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Polar bear P.O.V.: Collar cam captures unique eye-view

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posted on Jun, 7 2014 @ 01:21 PM
This is a vid I just now stumbled upon from the Weather Network

This video was edited and compiled from raw footage recorded by a camera equipped radio collar that was put on a female polar bear, It's a short vid but pretty cool to watch.
the caption under the vid reads.

And boy, did they work (although only for a few days). The footage up above is a snapshot in the life of one of the four bears, and we can watch her hunt, swim in the frigid ocean and court a potential mate.

It's not just for entertainment. The footage is invaluable for scientists wanting to observe polar bear habits as the global warming hits the animals' usually frozen habitat, including their movements, and nutrition.

Edit to add:
They say this is the first successful POV cam of Polar Bears. When they tried this before the cold froze up the batteries. they don't say how they fixed the prob but this is the first POV vid they say

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