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TEST PILOTS! Genius and Madness,hand in hand!

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posted on Nov, 30 2004 @ 08:26 AM

Ive always had the greatest respect for these guys,more so in the past than present because the new found territory is probably not so "ground breaking" as it used to be!

One of my personal favourites is the story of "WATSONS WHIZZERS" the team of battle hardned ww2 fighter pilots sent to germany to at the end of the war to bring back captured ME262's.
What i love about this story is the fact that these guys had never flown jets before and werent actually test pilots,they were just seen as the right guys for the job......and basically flew these aircraft with little help other than from some ME engineers and german pilots!! BRAVE BUGGERS!
I dont want to spoil it for you so heres the link

Another big thumbs up and huge bow of respect goes out to the pilots in volved with the bellX projects,immortilized in the film "The Right Stuff"
And of course astronaughts!

Do you have a particular story of a tester that stands out?

I think there all praise worthy and i thank them for "pushing the envolope"


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