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Did India birth a new Volcano?

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posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 03:14 AM
Well, I'm not sure if they did or not here, but the local people are sure restless and downright scared by the sound of it. I can't much blame them. This crossed RSOE as "Unusual geological event in India" and that descripton is almost never boring to see what it's about. In this case? Wow... It's new where volcanoes are not commonly known to be, by the details here.

Let me share what it says.

Reports of a "volcano-like eruption" in Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh has triggered panic among the people of the area. Flames and a hot liquid stream were seen spewing out of a hill 100 m from Gadiyada village. The village is over 200 km from Shimla. After a report by the state geologists confirmed the eruption as 'small magmatic activity', a team of Geological Survey of India (GSI) reached the site on Thursday. This is the first time such a volcanic activity has been witnessed in the state. Fearing that a bigger eruption could damage their agricultural land and houses, residents of around half a dozen villages in the vicinity of the eruption are anxiously awaiting the final report of GSI team. "Gases and liquids are being emitted from holes in a 10 feet area around the hill where the volcanic activity took place," said Ved Prakash, president of Drang panchayat.
RSOE Report (emphasis mine)

RSOE Map w/ pre-set marker for event

Basic details are:

Date/Time: Friday, 06 June, 2014 at 03:01 (03:01 AM) UTC
Country: India
County / State: State of Himachal Pradesh
Area: Kangra district
Coordinate: N 32° 4.011, E 76° 21.824

posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 03:29 AM
a reply to: Wrabbit2000

Certainly not what one wants suddenlhy popping up in the neighbourhood.

Does it seem strange that we have such a lot of earth displacement, holes suddenly appearing, land slides, and of course earth quakes? Its almost as thought something is unsettling the surface of our planet and obviously our weather systems but one can't blame the weather on a new vulcano can one? Or perhaps its just that with world media accessible to all, we just know more about our jolly little planet?

Have you changed your 'ears' and picture by the way?

posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 03:32 AM
a reply to: Wrabbit2000

"Did India birth a new Volcano? that hurt
Hope the mid-wives were nearby to help [/sarcasm]

On a more serious note, I bet that did scare the beejesus out of those people, having never experienced that before
Wonder what it did to the property value and whether or not people may have to move

Well, that will give scientists something else to study

posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 03:36 AM
A ten foot area. Pretty tiny volcano. Of course, that could change:

The general region does have geothermal activity though.

Former state geologist Arun Sharma said occurrence of such a volcanic eruption has been reported for the first time in Himachal Pradesh but the presence of magmatic substance is not new to the state. He said that existence of hot sulphur springs at Manikaran, Kalath, Tattapni and Vashishth confirms that magmatic material is present underneath these springs.

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posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 03:38 AM
a reply to: Shiloh7

Well, the earth is always changing I suppose. Things like this have happened before too. Although, hopefully this isn't quite as eventfull.

Paricutin-Mexico's most famous volcano.
One day in 1943, a farmer in a small village in central Mexico in the state of Michoacan set out to plow his cornfield. It seemed like any ordinary Saturday, the month was February and the skies were clear. The farmer, Dionisio Pulido, was attending his crop of corn when he heard low rumblings emanating from the earth.

This story is referred to in a couple movies and for those who didn't know, it really did happen!

Suddenly and without warning, much to the farmer's consternation, the earth started to open up before his very eyes. A huge crack appeared in the dirt directly in front of where he stood.

Indeed... he had no idea what was coming. No idea at all...

Two villages were buried by the volcano's lava and ash, Paricutin and San Juan Parangaricutiro. A striking example of the volcano's effects can be seen in photos of the church that was buried neck high in San Juan Parangaricutiro.

I think it can be a really crazy world when geology wakes up and starts becoming active in new ways. Is that happening? I'm not a geologist to know...but it is ATS, right? Who knows.

** This the same avatar I put together after Memorial Day. It's a bit of graphics and a bit of public domain I found online.

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posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 03:39 AM
several dozen people rushed out to toast mashmallows and weenies.

seriously though; didn't this exact same sort of thing happen to a mexican farmer a century or two ago? i seem to remember reading about a smoking hole in a farmer's fields that steadily enlarged and grew a cinder cone or something like that.

EDIT: ninja'd!
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posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 03:42 AM
a reply to: snarky412

I wonder how you describe that to a Homeowners agent? Would that be Act of God? Ahh well, if it happened somewhere that had homeowners insurance as we know it, they'd probably just say ' volcano rider. You're outta luck'.

posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 03:50 AM
Well, it says flames and hot liquid - not magma - so it might just be a new geothermal spring. Not something to take likely though.

posted on Jun, 6 2014 @ 04:08 AM
a reply to: AngryCymraeg

It says the Geologic Survey of India is producing a report the villages are waiting on. Not having looked anything up about them, it sounds like the Indian version of the USGS for telling them if it's just bubbling hot goo or something building to more.

I should be interesting to watch, anyway. I'll update if I catch the news of that final report.

posted on Jun, 14 2014 @ 01:09 AM
Thread Update! ! !

Okay, turns out it wasn't a Volcano after all. No Mt. Surprise popping up in India like happened in Mexico once.

What it did turn out to be is almost as interesting for how odd it appears to people.

"Gases and liquids are being emitted from holes in a (10-foot) area around the hill where the volcanic activity took place," said Ved Prakash, president of the local village council. The Times of India reports that further examination by a team from the Geological Survey of India determined that the fiery phenomenon was due to a high-voltage current passing through the ground from an electric pole located on the hill. They found that the extreme heat caused by the current melted silica stones, which appeared to spew as lava.

So, there is the update. All about nothing, but interesting nonetheless!

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