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MH370 aircraft theft and the Mahdi Agenda.

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posted on Mar, 22 2014 @ 12:13 PM
In this conspiracy theory, I try to cook some
soup of the scant information provided to us
by the authorities.
When trying to fit a cause with every piece
of the puzzle I must conclude that the plane
was actually stolen.
So before moving on to how the plane is hijacked
I first try to find a motive for the robbery.
Most elements of the motif where playing since
long in my head, and suddenly this plane fits
perfectly in what I was thinking.
If you're reading this for the first time,
you might think: naah.
I think the ultimate goal of this plane is to
bring a statement. And maybe it could appear
quicker than we wish.
If this is not the case then it might be a fun
future movie script.

The plot begins as follows:
In the Islamic religion, a savior is expected. At
the moment this savior thing is a hot item between
the people of many religions and maybe it has
always been a hot item.
This savior is in the Islamic world also called
" al Mahdi ". At first glance this seems to be an
innocent situation. A situation where people of a
particular faith just indefinitely wait for and
peacefully speculate about their savior.
But maybe that's not as innocent as you think.
In order to properly understand this we must view
this in the light of the mind of a religious person.
Many religious persons, put all their hope and
future in the hands of these kind of predictions.
This really lives in the hearts of those people and
in their religious life. These kind of predictions
form a large part of the reality of their faith and
of their religious identity.
And if such a prediction does not come true soon
in a spontaneous manner, it may happen that the
faithful may conduct the prophecy according to a
pre-planned agenda.
Especially, when in the eyes of the faithful certain
situations arise that justify the coming of their
Situations such as social injustices and widespread
oppression. Like international sanctions and alike.
At a later time after that the aspiring savior
acted out, when the savior agenda is finished, then
in one way or another the faithful look back and
compare to the prophesied and come to the conclusion
that this was indeed the savior they were expecting,
or just another impostor.
It happens that when the savior did carry out the
predictions of the prophesied, then these prophecies
were fulfilled in the eyes of the faithful.
And then you can laugh, but when you ponder a bit
on this, you must agree that in the strict sense,
these predictions really were actually fulfilled.
Only a laconic outsider will notice :
Yes, but they have an agenda and they have completed
this agenda on sheer purpose. That is not the way
that predictions work. Or do they?
I remember GeorgeW Bush. At one time he had exactly
144000 troops in Iraq . That was probably done as to
make it look like this was a fulfillment of a piece
of the book of Apocalypse of the Bible
You can look it up in the last chapter of most Bibles .
This was probably done on purpose. With the intention
to be regarded as the elect of God.

The trick of course is that when someone like me then
brings this comparison to the light, to then respond
to me with a surprised face and say: Oh, but we did
not know this. We did not station exactly 144000
troops on purpose. That was a coincidence.

And it is true, in reality, you do not know whether
this was indeed a coincidence or if it was
intentionally done. Maybe it is true and the 144000
troops spontaneously were present in Iraq and maybe
it was the fulfillment of the prophecy.

For a discerning outsider the difference between
coincidence/intent is usually the criterion to decide
whether or not the situation can be regarded as
remarkable or can be dismissed as forgery.
A discerning outsider would usually just remark that
the prophecies that were prophesied beforehand were
simply acted by the followers . A discerning outsider
will want a convincing savior who did everything
without being aware of the prophecy.

Believe it or not, but for the believers who are
completely immersed in their faith this is different.
And so it is with the Islamic faith and their Redeemer
"al Mahdi".
In reality, you could say that "the coming of the
expected savior", for a believer proves his faith
to be the true faith. And inevitably it makes them
convinced that their faith is more true than other
The fulfillment of prophecies fills the hearts of the
believers with more joy and more faith and passion.
So it is extremely important for a Muslim, that the
redeemer of Islam, "al Mahdi", really appears, as it
is of utmost importance for Christians that Jesus
comes back, and for the Judaic it is important
that the Moshiach comes.
Within the various beliefs systems, the savior is
described in religious prophecies.
In the Islamic faith, the properties of the savior
can be found in "Hadith" texts .
When the savior first appears by an act that seems
to fulfill the prophecy, or someone declares himself
"al Mahdi" then the faithful will decide on the basis
of the Hadith text, whether they are dealing with the
true Mahdi, or if they are dealing with a fraud.
Hadith texts are words that are traditionally
attributed to the Prophet Muhammad this is called a
"strong Hadith". there are also statements of his
family or very inspired followers. These are the so
called "weak Hadiths".
These Hadith words were not written in the Quran
by the prophet himself, but they are later written
down by his followers .
Thus, in some Hadith texts, certain properties of
the savior "al Mahdi" are described for the faithful
to judge when he appears.
In the past, some people have proclaimed themselves
"al Mahdi", but because these "Mahdis" could not
fulfill some important Hadiths that were prophesied
by the Prophet Muhammad. For these reasons they were
quickly written off as impostors .
There are some strong Hadith on the "al Mahdi", which
are referred to as genuine. There are also a number
of weaker Hadiths about "al Mahdi" and the authenticity
of these is disputed.
In summary, the authentic Hadiths are as follows:

