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We Must Dissent.

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posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 10:46 PM

"All who come into the world, like a drop from the Light, are sent by him to the world of Almighty, that they might be guarded by him. And the bond of his forgetfulness bound him by the will of Sophia, that the matter might be revealed through it to the whole world in poverty, concerning his (Almighty's) arrogance and blindness and the ignorance that he was named. But I came from the places above by the will of the great Light, I who escaped from that bond; I have cut off the work of the robbers; I have awakened that drop that was sent from Sophia, that it might bear much fruit through me, and be perfected and not again be defective, but be joined through me, the Great Savior, that his glory might be revealed, so that Sophia might also be justified in regard to that defect, that her sons might not again become defective but might attain honor and glory and go up to their Father, and know the words of the masculine Light. And you were sent by the Son, who was sent that you might receive Light, and remove yourselves from the forgetfulness of the authorities, and that it might not again come to appearance because of you, namely, the unclean rubbing that is from the fearful fire that came from their fleshly part. Tread upon their malicious intent."


Within this ancient text is a remedy for our major complaint, namely the loss of our individual authority to the nameless and faceless powers that are taking over the world.

The destruction of male authority is behind the decay of our Republic, the loss of our Liberty, and the general retrograde of Western society. To put it bluntly, we were unworthy to inherit the crown of our fathers.

I searched and searched for a remedy, and I found it. This process of an individual attaining authority and independence was a concept dear to the early Christians. They were called Gnostics, and Jesus taught them the mysteries. The key of their power was in realizing the individual could become perfect, and join with God without any kind of authority structure or permission from others. Indeed, the world itself was run by a structure of spiritual tyranny, which attempted to contain all the souls of the world in a tyranny of ignorance, artificially limiting mankind so that he could not reach his full potential.

The threats now facing the world come from this very same evil power, the men involved in it are modeling their construction after the construction of the evil spiritual tyrant that has ruled this world for eons.

We need to come to the realization that men need no permission from other people within themselves. The key to this power is to become wise and good, and then you can stand up against the authorities. That was the lesson of Jesus, and only the Gnostics maintained this truth. The other churches buried this under their own authority, changing the nature of the Christ to that of their own tyranny. It was a massive deception, and an evil corruption of truth.

Jesus Christ challenged authority because He understood the need to establish the self in perfection, in order to overcome the prison of spirit that exists for mankind. He taught others to do this. Liberty was the cause of Jesus Christ, because only by Liberty and Goodness could a man be saved.

Today this lesson is more important than ever! We MUST challenge the authorities that have come into power. We must retain our right to form and understand our own government. If it attempts to separate itself from our control, then we must abolish it. It has become evil, and will only strive to oppress and enslave us.

Manliness is the medicine our people need. We starve for it like a babe that has been thrown to the crows. Our entire American civilization was founded upon manly opposition to tyranny, and by training up our sons to think in terms of their own beings, to be able to judge matters independently. We were a people who could speak freely, we did not have rules and conventions rammed down our throats by "offended people."

Our words and our beliefs are not up for debate, they are not to be dictated to us by small-minded people, or those with an agenda. This is as important in political life as it is our spiritual lives. It is part of a greater understanding of manhood that our people have been wickedly deprived of. Our enemy hates manliness, it hates men altogether, and men who love liberty are its worst enemies.

It has come down to this, brothers, our generation is the last one that remembers the old ways, of how our fathers were, and how they spoke and wrote. My words flow from theirs, my thoughts come from theirs. Our current society and the wicked people in it have attempted to obliterate every trace of manliness and independent authority from our children. They have instead erected a false god of commerce and material lust, and forces us all to worship it in public life.

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

These are the words that founded America.

The “growing interdependence” that so impressed the founders of the Trilateral Commission in the early 1970s is deepening into “globalization.” The need for shared thinking and leadership by the Trilateral countries, who (along with the principal international organizations) remain the primary anchors of the wider international system, has not diminished but, if anything, intensified. At the same time, their leadership must change to take into account the dramatic transformation of the international system. As relations with other countries become more mature—and power more diffuse—the leadership tasks of the original Trilateral countries need to be carried out with others to an increasing extent.

These are the words that threaten to destroy her.

Manly words and strong male voices are required: Our lads and brothers need to hear them, it is their nourishment. To deprive them of this, is to starve your people to death. It is not the time to get along with people. It is time to make waves, and to stand firm, and to believe in something so much that you are willing to die for it.

This current American government has no intention of empowering the people. It is intent on drawing all power to itself, to make way for this new empire of the world, and its new lord, the faceless abomination of money and commerce. There be the dragon, lads, and it is at our very door.


posted on Dec, 5 2004 @ 11:14 PM
That post was well written and very intelligent. I don't sense any kind of hatred in your words or intentions whatsoever. What I do sense is a man who has a tremendous mission and for whom I hope has a great and strong following.

Pretty much everything you've written makes perfect sense to me. I wouldn't hesitate to pass your wisdom onto the men I know in my life in the hopes that they too can understand and form within them what you have posed to be the true maleness of our time

I've read a great deal of ancient text about the Gnostics. I have an incredible book that explains the Gnostic concept and 'ways'. Some I find very easy to read and relate to, some I have a hard time understanding the bigger picture of, and why it was replaced by Christianity or why it kind of 'faded' into Christianity,-therfore losing it's own system all together. Do you have any more information that you can supply here regarding my queries?

Much appreciated!

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 03:12 AM
Brothers, I encourage you to post freely here. Debate is what invigorates our soul.

Don't ever be intimidated or turned aside by strangers.

