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PAN2014 and the Goal of 500 Million

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posted on Sep, 3 2014 @ 09:20 PM
Everyone in the business, (or those who dealt with such matters) knew from Serkoff's defection (1963) and the later defection by Dr. Alibek that the Russians had warheads with genetically modified smallpox and Ebola.

The Russian plan was certainly correct in it's assumption that when released this combination would be 100% fatal for all those exposed. However the problem for their delivery devices would be a big fat finger pointing back to the USSR.

Not very good P.R. !

The USA wanting to maintain parity with the Russians and the 'War of Biotech' had decided long ago 'do not mix agents of death' . It was theorized that with our lead in bioengineering we could work on individual agents and make them more effective without leaving our finger prints all over the virus.

Ebola was the agent of choice because of it's lethality and availability however, it needed a more effective way of being propagated/spread instead of the normal contact by body fluids once the host was showing symptoms. That was the most difficult part; to modify without leaving a genetically modified fingerprint.

Ebola's quick incubation period and burnout (which had always been problematic) needed some attention, so a new approach was researched for the slowing of the initial stage of infection. Needless to say with team 4 they were able to make the incubation period slow to around 21 days. That was really the best part of the Team's endeavors; the ability of the new strain to become infectious on the 18th day before any symptoms were exhibited in the host.

It was thought that 4 days of contact with others would be more than enough to satisfy our requirements for an effective pandemic.

We did combine Rabies with Ebola (just on a lark.... easy for us to do). The data on all the test subjects who were exposed; 100% turned into something resembling a Zombie with the classic biting attack. Unfortunately, we were only able to work with 20 abductees, but all 20 exhibited rabid responses while their internal organs turned to mush.

During those lethality experiments it was shown that the younger the host was at the time of infection the longer they attacked and lived.. One 18 year old and another 22 year old female (s) were particularly aggressive and outlived all the other test subjects that were older. However, as with the Russians and as per our mission parameters we were not allowed to continue in this vein of research even though this virus was by far the most effective...

It was decided to genetically bind Ebola and a common retrovirus which encoded in RNA instead of DNA. Simple really; thus one of the common cold viruses was selected. After years of trial and error the final agent was deemed successful.

What made this particular strain perfect was the inability for anyone to prove it was not a natural mutation.

In celebration, a commission was given to proceed with the construction of the Georgia Guide Stones; which I thought was rather silly myself but I was just a director and that decision was made way above my pay grade.

The final agent languished in level 4 labs strategically placed in many safe countries all over the world waiting for the day when the perpetrators (We) had finished our plans for continuity.

Things began to fall apart around 2012 because of all the alternate news sights on the internet and the decline of the mainstream news/propaganda outlets losing their viewership. Furthermore, hacking was always a threat even though all our communications were NSA encrypted. We were the only ones who had the key but the worry was always a Snowden type exposing some of our work, which like the Russians, would not have been good P.R. to say the least !

Yes, Snowden sped up many things because there was a great fear of how many more Snowdens might be waiting in the wings with possible damaging information; regardless of how compartmentalized the program had been and how many layers of encryption were used, paranoia was everywhere throughout the organization.

Some of the key researchers have been dealt with through accidents and becoming infected with their different creations over the last several years. Loose ends are never permitted in this type of operation..

I saw what was happening and did my best to disappear. To what end I honestly do not know anymore. 'They' evidently decided to release the mutated virus in Africa because it was felt the lack of education and widely separated populations would be a great outdoor lab to test exactly how well PAN-EBR7 transmission in the real world would work.

The local dogs eating dead bodies and then spreading out from their last meal helped to spread the virus; which had not been factored into our original scenario.

As those who have survived to date know, everything got out of hand ! PAN-EBR7 during our testing could not be spread during the first 18 days of the incubation period.... "I swear it was engineered that way" !

Something happened to the splice and a slight mutation has now evidently caused the virus to become infectious as early as the 12th day after exposure. No one could have foreseen that, no one!

This may be my last entry for I am now running a fever and am developing classic symptoms that was included in my own damn paper summited way back in 1984.

"I had planned on being one of the survivors"!

"Lord what have we done".

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posted on Sep, 4 2014 @ 11:47 PM
Since his wife had died Jim had been somewhat a loner preferring his horse and dog to the company of others. When all the talk was mostly about the Ebola virus and it's deadly spread, he saddled up and packed for an extended stay next to his favorite wilderness fishing pond.