Al Mahdi will be:
A descendant of the Prophet through the Fatima line.
He will have a broad forehead and a sharp nose .
He will manifest himself in a single night.
He will appear before the judgment day.
His name will be Muhammad.
He will flee from Median to Mecca, where the people
will help him.
He will get help from the Iraqi people .
He will fight in many wars.
He will reign over all the Arabs for seven years
He will bring forth justice in the earth .
He will eradicate tyranny and oppression .
He will pray in Mecca with Jesus. Jesus will follow him.
Mahdi and Jesus are not the same person .

There are also a lot of weaker Hadiths that describe
Mahdi or his coming, we may notice that everyone who is
called Mohammed, Mehmet, Mamuth or any other form of the
name Muhammad, and who also has a broad forehead and a
sharp nose, could be for every moslim "al Mahdi".
After the Mahdi has manifested himself overnight
according to the Hadith, he must finish the rest of
the agenda to qualify being accepted as the real Mahdi
by the rest of the Muslim world.

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posted on Mar, 22 2014 @ 12:13 PM
After a thorough observation of the world news, I came
to the conclusion that there is someone in the world
who thinks that he is "al Mahdi".
This gentleman is called Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. yes this
is the same gentleman who was the ex-president of Iran.

Why does Ahmahdinejad think that?
He thinks that because the word "Mahdi", that word
of course is over a thousand years old, is actually a
direct reference to his name.
The whole word "Mahdi" is phonetically present in his
name. And that is according to many believers no
coincidence at all. As also Mahmoud his first name,
is a direct reference to the predicted name Muhammed.
There are some more Hadiths, but we'll get to that later.
The fact that the Words are similar to what the Prophet
said and not precisely just the words, makes their
faith only stronger. Note that this may imply that
there was no foul play. For example, in the event that
somebody would be called Muhammad al Mahdi, then that
would be too obvious and would sound forced.
So let us assume for a moment and accept this as true.
Let's try to assume that people think that this
gentleman is indeed al Mahdi. And while assuming we
will try to describe the situation from the eyes of the
Islamic world and on the basis of what Imams preach,
and what we see that radical Muslims do like on 9/11/2001.
Thus, Ahmadinejad I will from now on call him the Mahdi.
So Mahdi must save the world from the devil.
Then rises the first question .
How will he save the world? Now there are again divine
revelation available.
The geometric shape of the standard mosque as we know it
would be given such a god given allusion to the way the
Muslims should be saved .

Note how the Iranian nuclear (breeder) reactor and
actually all nuclear reactors resemble a traditional
Islamic mosque .
The reactor is complete with dome and minaret. Only in
this case the minaret is a cooling tower. This is where
the internal produced heat is given off.
In practice the minaret is where the Islamic prayer
is ventilated to the world .

We have to admit : The traditional mosque form was there
way earlier than the nuclear reactors, so this must be a
clear sign from Allah for every Muslim .
And some immensely rich oil sheikhs believe this story
and because they are faithful and love to see al Mahdi
appear, they will finance al Mahdi in all his needs..
Money is no problem.
Who is the devil?
Now there is a problem in the eyes of radical Islam
especially in Iran. The devil in the form of the United
Nations has put suffocating sanctions on their country.
Those sanctions are put there to avoid Iran from
producing plutonium and enrich uranium.
Enriched Uranium and Plutonium are the most important and
hardest to get materials for producing atomic bombs .

In their eyes, the devil works in the form of the United
Nations, against the Islamic savior al Mahdi and as such
directly against the implementation of the holy Sharia
Law in the whole world.
There is a Hadith that when al Mahdi will redeem the
Muslims from the oppressor then the Sharia law will be
implemented in the whole world and everybody will become
a Muslim, if necessary by force. After that there will be
seven years of peace.

