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UFO sighting sometime in December 2012 Sweden

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posted on Apr, 8 2014 @ 04:40 PM
First of all I'm a UFO believer, i believe in other intelligent life form in this vast universe and I'm sure some of the cross our space/path. Also the reason I don't remember all the details about this story is I was startled at first, then secondly I thought i saw a spotlight which was later proved to me it wasn't. And since then I just let this go but its still in the back of my mind what i saw and i want to know more.

I'm only writing about this since I thought I might get some help from ATS'ers to see if anyone else have seen/heard of similar sighting anywhere else in the world, or even Sweden where me and my girl cousin saw this.

I've posted from where we both first spotted it to where we stopped looking for this thing (using maps app on my )

First off we were driving home after being to the movies... it was sometime around 11 pm i recall. And I thought i saw something in the sky but then dismissed it as being light reflection in my own window... then a few minutes later i see the same thing and this time i see a big light above the clouds... and it has 3-4 lights spinning around the bigger light. and it was moving back and forth (like a spot light) across the sky. then would disappear shortly and come back.

My cousin was just as shocked as she also told me she dismissed it first as reflection on the car windshield. she was actually pretty startled and kind of scared. We both tried to film this on our iphones but you couldn't manage to see anything because of the darkness and it was just above the clouds so you couldn't see it in the movie.

at first later i heard about our monthly open night club being open that night so i thought they had a spotlight on or something...and that it was what we saw, so i dismissed the whole thing. then a few days later i actually thought of the whole distance i drove while seeing this thing and it possibly couldn't have been a spotlight anyhow.

anyway. have you guys heard of such a UFO, especially around that time of year maybe in sweden or elsewhere in the world at that time, a UFO with round lights spinning around its "bottom" ?

(where the purple pin is dropped is where we spotted the light and where the yellow road ends is where we stopped looking at it and lost it basically)

take care folks...
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posted on Dec, 20 2014 @ 05:58 PM
Still no one has a comment to make? Anyone? :> Where can I take this story? I heard about Mufon. is this something for them?

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