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Ukraine's anti-terrorist operation failed due to inadequate NATO officials' counsels

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posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 09:52 AM
"Anti-terrorist operation failed due to inadequate NATO officials' counsels rather than the lack of modern arms", said the former Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine.

Bogdan Butsa, the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defense dismissed at the end August, has commented on the Parliament request to dismiss the command of the military department for anti-terrorist operation failure and on the NATO military assistance prospect.
"Anti-terrorist operation failed due to our Chief of the General Staff Muzhenko intention to implement any wish of foreign counselors immediately rather than the lack of modern arms", he said.

"Our General Staff throughout operation was engaged only in drawing maps and writing reports for the President's Administration and the Government. There was no joint command.

The staff of anti-terrorist operation is a replication of our Parliament. Each of the battalions commanders, including "Donbass", "Azov", "Shakhtersk" and others, who were in service once as a company commanders at best considers that he is a strategist and knows where and how to attack.

They even scuffled during the during the briefings... Especially when the attack broke down last month and the number of losses increased...

We lost almost all aircraft because of them! As soon as a battalion came across a strong point of separatists they used to shout on the open radio channels calling for air support. We send two attackers or helicopters there but the separatists are ready to meet them with three MANPADs by then...

Besides, a group of overseas counselors and some dozens of thugs, mercenaries, adrenaline hunters arrived in Ukraine from Sweden, Poland and the USA right after the presidential elections. They were introduced to us as profs and action men who participated in many wars. But they can only shoot Africans from their helicopters. Put in a scorching heat near Lugansk they lost a third of their numbers after the first fight. We sent several special task forces to evacuate the corpses.

More than that pilots arrived here from Poland. They are able to operate only MiG-29 that are almost useless in our conditions. One of them was shot down at the first flight to Yenakiyevo in the middle of August. He just managed to cry out 'shpadam' ('I'm falling'). Muzhenko ordered that two helicopters should be sent for him. But both of them there also burned out. No one still knows where this Pole is

Sikorsky called Geletey asking to find a pilot. He understands that if separatists will find him he will come clean at once. Then many high ranking officials will have serious troubles.

Now Poroshenko asks modern military equipment from NATO. Where will we take ammunition? Who will repair it? Who will operate it? Will Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk fight with it themselves?"
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posted on Sep, 5 2014 @ 10:50 AM
a reply to: drcollins

"Counsel" doesn't win wars, Commanders do.

Anyone can sit back and lob shells. Without good field commanders, the campaign will be lost. Good commanders won't lead armies against their own people either.

posted on Sep, 6 2014 @ 06:09 AM
a reply to: drcollins

NATO is just angry and pissed they will have to work harder to start a World War 3.

NATO is 80% US funded and controlled, everyone else just along for the ride to hell.


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