So the introduction of Sharia law in the world, if
necessary with violence means for the radical Muslim
Hence this is the Muslim idea of peace.
Therefore, al Mahdi can safely say without even lying:
We use nuclear technology only for peaceful purposes.
Even if they need it to build nukes.
I'm sure you've heard Mahdi saying this in the past
when he was still the president of Iran .
The problem is that he was meaning something else than
that you understood. His peace idea is to implement
sharia in the world and by means of force if necessary.
And Allah hinted with the shape of the mosque what
path to follow.

So now he is no longer president, and he was exactly
twenty years in positions of power in the Government
of Iran. A weak Hadith of Abu Umama Al- Bahili quoted
the Prophet Muhammad as saying that al Mahdi will
first reign twenty years as caliph.
And now that has exactly happened to our al Mahdi. He
reigned exactly 20 years in high positions in Iran.
On a side-note: This was probably intentionally done
as part of a lobby, but that does not matter and is
probably impossible to proof.
What remains for the Muslim is that he yet complied
with another Hadith.

So resuming, we have a caliph who exactly reigned
for twenty years and so for many Muslims there is
someone who has complied with a few Hadiths.
Even so if this was steered on purpose it can be noted
that this is a remarkable fact. And if there were
radical Muslims that have noted this fact then this
is for them "the opportunity" to have somebody comply
with the rest of the list to completely fulfill the
Mahdi agenda.
Mahdi is now no longer president and this man and his
presumed followers have more time on their hands.
Now he must comply the rest of the points of the Mahdi
So we understand that the aspiring Mahdi must plan his
manifestation to the whole world in one night.
And let us now assume that he found a way to spectacular
kill what he considers the devil with the means
suggested by Allah.

That is when I question: What will that plan be?

Here then comes the relationship with the mysterious
flight MH370 disappearance. I will try to explain the
disappearance of this plane on the basis of the scarce
information that we have.
Under the leadership of the Mahdi, two innocent-looking
black ops Iranian terrorists were trained to hijack a
plane with the aim to defeat this evil UN agency and to
stop them from obstructing the holy Mahdi to perform
his big cities plan.
The big cities plan is to generate enough plutonium to
make enough nukes to place one in every, as they call it;
wicked cities, and detonate all these bombs simultaneously
in order to properly defeat the devil and implement
the holy sharia law to ensure peace in the whole world.

So this innocent looking Iranians had bought tickets
to board and steal a plane for the specific purpose of
the manifestation of the Mahdi to the world.
They don't want to appear suspicious, so they asked for
the cheapest tickets.
The tickets were booked for March 1st , but both Iranians
did not board that plane. That in itself is extremely
Let's try to reason why this is suspicious.
Therefore, we ask ourselves a question.
Why did both Iranians not board their flight on March 1st?
Probably they found out that the tickets were not on the
same plane or their al Qaeda -trained pilot was not in
the cockpit of that flight. Or did they just simply missed
the plane.
So why is this not boarding so suspicious ?
It is highly suspicious that the two Iranians did not
board that March 1st because they already had both bought
the cheapest tickets.
Remember that they both had bought the cheapest tickets
and they both "missed"the plane.
If you buy the cheapest ticket, you would think that the
reason would be that they did not have the money to spend.
Missing a flight on a cheapest rate equals to the loss of
almost all the money that you had paid for these tickets.
If you have little money , then you can not afford missing
the plane, albeit they both did not board.

But no Ali just bought them some new cheapest tickets.
Just if they have more than enough money.
So there is a financial conflict
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posted on Mar, 22 2014 @ 12:27 PM
Intertesting read...but isn't the Iranian version that the Mahdi will come back out of the well he fell in 900 yrs ago?
Just asking.....

posted on Mar, 22 2014 @ 12:35 PM

Intertesting read...but isn't the Iranian version that the Mahdi will come back out of the well he fell in 900 yrs ago?
Just asking.....
As far as i know, some believe that, and others don't. As far as the story
goes his body was never found, so I don't think they expect him to actually come outof the well.

posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 12:54 AM
Hey the last part of the plot was lost, more than allowed characters i presume
Here it is.
But no Ali just bought them some new cheapest tickets.
Just if they have more than enough money.
So there is a financial conflict in their behavior and
what they want to appear.
They bought tickets to different destinations. I assume
that they wanted to appear that they have nothing to do
with each other, likely with the purpose to confuse

These new tickets that Ali had bought were good, who knows
why? I can imagine that now the aircraft may be large enough
could handle long distance could hold enough kerosene and
now they were both in the same plane and maybe with their
favorite captain.
It could be a coincidence that they both missed their flight,
but tactically it has an aspect of a plan.

The professional invaders now finally boarded that plane the
eighth of March with their false passports they needed to
get on a flight to Europe.

