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JFK - The world's most frightening conspiracy?

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posted on May, 29 2014 @ 09:24 AM
As far as I am concerned all credible conspiracies are a little scary. But the one that sends shivers down my spine is the assassination of JFK, even though it took place a long time ago. Even looking at this gives me the creeps:

I guess what really is frightening about this is that if they can get the President, then they can get anyone of us as easy as pie and no one would even know! Imagine if someone posted a thread on this or another website that touched on the truth about something they wanted to keep hidden. It would be easy for them to track the person down through the internet and to arrange a mysterious car accident or something similar to kill the person. No one would ever know it was a murder connected to the truth seeking activities...

But back to the JFK murder, when I read about the characters connected to the JFK assassination, a lot of them seem sinister and scary: David Ferrie, umbrella man, LHO, Jack Ruby...the list goes on and on. The thing with the JFK assassination is that evidence of the conspiracy is very strong - if not overwhelming. It cannot be dismissed as just another whack job theory.

So I was wondering, do you agree that the Kennedy assassination remains THE most frightening conspiracy of all time? If not, what conspiracy theory would you say is the most frightening?
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posted on May, 29 2014 @ 09:36 AM
a reply to: decltype

I totally agree with you. I believe it's the turning point in US history when the US suffered a fascist coup and lost all credibility as a constitutional republic.

Getting away with it led to progressively wanton atrocities against the citizens of Earth by the US shadow gov.

In my view, 9/11 was Cheney trying to one-up the previous generation of evil. In terms of mind control, he wins I guess.

I see a future where corporations gain superhuman status, eventually leading to full outright partitioning and ownership of (US) territory by sovereign mega corps. It ends up like the terminator except the machines are not robots, they are profit memes. But remember, be positive and support the troops!

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 09:44 AM
Looking back, the CIA takeover of the media in the late 50's meant that they realized the power of TV and how they can manipulate every mind going forward using a mixture of authority and deception. As to the point of your OP - yeah, it's definitely scary. I can see them having a task force hunting down internet dissenters in the future. Why not? People on here absolutely hate conspiracy theorists and have an eerily precise way of defending the establishment. It's the same group of guys in every forum.

If they realized the importance of TV way back then, you know they're all over the internet. Possilby some scary times ahead

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 09:44 AM
As far as the JFK assassination it is scary because there are so many angles to pursue. My favorite is the New Orleans mafia guy (forget his name) that was suffering dementia in prison years after JFK. He was twice heard to say " Kennedy the smiling SOB, we'll get his #$% in Dallas". He was investigated over and over and never found to be part of the assassination. He did have lots of connections to the players though

The scariest conspiracy in history to me though has to be the "Council of Nicea". It is the absolute subversion of a religion. I cannot fathom anything being more heinous than that.

++Sorry if that throws the thread of course LoL++

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 09:54 AM
I watched recently a documentary on Youtube about assassination of JFK. It is the best documentary that I watched on that subject. I highly recommend to everybody who is sincerely interested in the subject to watch it, you will not regret it. Actually there was a thread about it recently, that's how I found it.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 09:55 AM
I've spent a lot of time on the Kennedy assassination. I can say with no doubt that the official story is bunk. From what I've gathered, he pissed off the Federal Reserve, military industrial complex, and the CIA. We can all imagine what happens if you do that. You get taken out.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 10:07 AM
a reply to: InverseLookingGlass

JFK is a better story, has better actors, its has "class" and "penache" but it has a fatal flaw which is turning a single name into symbol - but 911 is a much better conspiracy, took a lot more to get it done, a lot more pieces to synchronize, doesnt have any particular name to make a martyr or a hero of - just this hazy gray cloud of "casualties", no particular name to blame or to point fingers at (technically the guys that you could point fingers at died in the process which is always perfect) and its results were far greater and successful.

