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Cheap internet/call centre service, or more expensive face to face high street branch?

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posted on Sep, 10 2014 @ 10:29 AM
I had to cancel a vehicle insurance policy today so walked to the local branch of the insurance company in town and got it sorted face to face with a very friendly employee, really pleasant experience including a cup of coffee, and I left with printed documentation in my hand, all sorted. The company I use has the UK's biggest chain of branches, and is pretty much the only one left with offices on the high street these days. They are expensive though compared to online companies, I usually pay £200 or so more per year compared to online quotes, but the face to face service from my perspective is well worth the extra.

I've previously had dealings for claims sorted with someone who I have a name and a face to put to it. The same person will see me again if I have a follow up issue and they remember the case, documents photo-copied and returned instantly, letters printed and passed to me in branch, and even better, they take cash which is my sole trading tool in life by choice.

I understand if money is tight then we all go for the cheapest option we can, but regarding anything which may involve something official and exchange of documents etc, I will always go for the company offering the local branch.
For the same reasons I use a local solicitor/lawyer for legal services, and would never use a cheaper online version. Face to face personally accountable, and recognisable human beings, will always be my preferred choice, even if it costs me a few quid extra.

I'm no luddite by any stretch, but call centres, repeating the same story to multiple people, 'press 3 to talk to an advisor', 'we haven't received your documents', and all the rest of it is something I like to avoid for the sake of an extra £4 per week over the year.
So, just wondering the thoughts of others regarding our dwindling high street services, do you want them to stay, prefer the cheapest option every time, or don't care?

Kind regards, as always,


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