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The DC Attack

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posted on Oct, 11 2014 @ 05:58 AM
May 17, 2031

The Revolution went much the way I expected it to. It took a blind man not to see where it was headed – and yet so many proved to have been apparently blind. So many bodies. So much death. What were they thinking – taking up arms and marching headlong into the meat-grinder that awaited them at the borders of Washington DC? All those months of the President and the pundits warning that the NATO presence around DC was impenetrable... That the latest high tech weaponry was in place to put a full stop to any ideas the people might have of rising up. And still so many went.

It is not my intention to make those who went sound like stupid or bad people. In truth I do not know if my self-loathing for not having joined in will ever fully pass. I do know that, even with the guilt, I am grateful to be alive.

History now tells us that what the media has labeled “The DC Attack” lasted just four scant hours. As for how many perished in that infinitesimally short period of time, only God can say. The media and Government are sticking to a figure of one point three million. I think everyone with a brain cell left realizes that the losses were exponentially higher. Since Hellfire missiles, chemical warfare and even Napalm were used during the battle – an exact count will never surface. Many of those who marched are nothing more than vapors floating in the wind now. Nothing but dust and posthumous demonization. All labeled as terrorists by the powers that be. All denied their rightful honors as Patriots and fighters for freedom.

The interrogations of those brave men and women's relatives and friends another black spot on the history of this nation. Another mockery of the Flag, The Constitution and the very spirit that the Framers sought to instill into the country they were creating.

Back in the days when we had a two party system this might not have happened. I cannot say for sure as I was only a child when the Universal Party came into being. I do recall my Father telling me that he never believed there was a lick of difference in the Democrats and Republicans anyway. At least not during his lifetime. If his words were true or not I will never really know. He, too, died in the DC attack so my remaining questions will, forever, go unanswered.

How I begged him not to go. I could see it so clearly – the slaughter to come. I truly believe he saw it too. He was no idiot, my Dad. It was his ideology that killed him. His need to believe in something better than what was – what is. His belief that ancient words scrawled upon paper mattered more than his own life. He even taught me to read cursive writing so that I could learn those words. He spent hours trying to explain it all to me but the concepts were just so alien and antiquated that I could never quite get my head around them. They seemed contrary to all that I had been taught in school.

Still, in my heart, at least on some level, I understand that those who marched did it for what they felt was best for us all and that is why I honor them. I do not have to fully understand to accept. And I accept that those men and women were noble in intent and brave beyond words. Though to admit to such things publicly or out loud would potentially target me as a sympathizer. So my feelings for them must remain relegated to this highly encrypted journal.

Even as I type these words I can hear my Fathers voice damning me.... Coward. You're giving away what no man is supposed to be able to take from you... This bothers me deeply because my Father never denigrated me on any level. It is his ghost or my own conscious haunting me? I wish I knew.

The years I have kept this locked inside. What a waste.

That I am only now recognizing these things is an act of cowardice as well. With the economic collapse of three years ago the Government has become much weaker than they previously were. When another group of Patriots found a new form of warfare, Washington was not ready – and this time it seems to be working. This new approach is powerful, simple and, with each passing day, the movement grows.

It is not a Revolution of guns and warfare. It is a Revolution of intent and discipline. Genius really. How does one overturn the richest and most powerful entity in the history of the world?

One starves it. Rather, everyone starves it.

Things started small. A group, out west, calling themselves The Modern Sons of Liberty simply opted out. They refused to engage in consumerism. They refused to work for any business or Corporation. They refused to pay the mandatory minimum tax placed upon those without income back in the twenty-twenties.

The first time I heard of them I did what the newsfeed told me to do... I saw them as misguided and somewhat crazy hippie wanna-be's. Just some fringe lunatics who would have their short moment in the sun until the authorities came along to wipe them away.

But I was wrong.

Their movement grew and it grew fast. Within weeks it was no longer a local group in a western state. It was most of the western states along with many large and small pockets in the remainder of the country. A silent explosion of agreement that the Government underestimated and missed. By the time those in power began to try and control the spin, it was already too late.

