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A walk down memory road?

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posted on Sep, 27 2014 @ 12:33 PM
You might be wondering how I'm still breathing. Well my lungs are involuntarily inhaling/exhaling oxygen that my body needs to survive. You might also be wondering how I'm capable of typing this out or even thinking individually on my own. Truth is my fingers work in conjunction with the signals being sent from my mind down a long complicated road of nerve endings until thought becomes reality.

Now that that's been all explained and I'm hoping that you have enough comprehensive skills to understand thoroughly how those functions work we can move onto the show.

Usually I'd write a huge block explaining in detail for even the laymen to understand. Unfortunately I will not. i expect you to have enough intelligence to understand what I'am saying.

So your future self an example of this is 10 mins from now after you read this. You will go back in your memory and think about when you read this 10 mins ago. Your future self will program you past self even at just 10 mins and make sure that you get from point a reading now. To wherever you are at point b thinking about when you read this.

The whole programming in the here and now from yourself 10 mins from now is going into your subconscious mind your future activity is being given to you through all sorts of subconscious and conscious programming from the way the leaves are blowing just outside your open blinds. To the way you are running your hands through your hair.

As time wears on from now to 10 mins from now your sub conscious mind will continue to translate it send it to your conscious mind and make sure your destiny within a 10 min period becomes truth.

Now imagine remembering yourself as a child. That whole journey your telling yourself to take to your present day self.

I call this Wormholing!
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