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"Riders On The Storm:" A Fictional Letter Explaining What Is Going On In Russia

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posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 05:03 AM
Mods: I had no idea where to put this.

Read on people, these are a couple of snips from the article.

How? We are about to do something that we have seen the Americans do several times now, most recently against Iran; fight a largely economic and financial war. The twist is that we are by far the weaker power, so we must do it in a clever way. But our opponents are, for now, so poorly led that they have put themselves in an enormously vulnerable position. We can withstand another crash in world markets – all we’ll have to do is arrest a few people, it will be salutary – but none of our opponents will win the next election if there’s another crisis like the one in ’08, or an even worse one, so for them finding some way to accommodate us before we can bring that about is a matter of political life and death.

Why Putin Is Smiling At The Bond Market's Blockade Of Russia

The natural tendency of the American voter is isolationism – he has difficulty seeing why other peoples’ troubles should matter to him, though he’s a good fighter once he’s reluctantly become involved in them. The trick is just to find some way to tip him back into his pre-1942 state of selfish indolence without doing any actual fighting. A much higher oil price and a deeper depression might do it, at this point, so it’s fortunate that we’re in a position to bring that about. The people who make up America’s current political leadership won’t really put up much resistance – they tolerate the existence of the empire because it’s lucrative for powerful constituents, and costs them, personally, nothing, but they are presiding over an inherited political system and an inherited security architecture which they fundamentally don’t believe in, don’t understand, and have no will to defend. If they have to choose between health care and Europe’s security, of course they will choose the good they understand and believe in – freedom from pain and the postponement of personal death for as long as possible – over the one they’ve never understood or sympathized with.
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posted on Apr, 22 2014 @ 05:45 AM
a reply to: keenasbro

Has some points, but basically "hogwash" to say it gently.

It's a cry of an old "communist" hater, who excuses his own emperialistic land-winning ideology by assuming he has to do it before the enemy does.

The future of economy is in Asia ... in the Soviet Union people already realized this, and abandoned the Euro-zone, because it was "dead" water. Europe's future, is to become the middle-east. A lot of morons, running around with heated arguments, shooting up in the air, and putting their daughters up for display to get "cash". The middle-east, which was the cradle of society, grew into this through the ages ... and Europe took the lantern of civilization from their hands, and now ... it's the Americans, that "want" the lantern, while in Reality ... it's in Asia ... although the political lantern, currently resides in America.

Russia doesn't want Europe, they want "out of it". Can't blame them, really ... after all, they had half of Europe on the beggar list, for almost 50 years. And all that Europe has ever created, are Napoleons, Hitlers and Stalins ... who wants more of that? Europe are a bunch of nationalistic idiots, that go around yielling "foreigner, go home ... ukraine, germany for us ... not you". They listen to idiotic statements, that blond Europeans were some "master race", and believe it ... when the "truth" is quite the opposite, but then being blonde and blue eyed has always gone hand in hand with stupidity. Or close. So now, Europeans are enjoying their "mastership" and being kind to all those, who will in time, murder their children and childrens children, because food isn't going to grow on trees, tomorrow anymore than today.

So, what do the Russians want with Europe? nothing. Crimea is a stragetic issues, concerning old soviet military and nuclear weapons, and access to the black sea. That's all ...

So, I doubt Putin is going to do anything against either Europe or the US. Why should he? Should he feel threatened by the roar of bankrupt nations? The US is bankrupt, literally speaking ... and so is Europe.

Assuming Putin is a clever guy, he's going to want to "close" the gas pipe to Europe, and open one to Asia. After all, China and Russia are going to build a huge railway over russia to Europe. Which means, Russia is going to play the same role in the future, when the "silk road" is concerned, as it has done through the ages.

Bye bye, America ... you still have guts and glory. Feel sorry for Europe, though ... but you asked for it, if you really believe your parents were monsters, that in and by itself, makes you monsters too.


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