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Space Travel Soup

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posted on Jul, 6 2014 @ 07:22 AM
A watched pot never boils. So I watch future upcoming technologies and imagine the possibilities of how they could be combined.

Cook Time - 25 years.

The first technology that raises a celery stalk is Andrea Rossi's E-Cat Fusor Technology

Alot of the details on this project are still masked behind the attempt of the acclaimed scientist to turn a profit off his revolution to the energy market. From tests a few years ago, we see that this small enclosed fusion reactor is self sufficient. From his own website, we hear claims that it can produce 1Kw of energy constantly for 2000 EU. From what I know, that is massive energy production for the area and cost. The cost is a proprietary blend of nickel and hydrogen, I'm sure that'll cost a pretty nickel.
Latest Reactor News

The next technology that gives me the carrot is Molten Air Battery Technology

These new batteries are just a few years away from replacing conventional car batteries, and even powering electric cars for hundreds of miles. By using air as one battery terminal and a molten nickel as another mass electron charges in carbon or iron can be transferred over and over. It's rechargable! The one issue these batteries face is the 600 C + temperature to operate. But I have faith that problem will be solved by a smart person, or three dumb ones.
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A technology I heard about through the local onion is Harold White's Warp Drive

NASA puts alot of money into propulsion technologies. They should. This technology might not be seen for the next twenty years, but it excites me. The thought of travelling faster then the speed of light is like the sound of chicken bones simmerring. I just want to know what happens when you look behind you, travelling faster then the speed of light. But that's a wishbone tale.

Latest Drive News

So add a sachet the peppercorns of gossip, a bay leaf of hope, and parsley so your breath doesn't smell later; that's all it takes to make space travel soup.

posted on Jul, 6 2014 @ 07:39 AM

It's rechargable! The one issue these batteries face is the 600 C + temperature to operate.

I was thinking, a magnetic field. They already use it to contain anything, from plasma, to anti-matter.

Another thing might work and be a major break through as well. The molten nickel, if you can give it a spin, isn't it plausible to generate a magnetic field ? Just like we think the Earth generates it, although that isn't very well understood yet.

posted on Jul, 6 2014 @ 10:14 AM
a reply to: ChefSlug

If for a second you can appreciate the absolute mystery of physics apparent in even one very decently reported UFO or triangle report, you will have part of your answer. To use your own metaphoric attempt, the pot is boiling, but in secret in the next room.

We have extreme technologies, but beyond the secrecy of their raw development is a whole field of obstacles that must be cleared. These are, first, the refining of that technology to whatever degree it seems adaptable and second, how to introduce it profitably into the mainstream of conventional ways of production and application. Third, how are the radical new technologies controlled.

Right now, the US has a lock on that technology and has spent trillions of dollars over several decades in a charade of programs such as the space shuttle, the Osprey, successive models of aircraft (especially fighters) and even the ISS to keep attention elsewhere and to keep our competitors busy equalling the various areas.

The major problem is how to ease the radically new technology into an old industrial system both in the US and other parts of the world not designed for it. The necessary change is far beyond a simple switching of model year designs as in the automotive industry. We are talking about introducing a system literally as revolutionary as the invention of the wheel. With each triangle sighting report we are seeing a new emergence of technology that will make or break the economies of nations.

My contention is that the declining US has a couple of aces up its sleeve with the suppressed UFO technology: First, it is the greatest development of mankind's technological abilities to date (if taken from ET ships), and, second, it is the greatest weapon of war ever created.

The secret technologies of the UFO power plant and probably hundreds of related areas won't be revealed until China develops their own systems and then we'll have a dramatically elevated economic war as both side rush to swamp the other in marketing to the world at large. Current rivalries between auto builders and between aircraft builders of various countries will be seen as trivial.

posted on Jul, 6 2014 @ 01:45 PM
"Space Travel" ala faster than light, is not nor ever will be possible. Forget that Relativity states that a massive particle can never reach the speed of light, forget that it would take an infinite amount of energy, as in more energy than exists in the entire Universe, period, to even come close to moving a massive particle at near light speeds. Forget the Grandfather paradox, and the fact that an discrete atom cannot exist in two different places at once, and hence time travel is not possible, forget all these things and I will explain to you why Time travel never has nor ever will happen: Because if it were possible it would have already happened and we would know about it.

Technology only moves forward, and is shared amongst civilized people as the sole, unique marker of Human progress. To believe that some other civilized species would have that technology, were it possible for it to exist, and not openly share it amongst civilizations is ludicrous at best, the definition of naivete at worst.

So unless there is some species out there with a lifespan of 20 million years, which might be difficult as at that point the atomic elements making up the creature would have already gone through a few radioactive decay cycles, might sting a little, then I wouldn't hold my breath for some alien from the nearest galaxy ever showing up near Manhattan and asking for gas money.

If one knew anything about Space say, or Astronomy one would know that the stars we think we "see" in the sky are just vestiges of photons traveling to us from millions and millions of years ago. More than half of the stars you think you "see" are long gone, forever, millions of years before life even existed on this planet. So where, pray tell, exactly are you planing on going to in your spaceship?
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