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Is this really faith in life?

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posted on May, 26 2014 @ 08:20 PM
I've been a student of the Bible, the King James Version, for a very long time. Having said that, the more I've come to know and read scripture, the more separated from "faith" I have become.

I was raised on the belief that God is loving, forgiving, and wanted us to excel, love one another and procreate (multiply) and have faith in His goodness and the goodness in one another, that exists because we are of His image.

I have reached middle age having witnessed anything but what I described above.

Sure, we all see lots of ill in this world. But I want to focus upon the "Word" and what it tells us. My thinking is: perhaps the Bible, long before the council of Nicea, was changed. Perhaps it was even written and presented to us, to serve as a "meter," a test, for what we would and would not agree and comply with.

Abraham: and God's test to him to take his son to the top of the mount, having faith in His instructions, and kill his son, according to God's supposed word. What I described as "God" previously, would never ask that of a man, woman, parent….anyone.

Should I go on?

It seems to me that the whole concept of Jesus, having died "for our sins," is a psy ops (read: psychological operation) in cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, of a sort, intended to shame us all into a certain way of life, or pay the price. The thing is, vice configured and vice presented, no matter your behavior, you will still be asked, demanded, to make the certain sacrifice.

In other words, it seems to me that the whole idea of a savior dying for all our sins, is to glorify the concept of sacrifice, so that sacrifice, whether it be on a witchcraft, Sam Fein level, or a Christian level, is the very same……
Presented with choices which aren't choices at all, but to tell the truth or lie about it, be successful in the lie, as the Devi owns this world and will reward you for supporting Him, it all ends in the same: the pit, death, suffering, etc.
And the Word, the Bible, only softens you up, so to speak, for that end…..

You can sacrifice your life for what you believe to be the truth, and die a painful death, as the Devil is in control, hereabouts. Or you can go along with Him, and suffer, anyway.

I am interested in the thoughts of others, and expect, especially, the Christian membership on this site, to flame away. Have at it.
The crux of what I am trying to get to, is the whole idea of "SACRIFICE." Is that really a good thing? Why should anyone die or pay for someone else's sins? Doesn't that create a "chain" of behavior whereby we are all mop heads, exchanging our identities, and everyone is "cleansed" by lying about who Christ is, thereby perpetuating the same horror over and over, and one individual paying for that over and over……


posted on May, 26 2014 @ 08:34 PM
a reply to: tetra50

the Old Testament is the Torah reworded. and that god is not who people think it is/was. That God loves the sweet aroma of burnt flesh and creepy things like that. hmm. that God was the Bull God --- EL/Moloch/(Saturn EL; i.e. Satan)

There are also verses where this realm (earth) is Satan's domain and that God cast him out of heaven to where exactly? Earth/Below..

The supposed "deception of the world" by Satan isn't something that is going to happen, it already happened.

The evidence is clear to see. This is Why an emissary was sent. .....

so as the story goes, although I gain some enlightenment (Lucifer's tool) from the Bible, it is an incomplete, purposefully misleading and incomplete, numerously edited, and omitted conglomeration of other books. Basically it is a cliff notes book combining SOME cliff notes from other books.

posted on May, 31 2014 @ 05:10 PM
a reply to: HanzHenry

HanzHenry: Thanks for your reply. Somehow this thread got posted twice. The rest of the thread is,, and I've transferred your reply and answered it there.

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