Speak and be heard! I will love you for it.


posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 05:15 AM

Originally posted by Arkaleus

Manliness is the medicine our people need. We starve for it like a babe that has been thrown to the crows. Our entire American civilization was founded upon manly opposition to tyranny, and by training up our sons to think in terms of their own beings, to be able to judge matters independently. We were a people who could speak freely, we did not have rules and conventions rammed down our throats by "offended people."


See.. I agreed with alot of what you said and I actually began to have faith in your words.. the way the name of christ has been hoared over the centuries.. and the atrocites commited in his name and in others.. but again you lost me with the veiled misogonist crap where you completely and deliberately exclude females. All wisdom and knowledge are rendered impotent when wed with biggotry.. and although biggots can lead for a while [as history as shown] ..they can never save anybody.

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posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 01:31 PM
Brothers, Christians, Enlightened Ones:

Never allow the free form of exchange to diminish. Please do not allow the interruption of trolls and rants prevent you from contributing here.

Our cause is a great one, and our cause is a just one. Refresh yourself in the knowledge that all mankind is united in a excellent glory, and it is accessible to every man that seeks to join it. God makes men free.

Liberty and Freedom are the gifts and treasure of this world, and America is a rich storehouse of these gems. Take them out and shine them, they will light our way.

Beware the thieves, who desire to steal these gems! They are like the animals of the wild, dashing themselves against the walls of our foundation. They seek nothing but to penetrate our defenses, and to ravage the gentle things we have within us. Resist, awaken, and arise.

Contribute to this thread! Let it grow and fill with the words of the gentle and wise. Let the children of liberty find this place, and nourish themselves here.


posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 02:16 PM

The threats now facing the world come from this very same evil power, the men involved in it are modeling their construction after the construction of the evil spiritual tyrant that has ruled this world for eons

What tyrant is this?

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 02:47 PM
Read this.

Remember, the True God is not a Tyrant. Christ taught us about the True God. Not the god of the men that killed him. That's the tyrant you have sensed, that's the tyrant you have taken a dislike towards.


posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 02:55 PM
Sorry Arky but you have said this all before. It is supported by little proof it just boasts the bible. I need something to go on.

posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 03:21 PM

I cannot describe something like this to you, because it is not visible with the senses of the body. You have to see it and perceive it for yourself, inwardly. You have to be exposed to the forces of this tyrant and experience them for yourself. Young boys don't usually get exposed to these things because of the natural protections that protect children.

You might have to wait until you are older and wiser until you can perceive these things. If you really are looking for wisdom, you will find it, but you have to be patient sometimes. It is justice to tell you and warn you of them, so when you CAN see them you will understand them, and avoid being buried by them .

Those words are the truest and clearest words I have found from the historical documents concerning the system of spiritual tyranny that exists in this world.

What do you want to know? Ask me something specific and I will have an answer for you, I assure you.


posted on Dec, 6 2004 @ 04:12 PM

Originally posted by Arkaleus

What do you want to know? Ask me something specific and I will have an answer for you, I assure you.


Is this a spirtaul creature or are we talking anti-christ here? Who is he? Why does he exist?


posted on Dec, 9 2004 @ 11:29 AM
It is not a boogeyman, like the anti-Christ. There is no Anto-Christ person, there is just the opposition of the class of intelligent beings we call demons.

There are also more individually developed powers that exist and interact with mankind. Their powers are in the mind and body, and excercise a kind of force of governance over both of these. They fancy themselves the rulers of this world. It is the arrogant development of beings who do not have a good nature. Being without spirit, or proper development of their minds towards perfection, they degrade and fall into lower spheres of existence.

It's the answer to "What happens to everyone else around me?" Everyone else around you, who isn't already joined to your spirit in love, is a corruption and trying to steal from or break into healthy beings. Most everyone around you is not a good spirit. It's unhealthy to remain around bad spirits longer than is necessary.

There seems to be a vague form of Chaos that resembles a human mind, but is very unpeaceful, and vengeful, and does not love goodness as a primary value. It loves only power and activity, which is the inferior activity of material.

Goodness is what does not exist among other beings, who are part of the cosmic sea of chaotic intelligence. They do not retain their individuality after death, but fall back into the sea from which they came.

Those beings who attain a degree of perfection or divinity in THIS life acquire the power to endure death, their form escapes from the sea of mingled beings, and brushes off the pollutions of the sea and its chaotic, impulsive power. That is one of the aspects of retaining sainthood in this world. We must come through the world wiser and more clean than when we entered. We must have shown a profit! God does not judge from evil intentions.

The powers and other beings around you are obbessed with control, and with using the powers of the mind to control and influence those around them. Their desire for evil things corrupts them, and makes them incapable of accepting divinity in themselves, so they hate it in others. That is why the interference of the powers is so bothersome to those of us who would be free. We don't desire to interact with the powers, because they cannot possibly have any good business with us.

Part of the struggle of an individual into Buddhahood is hotly ocntested by the powers who hang around this world, and by the demons. They will gather around and assail that person relentlessly. Part of this is because if a human being attain this power while on this earth, He becomes its ruler. That is part of the mystery Jesus taught to His desciples. Part of his lessons were to enable men to become perfect, revealing the truth of the order of the cosmos, and the powers that exist on this world.

Developing the mind in perfection is a threat to the tyranny of these powers, and they are disturbed when men reach this state, because they invariably reduce the kingdom of the rulers, and enlarge the Kingdom of God.

This is the ongoing battle of Spirit that is unfolding over the whole world. The dark powers of the rulers have siezed most of the people of America, making them oppose the work of the Christ, who is the Spirit liberating and empowering individuals to break through the tyranny from above.

You were raised to hate tyranny, laddie, and that is our nature. All of my brothers oppose tyranny and hate evil.


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