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Can't we just beat them? (Help!1)

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posted on Nov, 27 2004 @ 11:15 PM
I was at a party last night and had quite a few beers, and erm "other" stuff.

Well, after my ride drops me home I am pretty much My mind was primed for some Doom 3.

I checked my MSN and noticed one of my friends was online, so I say hi and stuff, checking what she is up too. She has a girl over and they are licking each other. So I am like

So I start to play Doom 3. I am in a total trance, the room is dark, the bose are cranked and I am owning me some hell spawn. I was lost in the game. Then I hear the annoying MSN ringer thingy...the audio locks up and the game crashes, nice.

It was her telling me that the BF had almost dumped her. Now, I was really not interested in hearing her problems, because I was in a good mood and wanted to stay that way.

So with total disregard for any sort tact, I simply told her to stop being self destructive and do something productive with her life (she has been regressing for the last year). Oh boy, wrong thing to do. She let loose various explicitives peppered with my name, and told me to never talk to her again. Awesome.

See, the thing is about three weeks ago we went out and in her drunken state, was very rude and demeaning towards me. I took the issue up with her about two days later and the same result as above took place.

Last Tuesday, she calls me asking if I want to go to a bar with her and also asking me if some "guy" she met online is interested in only being friend or has underlying motives. I tell her to use her best judgement and that I am unable to go out with her.

She is a close friend of mine, and we had a thing about a year ago. With that said, her lifestyle is not a very healthy / productive one and I don't want to get entangled in it. She is always on my case because I won't go out with her when I have to work the next day (Typical 9 - 5 Job).

I am not sure what to do, I see a pattern developing in her attitude towards me.


[Edited on 27-11-2004 by crisko]

posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 03:40 AM
what is the root of her problem? depression? drugs/alcohol? i think you should help her get over it to show her what a friend you are. then when everything is going ok, move in for the kill

posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 04:12 AM
I don't know what her problem, how do you fix poor judgement. She gets drunk and nasty.

She is a friend and all, but you know...there comes a breaking point.

posted on Nov, 28 2004 @ 07:08 AM
Be honest and straight to the point with her. Tell her you like/love her but she gives you the sh*ts!! and tell her why. No point in crapping about and being tactful. If your real freinds, shell wake up and get over it and youll stay freinds, otherwise tough!

posted on Nov, 29 2004 @ 07:57 AM
Oh well, she blows me off when I call, and ignores me when I message her. kk.


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