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Interesting convo with a telepathic guy (supposedly)

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posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 10:08 PM
I've posted this on another forum along time ago but I dont remember the site so I'm gonna post it here for your viewing.

Ok I sent a email to this guy asking him if he would teach me telepathy. Here is the email he sent me back.....

The truth is that the only way I have this telepathy is by suffering as a schizophrenic. This mostly consists of over accute and altered senses, hallucinations and delusions of all the senses do to an unknown source of excess stimuli to the brain.

It is like this. There is a loft in the city that many people share. They each have a desk in it and have no wall seperating each other. So each does their buisness in an open desk/office room. No walls. The owner is the ORIGINAL SCHIZOPHRENIC or OSZ. If the owner a good manager. She or He can learn to manage the entire office. And make enough to feed all of them for insentive to continue to work as a unit. If the manager or OSZ can not manage them, the others will make life very difficult by mutiny. This office is in the managers head of course. Seriously. No medical journal has made the statement that telepathy is what is disrupting the OSZ's life. The others in the so called "office" are any body any any time around the OSZ. They are the ones that produce all of the psychotic experiences as I had stated above. Until the OSZ can relize what is fact and what is not again. The others will run the office into the ground. Or actualy make the OSZ lose touch with reality. Because IF the OSZ doen't know what is happening then the other office workers don't know either. And the enterprise can go to who knows what hieghts before a big problem is apparent. If you read any book of schizophrenia, you'll find the storys about where this enterprise had taken them.

Well everyone in the office is suffering from schizophrenia-split mind. But the OSZ has to take it home and they don't. So this is to real for the OSZ and accumulates in the memory as what is believe to be experienced. Many strange things. That a trained eye of a OSZ can deter from real and unreal. People are creative and want to make things happen especialy by remote control or telepathy. And they can create eventuous delusions good or bad. All because the OSZ or me of course is the Host of such an enterprise. It kind of looks like a movie to the OSZ because of what the others or SZ2 believe about what is happening to their self and transmit back OSZ recipient. It's neat to have. I'm getting better at it with out ever taking meds. But you are only born with it and it is only as symptoms of schizophrenia. Unless you learn what to do. Like a maestro would do for her/his orchestra in the loft up there. And then on top of that, OSZ has to be made of a certain kind of personality and inteligence. Structured curriculum will help much. If you inhabit an evironment with non thinking people you will not be able to function. But if they are sensible and thinking nature in the same age category. Then OSZ can learn and live with out problems from SZ2.

It's always something we both know for OSZ and SZ2. But OSZ has the knowledge of the process of this telepathy from the unknown. Once I, OSZ can find the combonations like a Rubic's cube that will become what the others in the open office loft will feed. This office enterprise will sore to awesome heights. Or for me I believe I may be able to accomplish this kind of thing.

The fact that scizophrenia is caused by telepathy or multi-mind complex, is not a documented fact yet. I've had it for years and nothing else in the way of learning it's process. I know my responsibilities because of inheriting it. Go to college and live an expensive life of course. I'm going to major in psychology. I've been reading a few books about schizophrenia. And it's exactly what I've experienced all writen down. The stories of other OSZ. 90% of which believe have their thoughts read. The only thing missing from the book is the cause. The books state that medical science is still puzzled by this maddening disease. But look here friend. Since these are modern days it is possible to connect enough OSZ in a group and voice the fact that it is caused by multi-minded telepathy. And even make a school for it. Like schools for the deaf and blind. So the OSZ can function in society properly and maby become advanced in leadership.

I've just copleted my first day of work today. I'm glad to write. This was my first day back in the curriculum of society with full knowledge of my gift's process. Learning and love to learn it. I document everything about it's process every waking hour until I have enough knowedge to write the book. Maby a Nobel Prize or a large govr. grant to research it. It's like being born with the force strong on your back. And I do always hear Obe1 talking amongst other big mouths. Of course I don't know their real names. But the inform me everyday. In the dark.
End of first email can someone translate that?

