's bones and drank his blood.. Then I pissed on his skeleton.' This hearing has to make a distinction here.. Mr. Van Walker made these statements while Doctor Schtien had not cleared him, but it was in your presence.. A statement attributed to guilt of an issue is not proof alone nor can this be accepted as sole basis of the issues we are dealing with.. I am also fining both the Republic of Texas and US government 1000 Sagan dollars of your bonds and all four of you individually for releasing the information in the form of propaganda..Please pay now.."

The four people people all look at Mr. Van Walker and silently back to Abigail Craine.. They take out there pads silently and deposit the money..

"Ms. Craine.. The Money has been deposited and transferred.." Mrs. Shoemaker has her upper lip bit still..

Abigail rolls her eyes, "Now.. Boys quit showing me disrespect.. The issue is I see no evidence from the CSI units your surely have Mr. Hernandez.."

"Evidence.. CSI," The Prosecutor looks at Abigail.. "He confessed to the crime.. We have it recorded.. This is a joke.." Abigail gets a look that freezes the Special prosecutor cold, "We have not with held anything.. Your honor.. Your young and cant see.."

"That you lie worse then I do," Abigail looked the Texas Prosecutor straight in the eye..

"We have not lied to you, "The fake doctor Welson responds.. "Young lady.."

"Let me ask you your professional opinion Mr. Welson," Abigail Craine leans back in her chair.. "What is your diagnosis of Mr. Van Walker?"

The fake doctor pauses, "I find that contrary to your Dr. Schtien's considerable opinion.. Mr. Van Walker is fit to stand trial per Texas standards.."

"So per Texas rules you, A liscensed medical doctor in good standing, " Abigail let her statement hang..

Welson pauses, "See here young lady.. This is a travesty of justice and we have humored this long enough.."

"I asked you what is Mr. Van walker's Diagnosis," Abigail Craine looks at Welson.. "I made no mention of a legal opinion.. What is Mr. Welson's diagnosis.."

The Fake doctor pauses as he looks at Abigail, "You little c%^&.. We are done here.. I do not answer to.."

"You see Mr. Hernandez, The Republic of Texas has been lying since we first started discussing the issues," The young lady was grim faced.. "You see Dr. Schtien exposed the fact neither one of your associates with either of you are doctors.." Abigail looks at the silent man, "You are most likely DoHS.. Otherwise you would have known that we dont use Naquadah to treat the Bolian flu.."

The silent man calmly speaks, "Just because your supplies of Naquadah are running low does not mean the US governments is.. This is just an attempt to extort Naquadah from the US.. Are supplies are quite abundant.."


posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 07:29 PM

Abigail listens as both parties start arguing.. She hits her fore head with her palms, "Gentlemen.. You brought no Doctors with you and their signatures are on the evaluations.."

"I have practiced medicine for twenty years child," Welson growls..

"Then were is my Flux capacitor complex," Robert Van Walker ask coldly? "Or as the US was told, where is my Gob Stopper tract?"

Both of the so called doctor froze..

"You do kno Gob stoppers were a candy, Dilithium is a fictional crystal from star trek, Adamantium and Vibranium are from marvel comics, the flux capacitor was from back to the future, and Naquadah is a fictional mineral from star gate. You are morons." Abigail shakes her head, "I am throwing out the medical advice provided by the Republic of Texas and the US Government.. Since neither man that signed the papers is a medical doctor.."

"I have had grown men hung for less," Hernandez slammed his fist into the table.. He goes to grab Abigail only for Robert Van Walker to get in between the Arbiter and the Texas special prosecutor..

Hernandez grabs Van Walker and stabs him with a syringe, "The City of Sagan can have him.. He is dead and we invoke ambassador status.."

Abigail shakes her head.. She reaches up to her head and removes a helmet.. She disappears from sight..

"What," the four men cry out..



The City Council was present in holograms, as was the Lt. Governor Jebidiah Orwel (abigail's Grandfather), Mrs. Shoemaker, Dr. Schtien, Robert Van Walker, and his daughter the Lt. Commander..

The argued with each other as Abigail tried one time.. She got annoyed real damn quick and pulled out a device.. She pressed the button and a loud fog horn went off for thirty seconds..

