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Gator Shoes revised.

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posted on Jun, 18 2014 @ 10:31 AM
Gator shoes.
July 10, 2012 at 2:08pm

A blonde goes south for a vacation and stops into a Louisianna shop for some shoes. "May I help you," asks the owner.
"Yes. I'd like some genuine Alligator shoes, please."
"I'm sorry Ma'am, Alligators are protected by law. I do not have any."
"I still want some.."
They argue over it for a half hour.
Finally, the shop keeper gives up. "Look out the North road is a cut off to the swamp. 'gators just swarm there. Take this and shoot a few, and we'll see about getting you some."
As he speaks , he pulls a 12 gague shotgun and a box of 25 shells from under his counter, and lays it in front of the blonde.
"Fine!" she huffs. Picking up the scatter-gun and shells, she heads out.
She shop-keepers assistant, an intrested listener over the last half hour, looks over from where she was stocking shelves. "Was that really fair, boss...a city slicker like that.."
The shop-keeper grunted. "We'll see.."
Hours pass. At Closing time, the shop keeper drives out of town. Curious he takes he cut off..
A quarter mile up the track, he sees a dead gator lying belly up beside the road. another quarter mile lay 2 more. Beside them are the blondes convertable..
Pulling over, he gets out of his car. Looking around, he sees the Blonde, skirt tucked up, wading knee deep in the swamp, a gator behind. Within seconds, she turns and "BLAM, BLAM,BLAM!" shoota another. Tossing the scatter onto the bank, she wrestles the body onto the bank as the incredulous shop-keeper watches. Then....
"DANG IT !!!!"
"WHAT''S wrong lady?" he shouts.
"This one isn't wearing shoes , either!!!!"

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