Second email
I lost my reply in my documents and I can't remember what I asked him but here is this guy's reply maybe you can find out what I asked.........

No. I'm just saying that I know what scizophrenia is caused by. And I'm researching it because I'm smart and am a host of it. It's not what science thinks it is. It's telepathy. Many criteria are connected to thought transference. The biggest problem is the way it's produce by other people. So schizophrenics go mad when an extra sense of other peoples menal abilities can enter a their mind. It's over for any one else when the original telepath/sciz leaves. But the original host has to take this where they go. Usualy they don't know what's happening and don't know what to do with the sixth source of stimuli. Are you schizophrenic? The sixth source of brain stimuli is madening. As you can imagine. I've been very inspired by it. As I go to college, I may recieve major grants to study it. Since I have first hand experience with.
Every body that I encounter with it's effect react to it in a suspicious and devious manner. Most people are this way any way. Only a few are not. These few don't cause my brain to go haywire with psychotic stimuli.

Write back. Keep me on my toes. I want to do as much for this new type of science as possible. It's cool to help and describe what I know. So are you sz? I found out about my status by studying the Library books.
End of email 2

Email 3 I emailed this guy and said something like ........
"Well i am not going to give up and i am determined and will not stop until i master it" Something along those lines anyways heres his reply.........

What makes you think you've a way into the unknown? A plane that has never been documented before. You'd be one of a kind.

Imagine me as a psychologist. I haven't gone to school for it yet. But your quest I'm interested in.
End of email 3

Email 4: I said something like "If you doubt your powers, you will give powers to your doubt" He said............

__________________________________________________ __

Ya but what if I just doubt my doubt? =

SO I read a little book like a little worm and it told little medium that little schizophrenics(latest sensation) may believe that they could have little telepathic 6th senses. Is this true what you insinuate mr? Do you got it? But don't know exactly what's happening yet. Maby you don't deserve it all yet. Like I know the process that you don't know. Wanna change the world with me Jesse? Can you feel them? Iz it a #@# extra organ for feeling their spirits? Huh Jesse ol' pal?

Another thing. You're right about the doubt your powers quote. If the surrounding citizens get any hint of my doubt. Them and I lose are ability in chaos (psychotic mess).

Write me some juicy stuff.
End of email 4

Last email I got.......
ok today this guy just emailed me and the subject read " You may have just won $100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000!"
So here is what it said.........

__________________________________________________ __

Big Salutations,

Now look. When I master my telepathic process I'll sell you the patent. Some time this school year.

Stay in touch.

I needed the power/doubt tip for my formula configuration.

A man serving deli sandwichs at the day center actualy said my name. I don't have an way to have know what it is by common means. Only by the telepathy could he have known. But it's weird when this thing happens. What do you say? They don't know my name, they only know what telepathy said.

Do you ever hear an OBE1 like voice inside your head? I do and they're getting much better now. Entertaining. I even hear females playing cute buggy sounds to each other and to me in my head. This was at work while I was gaurding some computers at night. If I ever get board. The OSZ2 will come right out. It's like haveing cable t.v. in my head. Or stand up. OSZ2 is the people that are bystanders that can use my 6th sense. And I'm an OSZ1 or Original SchiZophrenic One. My thing is that the source of the problems is from OSZ2. And this is how I live. Alway with OSZ2 in my way. So I'm making a patent. Just keep writing me if you want.

Ok anyone wanna translate from begining to end? I think this guy might be a total nutcase but I will never know because I can't remember his email and my yahoo account went dead because I didn't use it for a month or something .....

[edit on 6-12-2004 by IndridCold]

posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 03:05 AM
this guy really sounds crazy... my friend was diagnosed with psychosis and he thinks he might be telepathic too. He says things like that guy, that just make no sense. interesting though.

posted on Dec, 7 2004 @ 03:47 AM
Indridcold, Both of them are nuts!
Sorry no idea what hes on about, i read it twice and still dint quite get it, but I THINK, he means, his skitzo is actually the thoughts of folk who are near him at anytime, rather than just "voices" in his head, thus he concludes hes telepathic.

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