"Young lady.. What do you think you are doing," Libby of the city Council spoke..

"I am the arbiter per the rules of this case," The Pre-teen looked at everyone in the room..

"My dear granddaughter you are only," Jebidiah responds..

"Its arbiter and I fine you one hundred Sagan dollars, " Abigail fought her tears.. "Lt. Commander as member in good standing with the Sagan Militia please cut the Lt. Governors access and inform him the fine is t be paid by the end of the day.." Abigail coldly spoke..

"Now Abigail," Jebidiah's hologram disappeared from the room..

"Little girl," Libby responds we know your the mayors daughter but these are issues the council of Sagan.."

"I fine you 200 Sagan dollars and the rest of the council 100 Sagan dollar.. Furthermore remove them from access.." Abigail and the citizens of the City of sagan watch as the city council's holograms are removed.."Lt. Commander please get the old bastard Arbiter Grims on the line.."

Everyone else was silent as the Lt. Commander followed orders..

A few seconds later, "What can I do for you little lady?"

"If you were not more respected in these matter pay a huge fine.." Abigail is fighting tears, "I need you to sit in as Appeals when the geniuses realize that I never finished ruling in this case..Arbiter Grim, I sit as arbiter of this case and am being disrespect.."

The old man sat up and went official, "Arbiter Craine.. I accept the contract.. My apologies, you never told this old man I was going to be in official capacity.. I ask the courts indulgence.." The old man pauses and makes a very cold statement, "Appeals denied.. Fees are to be paid by the end of the main arbiter Ruling.. Carry on Arbiter Craine."

"Thank you very much Arbiter Grim," Abigail looks at Mrs. Shoemaker.. "Tell my dear brother I am fining him Fifty Sagan Dollars for continous interference with a witness during their testimony.." She sees Mrs. shoemaker just nod still biting her lip.. "God you two get a room.. Fore you cut out, I am revoking the Bonds of the United States Government and the Republic of Texas.. Now git.. Tell bubba it better be paid.."

The hologram disappears from the room as Abigail takes a deep breath..

"You ," Mr. Van Walker was confused but silent..

"Mr. Van Walker.. I have reviewed a lot of this crap.. It is nasty and bad.. You admitted to what happened.. This leaves me with several issues.. In good conscience I must deny the claims to hand you over to the US Government or to the Republic of Texas.. I base this on horse sense.. " She looks to Doctor Schtien, "Doctor lets cut through the crap I have here.. Would you let Mr. Van Walker walk free among the People of Sagan at this time?"

Doctor Schtien looks down , "No Abigail.. I would not.." Seeing her narrow her eyes, "I will pay the fine, but I have been your pediatrician and changed your diapers child.. Robbie I am sorry I cant let you walk around until such a time as you have healed mentally to at least the standards we set.."

Abigail holds up her hand, "Pay the fine at the end of court Doc.. Do not be mad at Doctor Schtien.. It is the basis of the courts decision not to turn you over to anyone but Doctor Schtien.. If you aint safe to walk our streets and interact with people freely, then you aint sane for trial.. The other issue I will have to bump over to a military JAG officer to handle the question this mess is tangled in.. the court recommends the Military JAG officer consider your actions as a one man act of war against multiple opponents.. They were valid targets per the rules of war as were their family members..I am forced to recommend no charges be filed.."

Around the city everyone is very quiet..

"Arbiter Craine," Grim interrupts for a second.. "May I be indulged and ask for clarification.. JAG will need to get the idea behind your recommendations?"

"It is simple.. Everyone knows who my father is.." Abigail forces a smile, "I sat around him and grandfather during many a conversation on thousands of topics.. Among the was Admiral Munch's Treatise on war and legitimate targets.. Mr. Van Walker meets the conditions of de facto enemy combatant against both the Republic of Texas and the US Government.. Our rules of war apply and this court does NOT have the jurisdiction in a clearly military matter.. I do request the standard double blind on the JAG officers.."

Mr. Van Walker is very confused..

The Hologram of Arbiter Grim sees this, "Mr. Van walker.. The court has ruled that you are to be housed and feed till your treatment is finished.. The legal claims against you for war crimes and murder are being sent to military experts to judge how split the crimes, if any occurred.. Arbiter Craine has split hairs and bumped it over to the JAG system.. I am going to with her recommendation that no charges be filed.. and As the Appeals Arbiter undersign my full agree ment with Ms. Craines legal judgement."

