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SLC: "Unlikely" Patient at PCMC has Ebola Virus

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posted on Oct, 2 2014 @ 05:26 PM
I did a search, but couldn't find this anywhere...but according to hospital officials it is "unlikely" that the patient admitted to Salt Lake City's Primary Children's Medical Center with concerning symptoms actually has the Ebola virus.

But still.....

SALT LAKE CITY — A patient with symptoms that "raised some concern for Ebola" was admitted into Primary Children's Hospital, officials announced Thursday.

The patient had recently traveled to a country in Africa where transmission of the Ebola virus has not yet been reported, according to Primary Children's Hospital's chief of pediatric infectious diseases, Dr. Andrew Pavia. He said the patient was admitted Wednesday.

"While we have determined it is unlikely that the patient has Ebola virus, Primary Children's has taken this opportunity to use the emergency plan that we have been working on for the past few months in order to provide the maximum protection to staff, patients, families, and the greater community in the event we do have a patient with an Ebola infection in the future," a statement from Primary Children's Hospital reads." cid=topstory

posted on Oct, 2 2014 @ 05:38 PM
a reply to: Jansy

Fine! Nothing better than a few false starts to get those places sweating over things that in the practice drills "went real well, not a problem."

posted on Oct, 2 2014 @ 05:44 PM
a reply to: Aliensun

Couldn't have said it better. All the hysteria going on I wouldn't doubt they make a common cold seem like ebola.

Obamas order on detaining people with respiratory illness comes to mind.

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