They caused the economic collapse of three years back. And they have kept the economy in a downward spiral ever since. Corporations, once too big to fail and too powerful to fight are atrophying and dying off like so many dinosaurs. Uncle Sam tried to be militant for a short time. When that failed he changed tactics and began begging – actually making all taxes voluntary and trying to play upon the notion that real Americans know they have an obligation to keep things afloat and prospering.

That failed as well.

The last Congressional election, locally, had exactly one person campaigning. And he is a known sleaze-ball anyway. The voter turnout was less than half a percent and most of those votes were for people who were not even in the race. The sleaze-ball won, but it was a hollow victory. One that seemingly humbled him because he has spent a lot of time trying to at least appear as though he is a fan of change.

My father marched into a fire and died because of it. Today I record these words because tomorrow I follow in his footsteps. Maybe it is to redeem myself in his eyes. Maybe it is simply that I have become wise enough to understand the importance of the things he sacrificed himself for.

This march will be much more different. We are not carrying guns. NATO will not be an issue because the US lost their seat on the council more than a decade ago and is now barely even able to get the UN to allow them to speak.

Washington DC is a rotting shell and we are walking in, this time, not to destroy – but to heal and repair. There is no longer enough consensus in the Universal party to stop us. Even if there was the military coffers are empty, only a few even remain in military service these days and the police are on our side ever since the Government decided to stop paying them and we, The People took up that mantle.

Tomorrow we will make history, one way or the other. Tomorrow we will begin the slow process of recreating what greed took two and a half centuries to destroy. Let us pray that there is another Thomas Jefferson in our midst. Let us pray that we have an analog to George Washington amongst our ranks.

posted on Oct, 11 2014 @ 05:59 AM
And let us pray that we have learned from the past and know how to prevent it from repeating itself.

Dad... This one is for you.

posted on Oct, 11 2014 @ 07:24 AM
a reply to: Hefficide

Awesome story Heff,

Let's hope it doesn't get to that point. But right now I would say we are on that path. America is still far too complacent to change anything yet.

posted on Oct, 11 2014 @ 07:36 AM
As far as I'm concerned a slave is a slave regardless of which system is used to control us....keep us civilized rather.

Until we have the sense to truly "govern" ourselves we will always live under the rule of a tyrant.

posted on Oct, 11 2014 @ 07:38 AM
The story was great and almost gave me a sence of hope for a little bit that maybe someday we could take our country back. Although, could this be our our future in the coming months/years?

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posted on Oct, 11 2014 @ 08:32 AM
a reply to: Hefficide

I saw it all as I sat in my gillie suit, well hidden and waiting for targets of opportunity. Our lines forged ahead and at first we were successful due to our numbers. But our victories were short lived. Who would have thought Napalm would be used on U.S. citizens and all our transport vehicles would be taken out by unseen drones from high over head.

I was told that the day this all started all the aircraft we had managed to acquire for the fight were shot down enroute or destroyed on the runway. With my own eyes I saw almost 20,000 patriots turned into blacken husk from at least 10 napalm canisters. The fools were bunched together with no escape. They were so fine in their desire and force yet were all turned into blackened husk or smoke from the Napalm inferno. That sight is burned into my memory forever.

I fired only three shots because I could not find any targets.

The last shot I made must have been triangulated for the next thing I knew the little hill behind me was blown several feet into the air by a ? mortar round or missile.

I came to from being knocked out by the concussion only to witness from my vantage point, nothing was left of our once proud patriot army. Nothing moved except some of the low level drones doing battle damage assessments (BDAs) and occasionally ripping a few shots off with their mini guns at what looked like possible survivors.

I stayed until night fall and buried my 308 and then after changing cloths dropped my back pack and walked out of the area to my car... It had been destroyed but I was able to find a motorcycle with the keys still in the ignition.

I headed west as far as I could get before I sold the bike and met up with a group of other survivors.

It would be different next time .... and there would be a next time, of that we were sure.

Time has passed and I am old and almost crippled. The movement is working in a much smarter way now. At least none of us are dying and the once powerful are starting to feed upon their own with the blame game.

Their mansions have been burned and their homes destroyed for they are known to us. They are afraid, for their is no place for them to hide.

Simple effective gorilla tactics which IMO are always the best means to an end. The day of the D.C. Attack will be remembered and vengeance one way or the other will be ours; of this we swear.

I just hope I can live to see everyone of the bastards dead.

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