"Dad," The Lt. Commander softly speaks. "Its an assisted living facility in your terms. You can leave but must have escorts. It will only cost me about Thirty Sagans a month which I will gladly pay.. "

"I cant just live off of you," Robbie was upset.. "A man has to pay his own way.."

"Mr. Van Walker, Lt. Commander," Arbiter Craine looks at both of them. Ten Sagan dollar fine.. And do not tell me that you cant afford it. I was present when your NOK agreed to let the Sagan Militia and Dref doctors evaluate your mind. They are paying you twenty thousand Sagan dollars for exclusive rights to the evaluations. Doctor Schtien should have told you that you also have several Sagan infotainment specialist wanting your personal story."

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posted on Oct, 18 2014 @ 02:08 AM

Hours later
Dref Special Cases
House Division

Dr. Schtien looked at the hologram, "Well Lt. Governor. She was the damn Arbiter and she finished her ruling. She went home and is crying. You do know you cannot talk to her about the case.. Her ruling stands."

"You old geezer she is my Grandbaby," Jebidiah Orwell took a deep breath.

"A punishment has unforeseen consequences." Doctor Schtien took a deep breath, "I am ordering two shot glasses of whiskey Lt. Governor.. Your grand-daughter is a chip of you and her father's shoulders. I caught the news. It seems the people of the City of Sagan are impressed. It helps that Arbiter Grim sat as appeals."

Jebidiah smiles, "That's my grandbaby. She is just like her mother and Grandmother. I caught the Czar of Administrative duties speech calling it a travesty of Justice. It looks like they have abandoned their special prosecutor and agent." Jebidiah shook his head, she did cut a sharp turn there didnt she."

"She pissed of the Council members.. Well Libby to be exact," Doctor Schtien took a deep breath. "I am surprised she was left on the council this long.."

"Lightening rod for Idiots," The Lt. Governor had a long look on his face. "Like my Maraim, She is gonna hold this against me for a long time."

"Not really. She will learn to count her cards better," Doctor Schtien shook his head. "I am actually worried about my patient. Robert Van walker is gonna keep me going for a long bit of time.."

"That bad," Jebidiah speaks.

Dr. Schtien turned on the holoscreen.

"We demand the release of our two ambassadors," The Ruler of the Texas Republic spoke. "This is complete crap. The City of Sagan can not flout the will of the good people of Texas. Not when our former governors murder walks free among them."

Dr. Schtien changed the channel, "Agents of the Republic of Texas attempted to assault the Dref Specialty Cases area. Our brave Sagan Ranger held off fourteen agents while the militia surrounded them."

Jebidiah was very quiet as he listened.

"Doesnt matter Arbiter ruled, "The Video shows the man with the private security badge standing between the entrance and the attackers.

Dr. Schtien changed the Channel and froze.

"Brought to you live from Calexia. This exclusive precorded." The Calexia Female pauses, "I apologize, It appears the video we had has been pulled due to a copyright claim. Really they already filed the claim, thats not.." The female taps her ear, "We have the video feed with Van Walkers story. Ok.. Live from the Virtual re-enactment in the city of Sagan. the only copy of the approved true story of Robert Van walker. Please note the Republic of Texas is disputing the accuracy of these events."


Please note this comes from the surviving cell phone footage

"Daddy," a little girl cries as she is ripped from her dead mothers arms.

She is tasered by the member of DPD.

A younger Robert Van Walker is beat down by the DPD.

"You do not have the right to record us," The police officer tasered the pre teen holding the cell phone.

As the other Officers beat him, Van Walker reached out to his daughter, "Lizzie!!"

The scene continues as one of the officers rips off the mothers clother lingering at her top area.. The dropped cell phone catches his word, "Shame. She would have been fun."

"We aint got time for it," The man in SWAT gear calls out. "We are being moved east. The city of Sagan just executed our brothers. They went independent as the Feds shut down the net immediately. The Feds are moving heavy troops into the area. Galveston just got taken by marines. We got a mass of refugees we cant feed."