The weather was perfect with the highs in 80s F. and the nights close to 55 F.

As he approached the pond (and to his great surprise) he heard voices and a female screaming.

After determining the direction of the noise he dismounted and cautiously penetrated the brush and trees that rimmed the pond. His eyes took in a scene of two very dirty men holding down a girl and tearing off her clothing. She was fighting, crying, and using all her strength to fight them off, but it was a losing battle.

Upon further scanning of the scene there was another body of a man laying about 10 yards away. It appeared, due to the man's obvious age, he could have been the girls father or sugar daddy. The prone man had evidently received a blow to the head with one of the survival shovels which had become quite popular over the years. The shovel was still embedded in his head at a rather obscene angle as his body continued to produce copious amounts of blood to stain the sand and dirt of the pond's edge.

One of the dirty men slapped the girl a rather severe blow across the face and head which stunned her to almost unconsciousness; at least the screaming stopped as the final clothing apparel was removed from her prone body.

The biggest of the dirty men then lifted the girl from under her arms and stood her up on her wobbly legs as 'Dirty Man Two' started to undress. As his pants dropped around his knees Toby the dog was sent to take him down as the Lone Horseman came out of hiding.

Seeing the dog run for an attack the guy holding the girl dropped her to help his friend and fend off the dog attack. At this point one shot was fired and Mr. Biggie head exploded into a pink mist as he dropped in his tracks. Toby did not miss a stride as he attacked the remaining dirty man which screamed like a girl as Toby tore him apart.

The girl had sat where she had fallen either to scared to move or in a total state of shock as Jim approached.

In a gentile voice he said, " I hope those were not relatives of yours" .

As time passed or within the next year they built an underground home furnished with handmade furniture which was very efficient at keeping them warm and comfortable during the cold season.

Everyday Jim cranked up the charge on his survival radio, and everyday there was no signal from any station broadcasting. No news, no talking, just static which was not a positive sign in that on his prior stays there had been a multitude of stations to choose from.

In the last year they had not seen or heard another soul.

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posted on Sep, 7 2014 @ 06:54 AM
There would have been more survivors on planet earth but with all the dead bodies being fed upon by anything that ate flesh or sucked blood the final results for even those people in isolated regions were many became infected also. Roving bands of dogs which were carriers of the virus yet had no symptoms themselves were a major vector for the infection.

The dogs had tasted human flesh so by the second or third generation they thought humans were a natural food source. More than one survivor fell to a pack of dogs hungry for a fresh meal and even those who escaped, but were bitten or scratched, only lived to infect others.

There were days in the second year of the virus where the sun would be blotted out by a huge swarm of flies. It was truly a biblical sight for those still living.

A rather large percentage of the survivors just lost the will to survive in a world so harsh and hard to scratch a living from. If anyone ate meat they did not know if the animal was a carrier of the virus. Were they infecting themselves to stop the pain of an empty stomach ? Had the Deer or rabbit been infected by something before providing a meal to those lucky enough to bag one for supper ?

Some of the survivors had stolen or borrowed from unknown owners boats of all makes and sizes. Many were lost at sea due to weather or just not knowing what they were doing however, at least they did not have to worry about the roving bands of dogs that were hungry for their flesh.

Human nature, being what it is, allowed the truly rugged and strong of spirit to survived until the virus found them.

Stories of underground bunkers with filtered air and food to last several years would have been heaven to those who struggled to survive. But the few survivors who thought about such things were to afraid to look; the chance of infection was just to great and who was to say the virus had not beat them there anyway.

Isolated pockets of humans were spread all over the globe. But at this stage of the contagion there were not 12,500 breeding pairs to be found world wide.

The few remaining survivors were just about to the end of their genetic life line with very few exceptions. In other words there were so few breeding pairs it was just about curtain closed for the human race.

To say it was way past the time for a miracle would be an understatement if not an insult for no miracle makers seemed to care..

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posted on Sep, 11 2014 @ 07:00 PM
And then it happened !

Jim awoke from the most lucid dream he had ever had. Next to him was his loving wife.

As his eyes adjusted to the low light provided by the early morning sun (which was peeking through a slight break in the bedroom curtains) he realized he was safely in bed at the ranch house.

He rolled over on his left side and put his arm around the still sleeping form of the woman which had been with him since they were in high school together.

Tears came to his eyes and even though he was not a religious man he ended up thinking, "Thank God" before he fell back to sleep..

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