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FHA lending conspiracy exposed! Can you connect the dots?

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posted on May, 28 2014 @ 01:37 PM
I've attached two links that I'm sure most ATS members will be able to put together and see the bigger picture. Don't let the title of the first article/ link fool you as it has less to do with reparations but does more to outline the conspiracy that has been hidden in plain sight with the support and oversight of our government.

This is a fairly long, involved read but it lays out the FHA conspiracy to heard, segregate and isolate minorities in certain sections of Chicago. Read this and keep in mind that the actions of the FHA can be applied to almost every major city in AMERICA. I know most ATS members can see through the fog and connect the dots, are you one of those who can?

From the looks of the current situation in Chicago this plan is working exceedingly well. Fast forward to today and the call from Chicago's first Jewish mayor Rahm Israel Emanuel (wonder where his heart/ allegiance really is) and his most recent call for gun control in Chicago.

"The proposal is the latest attempt by the mayor to restrict firearms in the city, a response to intractable gang-related violence."

Two paragraphs later the article contradicts itself by saying, and I quote, "that from 2009 to 2013, 60 percent of guns used to commit crimes in the city were originally bought out of state, mainly in Indiana, Mississippi and Wisconsin."

These are the states in which Chicago's inner city black male gang members age 14-25 feel most comfortable and accepted when purchasing guns, clearly.

Here are the dots, can you connect them?

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