"She is pretty," The officer looks at the young preteen he tasered. "What about this man?"

"F#$% him. He is as good as dead. Lets go," The Swat officer responds.

The phone catches the officers leaving as the scene zeros out.


The phone scene reappears

A younger Robbie Van Walker slowly sits up.. He crawls over in obvious pain, to his nude dead wife..

"NO.." His cries cause movement, "We! Our girls?"

Several men in all black come forward.

"We got another one," The man shakes his head as the phone runs.

"God," The man kicks Van Walker. "We got us a necrophiliac. F$%^in texans. Can we just de nut him."

"Boys," A female voice calls over the com.. "We got natives about four miles north of us.. Command wants us moved quickly. We have to clear up this area quickly.. Brass says the fight is going to the City of Sagan.."

"What so important about that pisshole Mam," one of the soldiers ask?

"The former First Czar lives their," The female command officer responds as she moves.. She pulls her side arm out and puts two bullets into Robbie.. "We just put down sick dogs.. Leave the bodies.. Brass wants disease to fill the area."

"What about all these kids we see," One soldier speaks..

"Kill em.. Make sure no cameras or at least no IDing marks.. For the love of god no more names on the horn. " The female commander responds, "We got reports of these Texas bastards raping and pillaging anyway.. Its kill or be killed.."

The Phone records the the next few minutes as the Soldiers leave..

Robert Van Walker sits up in great pain.. And cries.. He sees the two bullets they put into his wifes dead body.. He takes her hand and pukes when he sees her ring finger was cut off..


Pieced together form survivors
Ten miles outside DFW metroplex

"This is Breakerball," The man on the screen calls out into his newly installed CB..

"This it the Lt. Mayor.. Report Breakerball," Jebidiahs voice comes in..

"We got ourselves a god d@#$ real life convoy Lt. Mayor," Breakerball the old man speaks with pride.. "We comin in hot and heavy.." The sound of automatic weapons fire is heard..

"Got em. Breakerball keep rollin," A deep southern voice responds. "The Great El Negro is on duty. This my hood popo's"

"We got smokey out the Ass Lt. Mayor," Breakerball pauses.. "I mean."

"Relax Brakerball. I still have to go home and fix my sink after all this crap. My son in law is the fancy book learning type and I'm blue collar." Jebidiah responds, "I repeat what's the status."

The Sound of another firing automatic weapon comes out, "Smoked the Federal bacon. This one one brought to you by the Gillman."

"The DPD was hunting down several of the gang bangers," Brakerball responded.. "I got extra guards in exchange for them livin.." After a pause, "I got five buses and four church vans.. Full of women, children and injured.. Not a lot of men.. the real ones that I did not have to force on the Buses.."

"they stayed behind and bought you time," Jebidiah's voice sighs.. "You ditched the food keeping some of the water.."

"Ten four," Breakerball responded.

"Son in law of mine," Jebidiahs voice speaks.. "Put down the damn book we have.."

"Institute Contingency plan precious cargo protocols.. Adjust protocols to." The Mayors voice pauses for a second, "Battle of four points. Breakerball,. You are a vet of the first gulf war.. Forgive me I think you also served as a Corporal in Panama."

As more gun Fire went off, "Mr. Mayor." Breakerball takes a few seconds, "That might just work. SEALs pulled it off."

"What," the Lt. Mayor was confused? "Panama.."

"Just com the location. Cover is on the way," The Mayor's voice responds.


posted on Oct, 19 2014 @ 12:15 AM

Breakerball saw the US military in front of him and looked at the headlights on large convoy with him. He picks up the CB, "This is breaker ball. Smokey is in the damn air , behind us, and the feds are in front of us. You got any miracles Lt. Mayor."

"How the hell my son in law sleeps during this I do not know." The Lt. Mayor sighed, "I take it you know what he is planning.. None of us do."

A loud yawn comes over the air, "Twenty three vehicles right Breakerball. My figurin is bout eight semis.."

"Mr. Mayor," Breakerball is shocked. "I was about to update you.. The last three joined us an hour ago. "

"Bring the total to exactly what he just said." Jebidiah's voice showed surprise.

"Remind everyone I am the Same Cladius Craine who is the five time undefeated Texas hold em champion."

