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Fight War not Climate Change:

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posted on May, 29 2014 @ 06:32 PM
Fight War Not Climate Change: House GOP Tells Commie Pentagon To Forget About All That "Global Warming" Nonsense

I'd heard about this and frankly didn't believe it but, I reccon it's true:

As even our historically less-than-progressive military increasingly identifies climate change as a threat to national security, House Republicans in their infinite wisdom last week passed a bill blocking funding for any Pentagon program that tries to do anything about saving the planet that pretty much everyone at this point agrees is in danger.

Some background and responses:

The background: Basically, the legislation is designed to prevent the Department of Defense from planning for climate change-based contingencies or using their resources to prepare military bases and other installations for higher sea levels and warmer weather.

Executive Director Mike Breen of the Truman National Security Project slammed the bill, saying "You can't change facts by ignoring them. This is like trying to lose 20 pounds by smashing your bathroom scale."

A recent study found that just one in 9,000+ authors published in peer-reviewed journals denied that climate change was man-made. Out of 2,259 peer-reviewed articles, just one challenged the theory of anthroprogenic climate change.

For years the military bureaucrocacy has been saying that "Climate Change" was the biggest thread to National Security.

A recent post on the subject:

On Tuesday, a group of former Pentagon leaders released a report on the most pressing issue to national security today. So was it terrorism? Benghazi? The economy?

No, it was the environment.

The report "makes a compelling case that climate change is no longer a future threat — it is taking place now. It observes that climate change serves as a catalyst of conflict in vulnerable parts of the world, and that projected changes in global migration patterns will make the challenges even more severe," wrote a panel of 16 retired generals and admirals, who make up the Center for Naval Analyses' Military Advisory Board, a federally funded research and development center (FFRDC) for the Navy and Marine Corps.

and from:

The foundation for DOD’s strategic policy on climate change began with the defense secretary’s publication in 2010 of the Quadrennial Defense Review. The QDR, produced every four years, translates the National Defense Strategy into policies and initiatives.
In 2010, the QDR for the first time linked climate change and national security. It said climate change may affect DOD by shaping the department’s operating environments, roles and missions, have significant geopolitical impacts worldwide, and accelerate instability or conflict.
The QDR said DOD also would have to adjust to climate change impacts on its facilities, infrastructure, training and testing activities and military capabilities.

This is WILLFUL ignorance.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 06:35 PM
a reply to: FyreByrd

To kill loads of us off so the rich guys and powers that be can have more when climate change starts to displace millions etc.

It's a cull everyone

*note tin foil hat on*


Scary times.
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posted on May, 29 2014 @ 06:40 PM
a reply to: FyreByrd

Here's a link to the actual amendment for anyone thinking it's made up.

It's only been offered - but jeez. Where do we get these people from.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 06:50 PM
The military people aren't blind, but they are supposed to be I guess.

Anybody can see we are screwing up our environment and many people know that the government is not properly dealing with this issue.
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posted on May, 29 2014 @ 08:17 PM

For years the military bureaucrocacy has been saying that "Climate Change" was the biggest thread to National Security. - See more at:

Is that so ?

Since the dawn of 'civilization' a few people have been screaming the end of the world if we don't change our ways!

Ad infinitum the most popular one people know was the Mayan Prophecy.

Although for over 40 years a certain political group and been pushing 'alternative energy'.

Fictional Archie Bunker makes the best time tested argument that is still valid even 40 years later.

For get the politics in the video.

Who can argue with it:

Although changing the 'mission' of the US military to 'climate change' is nothing but poltiicizing the military.

Which is nothing new since they change the mission of NASA.

posted on May, 31 2014 @ 09:02 PM
The Pentagon has better things to worry about than blatant hoaxes.

posted on May, 31 2014 @ 11:25 PM
Blatant hoax it is!Amazing what something that is super-hyped can do to the the fabric of society!

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