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Black Triangle Boogeyman

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posted on Sep, 30 2014 @ 03:21 AM
Does everyone remember the Mig 25 Foxbat? It was created to chase and shoot down our B 70 Valkyrie bomber which never entered into production. The Foxbat had an awesome reputation. Until...... one pilot defected to Japan and we took it apart and found it was very fast but not maneuverable, had crappy instrumentation, was rusty, and basically a fast piece of crap. BUT it had that Big Bad Wolf reputation for years. And how about all those movies or shows where some guy puts his hand in his coat pocket and holds up a place or keeps people at bay just using his finger as what could have been a gun?

So.... imagine the U.S. having a crude technology that allows us to have those black triangles.... flying pretty much silently overhead just here and there, just now and then, slightly covered in the media though mostly non-mainstream, and keeping people guessing about their source, capabilities, potential as something to fight against.... alien. secret weapon.... don't you think this would cause potential enemies such as Russia or China to hesitate to attack, fearing what they may face? Not that we had a super weapon so much as a great bluff, buying time.

Consider the eye opening shock when we first exposed our F 117 stealth fighter, which was actually very difficult to fly and had plenty of problems though scared the heck out of enemies. The same with our very expensive and costly to use B 2. When something is revealed, usually you wonder what secrets are still hidden, so if something seems very impressive and its revealed, whatever is still hidden must be Really Major! Confusing the enemy, causing them to question their ability to fight let alone win.... isn't that half the battle? Having an unknown boogeyman, maybe myth, maybe dark truth, is a very handy ally all on its own. So maybe the Triangles ARE ours? But their not revealing themselves openly is part of our game.

posted on Sep, 30 2014 @ 03:34 AM

don't you think this would cause potential enemies such as Russia or China to hesitate to attack, fearing what they may face?

No it will cause them to make bigger better weapons that may work, if you bluff they may call it and you would be in a bad spot.

posted on Sep, 30 2014 @ 06:10 PM
a reply to: jaxnmarko

I've several times mentioned your thesis in threads and postings here on ATS. I've been a little more direct. The triangles are the sole reason China is not all over our ass. It is not just the technology of a radically new form of transportation, it is that the triangles have shifted the standard balance of power that used to rely on simple ways of war such as manpower, ocean ships to move your troops and more or less the usual standards of warfare, guns and bullets.

The triangles move the theater of war away from all of that in a drastic shift, much the same way that the sudden appearance of two nuclear bombs stopped a war. The other day I mentioned that triangles more mimic the capabilities of nuclear submarines than any other type of craft that we possess. Added upon that, we should overlay with the general assumption that they enable us to control the complete area of space around earth to out beyond the Moon. (Yes, we are supposed to believe that either we are not allowed to go back to the Moon by ETs that live there, or, on the other hand, we just yet haven't quite got our designs finished for our next gen shuttle piece of crap. Both of these are covers for the fact that we are already there and in control.)

As nuclear arms ruled out lessor powers for decades, so the triangles control the high ground these days. (As and I've said also repeatedly, current, in-use vehicles such as the B-2, F-22 and F-35 are not our best weapons. They have two important, if indirect functions however: First, triangleless countries have no choice but to stick with conventional equipment which they must keep constantly producing to keep current with our (never too advanced) conventional aircraft, and on the home front, the B-2, F-22, F-35 and related high-tec stuff produced in the US keeps the economy humming while also selling these products to our friends ( and to some not so friends).

Of course, all other countries know that we have the triangles, they aren't stupid, but at this stage, there is little that they can do to close the gap. But you can bet that every one of the nuclear countries is working hot and heavy to figure out how to make their own version of the UFO/Triangles. That is one reason why triangles are rarely seen at low levels anywhere but in the US and UK.

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