But WW2 still takes the number 1 on that list because not only has all of the above, it has none of their flaws, and still is and will be the sum all of our fears combined into one single event.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 10:12 AM
a reply to: FraternitasSaturni
JFK was brazenly murdered in front of this whole country. If it wasn't for the Zapruder film, no one would still be searching for the truth.

Yeah but 9-11: That is the doozy right there. Biggest, scariest, most frightening conspiracy of all time.

Wonder what they have in store for us next.

Please, please, please, do not let it be on the level of 9-11

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 10:32 AM

originally posted by: alomaha
I watched recently a documentary on Youtube about assassination of JFK. It is the best documentary that I watched on that subject. I highly recommend to everybody who is sincerely interested in the subject to watch it, you will not regret it. Actually there was a thread about it recently, that's how I found it.

Dang...I never saw this video before and I am about 50 min in right now. Mind blowing to be quite honest with you.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 10:43 AM
a reply to: HawkeyeNation

Yeap, I told you so!

Not just that but it is so elegant, it show you what real, intelligent investigation can do.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 10:55 AM
It seems to me that the entire WORLD now knows about the Coup de tat and there is not much left to say about it.

America is harboring Humanitarian Terrorists and so are other countries,the people behind the Coup de tat were and are Humanitarian Terrorists.

The connections will never disappear,the money will always be traceable,and if not the money itself then its influences.

Killing witnesses since day one of the Coup de tata has had absloutely no bearing on how the WORLD has found the truth.

Once the Internet came along and the entire WORLD had data access the game was over,killing people now will prove nothing and will not slow down the process,it will only create more Truth Martyrs closer to the everyday man and woman.

Besides most of the real cutting edge research is being done in schools by kids,and we all know very well TPTB cannot go around offing kids all over the country,as much as they might wish to do so.

The bottom line is that the dynamics in play when the Coup de tat was hatched and when TPTB hatched their long range Global plans DID NOT INCLUDE THE INTERNET.

Now people will NEVER FORGET.

Now truth WILL rise to the top as is natural.

Targeting individuals will no longer work,it will only create martyrs,before the internet it would not have created martyrs because no one would have known how many were murdered by the Coup de tat conspirators.

Right now anyone can Google up a list of witnesses who have been murdered,this list isnt going anywhere.

Same with Industrial murders,they are on the record as such,same with UFO and Alien murders,they are listed and on the records,Same with Big Pharma murders,same with Technical researcher murders including fields like Astronomy and others,the conspirators will not walk free,the people doing the killing likely will but history will show that those responsible will be held accountable.

We know who has been killed and why,the names of those behind the scenes will come out eventually,maybe not in their lifetimes but eventually.

They know this.

Biut at the end of the day MORE people stand behind truth than lies and MOST people are good people,so the beat must march on.

As things stand there are already thousands of murders which we are now as a Humanitarian Group Worldwide already investigating via the Public Domain and the World is hunting down thise responsible every time they take note of the inpacts these cockroaches have caused and those influences are EVERYWHERE.

This means that the morons had better be working on covering up the crimes against Humanity they have already committed , it would be non-sensical for them to continue making the same core value errors over and over,they were looking for a solution not more of a problem,and pre-internet this type of murder to support suppression worked well,in todays post-internet world is causes more of a problem,it is moch easier to simply "arrange" financial successes for these whistleblowers and then let natural human nature take over,these people once BURDENED with great fiscal successes have to deal with their internal emotional committments to their families and this means they become very vulnerable and easy to shut the heck up,,just give them money and the responsibilitys which come with it and they are automaticlly shut up because they are so busy looking after people they love they cannot find time to cause TPTB any problems.

90% of the people who bring forward concrete critical data are NOT on a Crusade,they just simply stumble upon the data and then connect the dots.

If there are any killings to support this crooked status Quo they would simply be another symptom of the epic mismanagment TPTB are cursed with.

You cannot remove the Internet and you cannot remove Humanitys inquiring minds.

This means that because MOST people support truth and good,eventually given the Internet this perspective will take over in a natural evolution that had been stopped in its tracks by real time communication suppression.

