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BLM power derivation/use (video), info. + Bundy

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posted on May, 1 2014 @ 01:59 PM
I found this video to be very informative with respect to the WAY in which the BLM derives and uses (or abuses) it's powers. I realize the Bundy situation is slowly dying away, however it seems to be important to understand why we might (or will) see something similar happen again.

And if it does happen again, hopefully it gets as much attention as the Bundy situation.

Whether or not you agree with Bundy, understanding the way in which the BLM (or other government organizations) use/abuse their powers is vital to understanding how we as average citizens can effectively deal with such things.

I tried to search for anyone posting this video as it's about 2 weeks old and I haven't come across it yet. Hope most of you find it useful in some capacity and if this is duplicated my apologies.

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