Several people on the bus looked at each other mumbling.

The mayor responded to conversation, "The Great El Negro. I know you played football in college. Explain the four horseman to Breakerball for me. I am calling a trick play."

The Great El Negro smiled, "Got ya."

"Breakerball explain who smokey and the bandit was. If you want to live you will be combining the tactics, Failure means death." Mayor Cladius Craine closed his eyes, " Now Lt. Mayor, for a good thirty minutes I have to recharge my batteries. Admiral Munch, Oversee this crap. Call up my son Trenton and have him explain the movie Sneakers to you."

"Is the mayor always an A$$ like this," Gillman ask Breakerball.

"He is up to somethin to get us to base safely." Breakerball looks over at The Great El Negro, "The movie referenced to was a trucker and his partner running contraband past Smokey. Your language, their Popos that Bandit took a car to distract."


"Breakerball," The Mayor shook his hand. "We only lost one trucker.. Better then they expected.. "

Breakout looked out over the 19 vehicles that had made it, "The ones captured?"

"Our men in uniform are dressed as US Army personnel." Mayor Cladius grins, "The real heroes are you boys. See those kids.. The tired huddled masses.. They are alive because you gentlemen passed the darwin test."

Gillman looks down, "We wont be welcome here.. These good people.." The young black man looked down, "Thank you sir for your kindness.. these people wont take us.. We got no skills nor do we have bread."

Admiral Munch looked at the former gangbangers, " You just saved a lot of women and children. Yeah it may have been to save your hides but you could have left at anytime.. " Munch looked at the mayor who nodded, "How would you like to go back out then? We will need security who does not F$%^ around for our truckers.. Plus, We will discuss things."

A little girl walked over dirty and filthy.. She nearly tripped with her toddler sister.. Mayor Craine catches the toddler and the young lady as he falls down so they dont hurt themselves..

"I got you," The Mayor manages to stand up without help.. Everyone is quiet, "Whats your name little angel?"

The toddler cry's, "I want momma." She then scream with tears, "Momma, Wheres Momma."

"Mr. Mayor," the little that tripped was very afraid. "We are good girls, please dont sell us to the mexcan's like The police said." She had tears in her eyes, "I clean real good.."

The mayor had tears in his eyes, "You are?"

"I'm Elizabeth Van Walker sir.. Please dont separate me from my sister.. Daddy and momma went to Jesus," The little girl was in tears..

The Lt. Governor called his oldest daughter over, "Elizabeth.." Jebidiah could feel the anger and hate coming from the Mayor.. "What is your sister's name?"

"Winona," Little Elizabeth noticed Mayor Craine was eyeing the men being walked out with black hoods over their heads..

"Elizabeth.. Will you help my daughter walk the Mayor over to his mother's house.. We got to keep him out of trouble." The Lt. Mayor stood in between Craines LOS and the men being walked out, "Plus his momma needs help setting the breakfast table.. The mayor is lazy and never does it.. "

Elizabeth smiles, "Breakfast.. Food.."

"I warn you now.. The Mayor eats like a hog," Juliet the Lt. Mayors daughter speaks..

The mayor takes a deep breath and then snorts like a pig.. Winona laughs as the mayor speaks, "My mom did tell me I have to come eat breakfast.. First I have to go visit my Doctor.. Then we go eat deal.."

"Food.." The toddler spoke,"Food.."

"Mr. Mayor," Breakerball understood what going on.. "We need you to stay focused on the game.. We got these.. These misbehaving men.. Besides, your mother did tell you to come see her. "

Juliet takes Elizabeth's hand, "His mother makes the most unhealthy fattening food on the planet.. Dont tell the Doctor.. He will want to join us and we will have to share the pancakes, sausage, bacon, and biscuits."


"Damn chief." The officer spoke, "Wichita Falls down to Denton is in the feds hand."

"We lost a lot of men when that idiot National Guard officer took our men to stop that damn convoy last week," The Chief shook his head. "Those Sagan bastards.. If we had their resources we could hold the feds.."

"Did you hear th," the officer stops when an arrow goes through his throat..

The police officers turn to late as another one falls with crossbow bolt in the eye.. The chief and the survivor hear the grenade bounce and close their eyes.