The Internet has enabled this change,it is the single most powerfull thing humanity has ever seen since we were able to use our natural telepathic skillset.the Internet is a PLACEBO for this Humanitarian skillset.

If you can utilise telepathy naturally you CANNOT BE LIED TO,if you have a computer today you CANNOT BE LIED TO.

See how it works?

Trying to stop any individual in todays world is a lesson in counter-productivity and can never be justified even under pretenses of Ntl or Global Sec.

It doesnt even make monetary sense to kill when it is clear that paying off people keeps them so busy they cannot make waves,and doing it subversively means even they dont understand their good fortune,when the money you use to do this isnt even real there are no excuses why this method isnt used except for non-Humanitraian cruelty and criminaly intents.

I actually see it the opposite way to how you see it,TPTB are now limited in their options and oddly enough they have been cornered into the most optimal one they should have used initially but GREED prevented them from doing so.

Now the best method is to pay off the squeaky wheels and let their own human nature and love for their immedite familys and the many and complicated fiscal responsibilitys which come with this dynamic take them in new and permanent directions AWAY from investigating their hobbys.because for 90% of the whistleblowers who actully provide critical damaging data to TPTB IT IS JUST A HOBBY.

TPTB are so stupid that they are allowing an INDUSTRY to develop over this,when they could simply replace the money this Industry is giving people and thereby eliminate the Industry totally.

If you control trillions or Billions or tens of millions and you are to greedy to spread it around then you need to do a bit of history work to learn how to do criminal business.If you dont share the loot eventually you will get the Boot.

Even street level gangsters learn this lesson fast,killing the competition NEVER works,because the competition is FILLING A MARKETPLACE NEED you are failing to diagnose and treat,ha ha ha.

Either you share the money pro-actively and GAIN from the investment or you delay the process and risk LOSING ALL OF YOUR MONEY.

Considering that it is the INTERNET catalysing this dynamic we find ourselves in,one might suggest that TPTB get the heck investing faster than ever ASAP.

There are probably only 1000 people who are on the right tracks in any given month.

But those 1000 create more knowledgable people faster than compound interest online,so obviously because there is an ENDLESS supply of people who support the truth and who will replace any you eliminate and because the internet enables them all 100% ,there is only one action plan and that is paying them off one by one and SAVING billions maybe trillions of dollars in the process.

The alternative is being completely outed and soon as we are seeing happen.

People go to work to make money and impactfull Disclosure is work,simply provide a more lucrative income for those close to the truth.

If you kill people to SAVE MONEY you will one day be held accountable or your children will be forced to carry your stained Family name with them into the future for who knows how many generations.

The money that insulates your families can be gone overnight and then you will leave them vulnerable to lifetimes of being spat on by Humanity who will never forget what the Fathers did for the Sons.

At the end of the day Humanity has as a whole evolved to the point where we dont care who pulled the trigger anymore,we want the MAN OR WOMAN who gave the orders.

It isnt Humanitys fault that the records show who is responsible,it isnt Humanitys fault that progress happens,it is called Humanitarian Evolution,you see TPTB tried to interfere with a natural evolutionary process and it did not work.

Nature will always find a way to get her job done no matter how much bad intentioned groups of money supported Humanity tries to change that eventuality or delay it.

Good will always conquor bad,so if you are a smart money monger you are trying like heck to turn your bad money into good moeny before you get busted down to poverty,the sharks are now eating each other and many fortunes are being lost now as fast as they were made,overnight.

If you want to survive now is the time to re-invest in Humanity and get ready to plead your case when your turn at the docket of Humanitarian Justice comes up which will be sooner than later.

Spend it faster than you made it,return it to the people it was stolen from and lay your fate at Humanitys feet nd you will be forgiven,try to fight to the bitter end and you will be martyered by the Big Fish who built you to buy them time to do what I am suggesting.

Really,there should be a Fire-sale soon on MONEY and power,it just isnt worth what it used to be worth,not when you cannot get away with stealing it through Crimes against Humanity because of the Internet and Good people,neither of which I see going anywhere.