While the plane took off, they waited until the plane was
out of the Malaysian tower jurisdiction and still not in the
Vietnam jurisdiction. This way their disappearance would not
be immediately noticed. A very tactical moment so to speak
noting that in this situation every second counts.

They also acted quickly within the hour, because they need
all the fuel to get the plane where they wanted it.
Tactically also a very smart move if you have to go somewhere
far away.
Whilst the pilot is in the plot, as we read in the news that
the pilot had programmed the new course and had already turned
some systems off before they say goodbye to the Malaysian
control tower. It could be all a coincidence, but from a
tactical point of view it is only genius. And that would be a
reason to think that it actually was a tactical move.

Now we already have a number of possible tactical decisions.
Is that a coincidence?
Here one can rightly ask oneself if all this is quite a
coincidence at all.

To steal the plane, all passengers must be disabled.
The passengers are for the terrorists a possible threat.
The pilot puts the oxygen mask for the pilot on, and the two
Iranians back in the cabin grab all the oxygen masks of the
cabin crew and put the aneroid switch in bypass mode.
Thus, the oxygen masks remain undeployed for the passengers.
The aneroid switch ensures that at pressure loss < 14000 feet
of equivalent pressure, the oxygen masks will be automatically
deployed. This switch can be manually bypassed for a landing
above 12000 feet, such as when the plane needs to land in
for example La Paz, Bolivia. That airport is higher than 13,000
feet. At those high airports there is a risk that the oxygen
masks are activated spontaneously.
The pilot opens the pressure valves to depressurize the plane
The pilot can do that because the pilot with this operation can
for example extinguish a fire.

According to the radar, the plane climbed to 45,000 feet. flying
at 45000 feet height is forbidden for passenger air-crafts and
even so it is uncertain whether a plane can climb to this height
with full tanks however the radar data may not be so reliable
when calculating heights. I think that from the radar data can
reliable be deduced that the plane after the last contact with
the tower climbed to the service ceiling. As high as it could.
A passenger at 35,000 feet has 50 seconds before he becomes
unconscious and a passenger on 45000 has 15 seconds.
If this is a tactical movement of terrorists, then that was done
so in order to reduce the pressure in the cabin and to cause a
reduction in temperature to speed up the knock out process.
Presumably if the passengers have no oxygen for a longer time
then there are a good number of people who deceased from cerebral
hypoxia. Some strong people would have survived.

Then we read that the plane dived souring to 23,000 feet.
If this were a tactical movement, then we can assume that the
pilot after knocking out the passengers was interested in not
killing at least some passengers and stick with some hostages.

Then they flew low over Malaysia perhaps within the reach of GSM
towers. We read that phones still seemed to ring, but dead /
unconscious people do not answer their phones.
I read somewhere that the aircraft above Malaysian territory
flew along the mountains. This is a known military pilots tactics
to fly in the mountain shadow..

The plane was supposedly spotted in mainland Malaysia by fishermen
at very low heights. It seems indeed that they wanted to disappear
by flying under the radar field of view to lead future researchers

From radar data it seems they flew West using existing flight
corridors. This indicates that the plane was indeed steered.
The last radar sighting by the army was close to a small island in
the Strait of Mallaka .

Everything indicates that the aircraft was stolen and that maybe
some living hostages may exist .

From the signals issued from the engines of the aircraft it seems
that the plane appeared to have enough fuel for seven+ hours
of continuous flight.

It is obvious that they only flew international waters, most likely
by a route south of India or maybe they know an unseen corridor
in the radar shade of the Himalayan mountains.
The plane probably landed at an unknown airstrip in Iran or
Afghanistan or even Pakistan. This airstrip is built by and for
Mahdi and his friends and probably made invisible for satellites
through camouflage .

There they charge a stolen nuclear bomb in the Boeing 777, and I
speculate they will fly this bomb for example to the nuclear
security summit in The Hague, where according to their teachings,
the devil and his demonic forces are gathered. That evil oppressing
force that smites their world with unfair sanctions.
They are breeding on the demise of the Mahdi.

The aircraft will probably fly at low altitude and when it is
noted by the flying F16 or AWACS aircraft that guard the summit,
then come suddenly a few hostages in the picture. Using the
logic doubt whether the plane should be shot down makes that the
plane comes dangerously close to The Hague. The dead man's switch
in the pilot's hands make the nuke explode.
Depending on where the airplane is shot we hope it is over sea
or over a not so densely populated area.

posted on Mar, 23 2014 @ 04:26 PM
So this important Iranian Imam said something about Mahdi will execute all western leaders.

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