The other officer now decorates the back of the wall.

The Chief ducks as he fires into the shadows.. "You federal bastards wont take Texas."

A dry cackle laughs deeply, "They are on my list. All of you have been naughty.."

"I have," The police chief pauses when several severed heads roll past him.. "My. My wife."

The police chief hears the sound of tape being ripped of someones face, "Daddy.. Help." The teenagers voice is muffled.

"I now have your attention." The crackling voice coughs and spits blood,"You are a corrupt cop. Your wife said so when we had talked. Your options are simple."

The chief runs forward and sees his daughter tied and bound on the ground.. He pauses for half a second as he realizes his mistake in time to see the movement of the spike, as it goes into his skull.

The man in the gas mask is standing over the terrified teen. He lowers the Crossbow at her as she closes her eyes. Terrified she releases her bowels..


Dref Special Cases

Robert Van Walker looks at the frozen women.

"I," the woman is shaking as urine collects on the floor.

"Mrs. Lovet," Doctor Schtien calmly speaks. "Please stay with us."

"He. He killed my father and mother in front of me," The woman is shaking. "I see your face every night. Nine or so years of nightmares."

An evil look passes over Roberts face, "That bastard of a police chief daughter. I should have slit your damn throat but,No. Ghost of my wife spoke. You know the one your father KILLED! I took you to the City of Sagan and dropped you off."

"My father," Mrs. Lovet got mad. "Was a kind and decent man. He did his job and supported his family. You dropped me off."

"Your were catatonic when you were brought to me," Schtien pauses. "Robert here saved you. there were a lot of families of police officers killed. He saved you."

She falls to the ground and sticks her thumb in her mouth. "No, No You a bad man."

"This is the other reason I need you here," Dr. Schtien put hand a on Robbie's shoulder.

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posted on Oct, 23 2014 @ 06:48 PM

"Another one bites the dust," Robert Van Walker detonates the Building the SWAT team is raiding..

He bides his time till he sees a reporter on one of the viewers.

With the half of a second distraction he almost misses the arrival of the NG Colonel.. He tapps his com line..

The Colonel tapps his ear piece, "General.. I can cover this.. We can blame the Texans, Sagans, or the Separatist in.."

"Colonel Resio," Robert looks out the window of the house as hears the key turn.. "I am not the General.."

"My Love," The woman calls out as she locked the door.. "My god who are you?"

The Glock with the suppressor goes off silently..

"I just shot your wife.. Whats more Beautiful.." Robert sees the look on the Colonel's face as the Camera zoomed in, "I used the weapon you gave your mistress Colonel.."

"I will hunt you down and kill you," Colonel Resio growls..

Robert snorts, "Yeah.. Considering your mistress will wake up with your kids in the Caman Islands.. I highly doubt the woman is coming back.. Not since her fingerprints are going to be found on the weapon that killed your wife.. And that little thing about them hanging AWOL soldiers.."

"My momma always told me," The colonel pauses..

"Not to count your chickens before they hatch.." Robert Van Walker smiles, "Those are your men right.."

Robert watches as the second series of explosions detonate killing the NG men and knocking the Colonel to the ground..

As he hangs up the woman ask," Why?" She tries to move away as she looks up at the black masked Robert..

"You are sleeping with his CO.. You were the one who suggested that the people of Dallas should be shown no mercy." Robert Van Walker points the gun at her knee caps.. He blows her kneecap off .. You might make it.. I suggest you remember his CO hired me to clean up this affair.. His check bounced.."


A week later

"..died at the hands of his Mistresses Lover," the Reporter responds.. "It bares the Question why we allow our military to keep fire arms at.."

Van Walker sat in the Seedy bar with a smile on his face..

"what would you like honey, "The young aged woman ask? "I am available.. I saw the cash.. I may not have my teeth But I can do wicked things.. I have been around.."

"Actually," Robert Van Walker takes pity.. "I could use some company.."

The dirty looking manager walks over, "Well private company is not free.. I's run an honest business."

He drops the new dollars in front of the Manager, "I am buying a round for the bar.. Yeah honey.. I do not believe you.." He leans over and whisper, "Go wash up real quick and take a fifteen.. Met me at the dumpster behind the restaurant.."