The smart Big Fish are jumping ship now or making massive plans to do so,it is the middle level money mongers the MAJORITY OF THEM who cannot see the forest for the trees and who will be held accountable publiclly.

JFK and his legacy are supported by the future not the past or the present,there is NO WAY to prevent the truth of that action from coming out and very very soon.

No single man or woman will catalyse this,WORLD OPINION has already done so,we are farrrr past the point of no return on this issue,this is coming out now and NO ONE and NO VOLUME OF MONEY will prevent it,but TPTB CAN buy time while they make their bad money into good money by paying off curious people instead of killing them.Now they need to buy time,and that means spending money,in the past they were keeping a secret they intended to keep forever,now they know this will never happen and they need to cut their losses.

In any well managed criminal enterprise it would be the CONSPIRATORS being offed as we speak,things are in the red zone now,and anyone can see the end is near,this means that you need to wipe the slate clean,ONE of the Cockroaches must step up and feed the rest to Humanity to survive themself.

Tale the top ten Money Pool managers ,the PEOPLE,and look at the names and decide who you think has the foresight and ability to turn and burn everyone else and you will realise that this situation will take care fo itself soon,that one survivor and there can only be one ,will understand that a smokescreen is needed and people will start to disappear.

Someone will need to turn States Evidence in to Humanity,and ONLY THAT ONE WILL BE FORGIVEN.

TPTB are between a rock and a very hard place now, now human nature will take over within their ranks as it is after all our strongest power,now the same things used to manipulate us all will crumble this adhoc group of Humanitarian Terrorists.

The sweetest part of all is that according to natural evolution,ONE of their core Group will provide Humanity with 100% complete disclosure,exactly as a Gangster in the Witness Protection program would do.

Now TPTB can sit and ponder who their weakest links are because the WAR IS OVER ALREADY the internet was TPTBs Hiroshima and Nagasaki all in one.The bullet has hit them and most of TPTB dont even know it yet,their legs are about to give out and they are clueless,the funniest part of all is that as with JFK their executioners will come from within their own ranks because THEY HAVE TO.

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posted on May, 29 2014 @ 10:58 AM
The most frightening conspiracy, imnho, is the one that hides in plain sight and billions of people participate in - the continuing and wholesale destruction of the oceans, prairies, forests, and the human body because of the massively corporate advertised and societally accepted habit of eating the corpses of other animals.

Compared to that the JFK killing and even 9.11 look like tragic but isolated incidents.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 11:04 AM
Although I cant say for sure that the JFK assasination is the scariest to me, I can say that the scariest detail of the assasination is George Bush Sr.

Not really sure what I would consider the scariest.....Ill have to think on that.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 11:08 AM
What's scariest is that day ended this country as we knew it. It showed that 'they' could kill anyone who didn't follow 'their' agenda, no matter how powerful. This country has slowly been spinning around the sewer drain from that day forward. JFK gave a speech about how secret societies were a threat, he was killed a week later. It proved how right he was.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 11:21 AM

originally posted by: decltype
I guess what really is frightening about this is that if they can get the President, then they can get anyone of us as easy as pie and no one would even know!

Oh, yes, they can get anyone they want. The latter part of your sentence is most frightening to me. Of course, I am a bit more concerned with someone being detained, and lies are being fed about the person's detention.

It would be easy for them to track the person down through the internet and to arrange a mysterious car accident or something similar to kill the person. No one would ever know it was a murder connected to the truth seeking activities...

This has happened a lot more times than you know it.

So I was wondering, do you agree that the Kennedy assassination remains THE most frightening conspiracy of all time?

The JFK assassination is not that bad of a conspiracy at all.

If not, what conspiracy theory would you say is the most frightening?

I find epistemological conspiracy theories to be more frightening. We are born into a world, with only certain tools to guide us, but how do we know what "true" knowledge is? I find the conspiracy theory of covering up proof of God's existence to be much more frightening, because, let me assure you, the Biblical God will show NO mercy (if said God is real).

