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VOTE: Ohio Certifies Vote Count: Bush by 119,000

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posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 10:48 PM
The vote count was certified by the Ohio secretary of state, that Bush won the state by "roughly" 119,000 votes. But many independent groups and Democrats continue to question the vote, amid demands for a statewide recount and a formal investigation of the vote. The DNC previously appointed an expert panel to review voting problems.
The New York Times- The Ohio secretary of state officially certified on Monday that President Bush won that swing state by roughly 119,000 votes, but an array of Democrats, third-party candidates and independent groups continued to question the results, issuing new demands for a statewide recount and a formal investigation of the vote.

Even before Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell, a Republican, issued the final tally, the Democratic National Committee said it would appoint an expert panel to review voting problems in Ohio - including long lines, voting machine errors and understaffed polling stations - that it said had disenfranchised voters in predominantly Democratic urban districts.

Democratic officials, walking a fine line between their angry liberal base and centrist voters who consider the election over, said they were not contesting the results. But they said they planned to use the results of their investigation, which is to be completed by the summer, to demand changes to the electoral systems in Ohio and other states.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Just as reports break of an affidavit filed by Clinton Curtis that he developed the vode rigging code sought by a Republican Florida politician, Ohio certifies their count. As a reminder, remember that independent party candidates raised the money to file for a recount in Ohio. This process would now begin after the state has certified its vote.

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posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 10:50 PM
Maybe we can finally put this state to rest, next state please.

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 10:54 PM
lol, infinate8, you might want to take a look at that whole post. The certification is what was needed to start the recount processes.

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 11:10 PM
What I got from the article is that the results will count and not be contested by the "democratic officials", but the research will be used to point out flaws in the voting system. I see its the 3rd party candidates that are still complaining, but I do not see where Blackwell is approving the recount to contest that Bush is president. My comment stands the same as it did before. The irony is that it seems we aren't moving on here.

On the other note, you commented about the coder providing vote rigging code. I'm looking forward to see what comes out of this. Code is so easy to hide and manipulate things in. We as citizens were not priveledged to view the code used in the Republican backed Diabold machines.

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 11:23 PM
The Clinton Curtis program was done back before the 2000 election. That program could have easily been applied to the many subsequent electronic voting systems nationwide.

Congressman [or congressslime] Feeney who contracted to have the software created has even managed to get himself 'elected'. Hmmm isn't that interesting. It was designed to 'fix' any election race.

They murdered Raymond Lemme, from the Florida Inspector General's office who was working with Curtis just prior to his breaking the story out. [Echos of Yeakey anyone?]

Gangsters waving crucifixes and claiming morality now control Washington.

New political coalition, Hitmen for Jesus.

Paper trail, paper trail, who needs a paper trail? Only honest people would want that.

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 11:32 PM
I'm going to have to agree that the papertrail fix is one of the most obvious advantages to running a fixed campaign. How convenient that there was no papertrail in Jeb Bush Florida lol.

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 11:33 PM
This was on Monday now lets see what happens on Wednesday......

And on Wednesday, lawyers from the Alliance for Democracy, a group based in Massachusetts that advocates fair elections, plan to ask the Ohio Supreme Court to throw out the election results and declare Mr. Kerry the winner. Officials with the group, which is filing the request on behalf of 25 Ohio voters, said they would be able to demonstrate widespread irregularities and fraud in the heavily Republican counties surrounding Cincinnati.[/qoute]

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 11:38 PM
Of course Blackwell was in charge of Bush's election campaign in Ohio, just as Katherine Harris, Florida's Secretary of State, was in 2000. Call me crazy, but I see a conflict of interest.

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 11:46 PM
It was all planned out so nicely wasn't it. Don't ever be suprised at the amount of effort that goes into securing power. The more that same power goes on, the easier the effort is to secure.

Oh let me put a quick edit in there for those that take everything said seriously. That first remark was sarcasm, even though I did vote for Bush.

[edit on 12/6/2004 by infinite8]

posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 12:23 AM

the Democratic National Committee said it would appoint an expert panel to review voting problems in Ohio - including long lines, voting machine errors and understaffed polling stations - that it said had disenfranchised voters in predominantly Democratic urban districts.

Well, I speak firsthand about this. I live in a ultra-Democratic city, and the most urban of urban areas. New York City. It doesn't get more urban than us, and it doesn't get much more Dem than us either (how many straight elections?)

So some of those problems sound familiar. Long lines? Oh hell yes. Try voting at 8AM on the way to work, or from 5:30-7:30 on the way home from work.

Voter machine errors? Our machines are like 40 years old. Plenty of jams and what not.

Understaffed polling stations? Well, the same two ladies who have done every election in my building since probably Eisenhower's year were there as always.

So what. So it took some time to vote. I consider voting more than a right. I consider it a privelege. I consider it my participation in the political process of my homeland and I consider it worth waiting a little time for.

So, if someone can't bear to pull themselves away from their playstation or computer for a half hour to vote, well, sorry.

The same characters are back, making it seem like in heavily black areas there were people standing at the polling stations saying "sorry you're black, you can't vote, bye".

This whole argument embarasses the Dems in general. Voters are disenfranchised because of long lines and mechanical failures? I'm sorry, if you have the attention span of a gnat and you value you country so little that you can't be patient, don't vote.

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