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Anyone else feeling the same?

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posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 06:26 PM
Hey guys,

Past couple of months my depression/anxiety has come back but has been more severe than it has been for a year or two, partly due to personal problems, I'm not too sure what else I have to 'be depressed about' but that's how it works I guess. Anyway, I've noticed a few of my friends (some I haven't spoken to in 6+ months) have said they have been depressed, or their anxiety has worsened recently, and I've also read a lot of posts on all sorts of sites with people having the same issue. Could well be statistics, idk how many people suffer with 'real' depression compared to people who just have had a bad day, but to me it just seems strange.

So as always, I think about it too much and come up with a theory (maybe to make my reality a bit more interesting but here goes), the past 1-3 years have been very hard on the world, especially in the past year, what with the Ukraine crisis, the rising of ISIS and now Israel/Palastine conflict (All of which are (I think) loosely connected, but that's a whole different thread), all of this going on while in the West we are dealing with the usual recession, more taxes, in the US with the Bundy ranch, the immigration thing etc. This sort of strengthens my theory of IF a war was to break out, it would split the world into 2 sides; US, UK, NATO, Israel + allied forces against Russia, China, Iran, Iraq etc. This can be seen throughout history though, but I feel as though we get closer and closer to that outcome every week.

It just leads me to believe it's all building up to something big, and maybe sub-conciously we as a people are slowly realising what a sham everything is, everyone is just getting sick and tired of governments being corrupt, or seem to be unfairly treating the people - bringing on a hivemind type of thing but a wave of global depression. As a species I also believe we may be all connected through our concious, therefore more and more people are slowly 'waking up' due to lack of faith in the system or just seeing what's happening in the world. I'm aware this process has been going on for years and years, there have always been anti-government/anti-NWO etc. supporters out there, but I really do think we're getting close to either a global uprising or a global meltdown, definately in the next 10-15 years.

Maybe I'm completely wrong, and maybe I do really need to go to bed, but there's no reason why this isn't a reasonable argument. It's open for debate. How have you guys been feeling recently? The same thing or are people just too melodramatic these days? All thoughts welcome.


posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 06:30 PM
Stop watching teevee. Its purpose is to put you in a constant state of alarm.

Investigate 5-HTP for a natural mood-builder, get out and get some sunlight and exercise every day and stop eating crap foods.

Get a hobby or three; one that's intellectually stimulating, one that's spiritually stimulating (music or art or...) and one that's physically stimulating.

Do those simple things and you'll be better off by orders of magnitude. Yeah, there's a lot wrong with the world but a lot of it, you can't do anything about. We'll need you to have your act together when the SHTF and the reset button gets pushed.

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 06:39 PM
Stay clear of anything negative, find simple things to make yourself feel good, i get these terrible funks where it seems the world is falling apart and theres nothing i can do. I force myself to go for a bike ride, ive never came back home feeling worst.

You need to clear your head, if you need to chat send me tells i wont judge or be rude, but serisouly you need to find something that makes you remember the good things.

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 06:40 PM
a reply to: signalfire

I tend not to watch TV, don't worry, I'm aware of the distraction it causes. As for hobbies I produce music which takes my mind of a lot of things, also started drawing and stuff again, got a few little projects on the go involving both. I just tend to read a lot of stuff on here or other sites (and have for years). Been trying to keep myself fit recently though, a friend told me physical excerise helps with your mental capabilities, hasn't paid off yet though so I'll just see how it goes. Thanks for the comment

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 06:42 PM
Dunno..Life is pretty much what you make of it..

I am about to turn 41 and know for a fact that I have never been in a better position financially, professionally, emotionally or mentally in my life.
All of my peer group are essentially at the same place.

Additionally you do know that ISIS has been a functioning terrorist group since roughly 2004 and that the Israel vs Palestine conflict is doing what is has done for decades which is periods of flaring up and periods of nothing happening. This is what the world does, it ebbs and flows.

Yes life has horrible things but it also has wonderful things if you choose to pursue them . I am sure that will prompt some vaguely Matrix sounding quotes from the people here that think being successful and happy in life means you are part of the problem. Not sure what to say to things like that other than whatever it takes to get you through in life.

Find some music that motivates you. Find something that makes you smile. Find a doctor to get your treatment. Do whatever you have to do to succeed in life but don't spend so much time worrying that you forget to live.

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 06:55 PM
a reply to: opethPA

Yeahh I guess life has always thrown up horrible stuff, world wars, holocaust etc. (Although when you start looking into them deeply, about how they started etc. It can be very hard to believe anything is done 'for the people')

Recently though I've just been trying to look forward instead of living in the now, which ive been doing for the past 4/5 years. I'm 21 and need to start securing my future because I don't think it's gonna get any easier financially. I'm still young so the sooner the better really. Been involved in spirital stuff more recently again though, which is good, it's helping me find 'myself' and be at one with myself which I think is something I need to do. But cheers anyway guys

PS - Might go for a bike ride tomorrow after work, see if that helps. I tend to walk by myself quite a lot everyday anyway, so would be nice to have a change

posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 07:42 PM
Forget about the World! As much as we all get worked up about issues happening today, it is just another way to mess with ones mind!

Depression is nothing more then having to make a Choice! Either you Had to Choose and regretted it or Should have done something and did nothing! Last would be one had to Listen to Friends on How to do it. Although # happens in ones life from time to time, need to learn one thing. Forget the past and never think about tomorrow! Today is The Day so as one gets up in the morning, this is IT!

Yet you might want to ask yourself first, write that # Down! Don't change a darn thing, just write. Depression does not come from the World! You Yourself Created It! You Choose to be Depressed, PERIOD! My life has nothing special about it, it's just My Life! People get all caught into believing all this crap one needs, has to have, in order to Enjoy Life! Not So.

If most would just leave stuff alone, change only the things one needs too. I do not know, my @ss! Hearing Screaming in ones Head? Oh, the I can't sleep excuse line people use is The Lamest of them All! Either deal with it yourself or do what everyone else is; Popping Pills! The Only True side effect other then risking death would be your problem will Get Worst!

When I meant special, I have not wasted my time nor money on silly stuff to past the time away. Have a cell phone? Dump IT! Land line or knock at my door, just do not bother my @ss at work! Man Up and See who Really Are your Friends by Changing! Don't Like It, them why in God's name are you doing it?

Still there are things we all Have to do, part of Lifes silly games anyways so might as well Use Them. And by the way; Feel Them Too! The World has gone Nut's! If I can Do It, So Can You! It's going to get better line we all hear is really. Glad I'm not in your shoes!

Love You Though! Sorry if I sounded Mean, cold and rude. Was told this Long ago myself by a Friend who Cared I even did not know. Returning the Favor, or passing it.


posted on Jul, 16 2014 @ 10:11 PM
Stop worrying about things that you have no control over and worry about things in your house. Stop looking out the windows for a while. Happiness is what you make it. Either you can set up a negative lifestyle, or you can LOL at everything and be happy. Spray non-stick on yourself; Become Teflon and let all negativity slide right off your back. And don't watch American news medias what ever you do!

posted on Jul, 17 2014 @ 12:50 AM
Got to agree with thoughts from previous replies...

Avoid the media, listen to music, avoid pill remedies.

I find walking, which I love, helps clear depression.

You cannot change world events, but you can change

Your perception of them.

Lastly, if anyone tells you to " Pull yourself together "

Feel free to hit them, they have never been truly depressed.

Hope things look up for you soon...

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