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The nine steps of ...everything

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posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 06:40 AM
Basically my next esoteric research is based on the idea of everlasting motion of the existence itself through Involution and Evolution.
Research was executed on meditation of a circle.
The process led me to the cycle of heat-vapor-rain-rivers-ocean known to any kid of 4th grade.
The result was a stage of nine steps of involution and evolution. Nine as I divided the circle in three(cardinal) parts first, and then each part in three different part, by the rule known very well of theosophists as also Hindu astrologers of the all contained in its every part.
Nine is also a perfect number as I stated in this thread of mine. Also you might connect the act of involution and Evolution with the 72 steps, each 1800 years/tidal cycle, each eight steps being a part of the whole nine-division. You can very well guess that this 72 steps of existential Involution and Evolution are the same mentioned as in The Path of Initiation.

The Nine phases Exactly are(Involution-Evolution):
1 Impulse
2 Wish
3 Division
4 Birth
5 Motion
6 Obstacle
7 Overcoming
8 Conjunction
9 Unity
10 Congrats, You have grown squirrels!

Bartender, as always plotting something against you

posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 06:56 AM
If we were in a comic book, there would be a huge question mark over my head after reading that.
In stopping the construction of the babel tower, god gave out 72 languages for the people to speak.
you often use the number 72.
so since you speak of 72 steps of evolution or involution i will say that walking them will allow to to trace back and speak the one language spoken at the time of the construction of the great tower.
So you will be able to talk to squirrels.
God doesn't talk. he texts.

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