He shakes the Owners hand .. The Owner smiles as 200 in new fed dollars are in his palms, "Drinks are separate.. If you like I can give her a thirty for another hundred.."

"I get an hour for the hundred," Robert Van Walker looks at the owner. "And ten percent off the drinks.."

"Done," The owner takes the extra hundred.. "Go clean up Maple.. Ten minutes.. Use my restroom.. Dont make a mess.."

"I have to go pick up my kid in," Maple is slapped by the owner..

"Go.. This man has paid.. Your damn rug rats are fed by me," He draws his hands back..

Robert Stops him. Biting his lip, "Let me do it.. I wont leave a mark.. I can break her.. "Robert gets a sadistic look on his face.. He takes out another bill and slips it into the owners pocket..

"No bruises she's got to make me money," The owner drags Maple to the door of his office.. "Go clean up.."

Several of the other people are eyeing the rolls of money Robert slowly.. They start whispering with each other as several play pool. the bigger guy smiles and nods his head.


Ten minutes later

The bikers open the car door, "Hand over.."

They see the waitress tied up, gagged, and bound with a rubber band around her upper arm.. She is barely breathing..

"Oops.." Robert Van Walker covers his mouth in faux shock, "He kicks the bike in front of him.. Did I do that.. I so apologize.." He walks over and kicks another one, "I am just so clumsy. Must be the body armor and riot gear."

The bikers charge him and several explosions take place blowing them back. Two die from spikes fired into them.
As several people come running out to see what is happening Robert Van Walker guns them down. Several are smart and break out windows.

"No body knows," Robert tosses grenades into the window. "The trouble I ve seen..

The grenades explode..

"No body knows mys sorrow," Robbie laughs.. He keeps singing to him self as he walks around..

Explosions come from the back of the Bar.. The sounds of screams and moans start filling the air..

"Let me see I counted 42 people that makes," Robert double check his count out front.. "That leaves Twelve inside.." He starts putting extra bullets in bodies.. Occasionally he fires rounds into the building and works his way out back.. "So this makes four.." He puts more bullets into the dead..

He swing the street sweeper forward, holstering the sidearms.

The manager has one of the female waitresses with a gun to her head.. "You are not taking my whor," The manager falls over dead from a single shot to the head.


Small Town Texas
three hours later
Outside preachers country house

Robert stood there wide eyed.. The Smoke came off the Preachers wife's AR-15..

"Worry not son.." The Preacher spat on the dead Rangers,"God is also vengeful and has assigned his Shepherds to defend his flock.. Says so in the good book."

Robert narrows his eyes, "It doesn't say that in the good book."

"You sure.. I could of sworn it was somewhere inbetween Genesis and Revelations, "the Preacher smiled. He motioned for his wife to hand her rifle to Robert.. "Well son help me load this sinner into the back of his car.. You were never here.."

The survivng waitresses were shaking. There children were all wide eyed..

"Here Preacher," Robert handed him wads of cash before he starts to lift bodies..

"No son.. They try and monitor the books." The Preacher smiles as a man comes out of the barn, "Dont mind him.. Hes one of the deacons.. "

Robert is wide eyed when hes sees the Sagan Militia symbol..

"The mayor while a sinner and Pagan is a personal friend." He looked over and lifted one of the dead bodies, "God works in mysterious ways.. Sent me some guard wolves.."

One of the waitresses was wide eyed, "You could of left anytime you wanted and you stayed?"

"Sister in Christ.. That Pagan bastard tempted me after the feds killed my first wife. I sent my children," The Preacher smiled. "God never abandons his flock and neither will I."

Robert tosses the head of the dead officer in as preacher holds the feet.. they load the other two into the car over the next few minutes..

"Preacher," Robert shakes his hand. "Your a good man. I.."

Robert just about breaks down as The Preacher puts his arm around the man, "Listen.. We have all sinned.. God has set you on this path.."

The Preachers wife came back outside with three backpacks, "I put you an old bible in there. You keep it next to your heart."

"Fore you leave," The Preacher bows his head."Dear lord in heaven above. I beseech you Lord Jesus. Your wolf sent out to protect your children is a broken a man." The Preacher gives a long prayer, "..and keep his trigger finger stable.

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