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The odd thing about corrupt govt.s

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posted on Mar, 31 2014 @ 12:31 PM
It is funny that governments nowadays find it cute and cuddly to play evil bad time

when really all they do is prove their worthlessness, ill prove it

see when the people of a government are born , they are led to believe a certain sect of laws that we should all follow right

now government officials are HIRED and EXPECTED to do their job correct right?

ok, now citizens of these corrupt governments FOLLOW THE RULES, yes it's starting to become sad but true, everyone follows the rules, at pretty much all times, it seems the rule followers are being #ed over

so this tells me that because we follow the rules, their evil plot is trying to prove that they can

1. act like cowards behind closed doors in teams and bully people

2. disgrace the rule followers, but not playing by the rules

so if this is the plot of the evil corrupt secret societies, its rather sad, not because they get away with #ing over rule followers, but because the rule followers feel sorry for the corrupt government and laugh at them whilst they try to play evil bad guy

thus proving their #, because the rule followers could easily, just return their evil for evil,

thus proving the corrupt government is lucky, we feel sorry for them

posted on Mar, 31 2014 @ 01:50 PM
reply to post by Onyxzyv

Their time will come. There is a line and at some point in the near or distant future they will cross it. In my opinion they already have. But not enough people think that yet

posted on Mar, 31 2014 @ 02:04 PM
reply to post by Onyxzyv

Not sure of the point of the OP but Evil bad guys don't care if you laugh at them , feel sorry for them, or ridicule them as long as they take your money and stay in control.

Look at the corporate bailout congressional hearings : They were ridiculed, made to look like @ssh0les but at the end of the day they left in their private corporate jets all they while laughing at the people who actually thought they cared about perception and words. Then they wiped their @rses with the millions in bonus they legally stole from the tax payers.

They don't even think for a second about the general public view of them because the general public kisses their @rses despite how much they despise them internally. They go out for dinner or in public to exclusive destinations to the best places around the world , or buying the best things money can buy while being treated like royalty because of their money and power.

Sorry , but in reality the good guys are loosing the game with little chance of catching up.

Also the problem with government is not government itself but rather those who create the rules. Lobbyist are the cause of the problems in today society, they are doing more harm then good now.Its time to update lobbying regulations.
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posted on Mar, 31 2014 @ 02:08 PM
i thought the op title read corrupt goats
i am glad the government taught me how to read
Now, I KNOW whats going on on the TV
i say government is good.
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posted on Mar, 31 2014 @ 02:12 PM
double post

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posted on Mar, 31 2014 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by Onyxzyv


This only encourages them-

Only LAWs i do my best to follow are the 10 Commandments and believe in the one that was sent which is required to navigate the heavily edited writings.

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