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Dream Walker

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posted on Mar, 29 2014 @ 06:37 PM
Dream Walker

Dream walker....that was what it was. She had experienced them many times before....but not as strong as this one. He had pulled her in, showing her such beautiful things. And, for the most part, you could trust them. They enjoyed complex puzzles, and what better puzzle was there then the human mind?

Weaving thoughts and emotions into a dream was their forte. They were all experts in it. Pulling you so close to them that you could almost feel their breath on your skin, almost taste the sweetness of their kiss. But you were nothing more than an experiment, a way to examine and dig deep into the human psyche. They were always trying to take you to the point where you were just about to snap. Where you would almost lose sight of reality....then they would pull back. Leaving you to wonder if what you experienced was truth or fiction. Causing you to question your sanity.

In return for allowing them to enter your dream, they often leave a gift behind. Something that is useful to you in your real life. A meaningful memory that will help you make your way in this world. Sometimes they allow you to journey with them into other people's dreams. Join them in observing the mind of another. Jessie had experienced that just once. She had been with another woman who was being attacked. Alone, the woman had no chance, but together, they were strong enough to overcome the man. Jessie had felt all the terror and the pain the woman was going through. Every emotion she had, Jessie had with her. It had been difficult to experience, but she was glad she had been there to help.

That night, Jessie was given three gifts in her dream. For the first one, the dream walker took her to a lake. She was sitting on a rock and it had started to rain. The cool droplets fell to her skin and it wasn't long before she was drenched. But she was enjoying the moment, relishing in the natural beauty that surrounded her. She felt so much peace and comfort from the place, she never wanted to leave it. A man came to her as she sat there. He sat on the rock just behind her and enveloped her in his arms.

"Why the rain, Jessie?" She took a moment to enjoy the warmth she felt from his embrace and then responded. Twisting a little in his embrace, she gently places her finger on his forehead.

"Don't think, listen to it...see it....feel it." Placing her hand upon his chest, she turns back toward the lake. "Softness, purity....cleansing, rhythmic..natural, basic, simple, yet eloquent." He pulled her tight to his chest and they sat there in the rain together, watching as it softly fell into the lake...

The second scene was in the forest, she was sitting in a meadow on the outskirts, watching as the butterflies danced around her. Sensing that the man was watching her, she stood up and motioned for him to follow her. She never saw him, but she felt him in her heart. She waited for him at a clearing a little ways into the woods. Sending the butterflies to him to help him find his way.

Standing in the center of the clearing, she waited until he joined her and then walked into his arms. His embrace making her feel safe and loved. He looks down into her eyes and asks "Why the forest, Jessie?"

Jessie looks around her and starts to use adjectives to explain. "Strong, protective, wise, knowledgeable. Loving, vulnerable, serene, and secretive." The man looks at her and smiles. Pulling her closer to him and kissing her softly on the cheek. After a moment, he looks up with a concern.

"Your friend is lost, we must help him find his way." He grabs her hand and leads her out of the clearing to her friend. He looks at her friend and says "You are not ready for this journey...this journey is for Jessie alone. But it is good that you are looking, never stop looking."

The dream ended with all three of them walking out of the woods together...fading away into a thick fog and Jessie waking up.

Jessie was given a third gift that night. She is now able to dream walk herself. Although she is not like the real Dream Walkers... she does meet other people in her dreams from time to time. Sometimes she imagines that they know she is there, offering them guidance and assistance when needed. And sometimes she knows that they have the gift too.


posted on Mar, 31 2014 @ 08:18 AM
reply to post by blend57

Oh blend I really enjoyed that

You have a great imagination and your stories are always great to read!!

Have a lovely day my sweet friend xx


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