I have made-up my own conspiracy theory that the Japanese will be surprise attacking us, cutting off all electricity and mass accelerating all of our cars, and if that turns out to be reality, MILLIONS will die, and that is much more frightening than some pretty-boy politician who lived a good life getting killed for whatever reason. There is no such thing as an innocent american, so JFK got what he deserved (although, I do wonder if his heart was pure, unlike every other politician this country has produced in the 20th and 21st centuries).

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 11:33 AM
a reply to: decltype

The JFK assassination may not be the scariest but, to me, it’s the most obvious.

Looking at the evidence it is absolutely CERTAIN in my mind he was murdered by a conspiracy by elements of the government.

The scariest conspiracy imo is the one that describes the elite bringing the world back to serfdom…that is the Bilderbergers and the Illuminati types who have ruled the world and can eliminate much of the world’s problems but don’t and instead are driving the world back to the days of serfdom and virtual slavery.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 02:43 PM
a reply to: alomaha I watched the documentary today - a pretty interesting theory.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 02:51 PM
a reply to: alomaha

Yeah this one really got me. Have you seen the second one about JFK Jr? So...

Bush-41 killed JFK
Bush-43 killed JFK Jr
Blair killed Princess Di
Who knows how many more....

Do we conclude that to get into this particular club with its particular benefits you have assassinate someone with witnesses in the club? Totally plausible and totally creepy.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 04:48 PM
a reply to: decltype

There was a recent documentary shown in the UK that focused on one of jfk's bodyguards as being the shooter. He accidentally discharged his rifle (a new type of assault rifle which was withdrawn shortly after) when he stumbled backwards in the car as he tried acquire oswald. The photos clearly shows a guard with a rifle and there were a few interviews which backed it up. The cia basically were out on the piss the night before and were covering up their own mess.
Was a really good watch.

posted on May, 29 2014 @ 10:30 PM
a reply to: helldiver

There is a video that uses technology to map the path of the bullet through JFKs skull and it triangulates the final headshot to come from the sewer to the front right of the car at just above curb level.

There is also a good video of a Dallas Motorcycle cop dropping his bike down EXACTLY where the sewer grate and SHOOTER was located,the smell of gunpowder HAD to have still been in the air in front of that sewer grate,that is called a support action.

Easiest thing to do is take a ruler and an overhead shot of dealy plaza and the car, then use the ruler to draw shooting lanes and trajectories which WOULD NOT HIT OR HARM the First Lady and you will off to a roaring start on your way to easily locating the true snipers NESTS.This method really helps because it eliminates many possibilitys and allows you to narrow it down.Assume this order was total and all shooting teams had to obey.

If you are an empath you can extrapolate exactly WHO would be so concerned about the First Lady and exactly WHO would have the POWER to make any sort of demand on a job like that one was,Coup de tats dont usually take secondary directions based on emotional connections.

Yes the Body Guards have a lot to tell us,especially how and where they are positioned within the cars both sitting and standing,it is neat to research the bullet proof vests some are wearing.

The limo slowed down for the final shot,and people have been identified as sending hidden signals throughout Dealy plaza,there is tons of stuff online.

There is a Russian military sniper caught on film high stepping his way through Dealy plaza wearing a Uniform and carrying a high powered rifle,he boldly strolls right through the Plaza,google Funny Walking man in Dealy plaza.There were American navy people on site supporting the action that were spotted exiting a building holding a snipers nest.

There are people reading lips and pulling reflections out of pictures off of cars ect, so much new stuff is happening it is hard to keep up with it all online.There are students in schools putting together 3-d re-creations of dealy plaza using real data and they are mapping where EVERYONES heads turn and where they all look at different times during the Coup de tat to match the snipers nests with people who look at those spots at timely moments thinking no one could ever read their minds or know what they were actually looking at.

There is no way this does not get solved with or without the Governments assistance.

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