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posted on Mar, 15 2014 @ 07:30 PM

I am proud to say that I don't recognize 2 of those buttons.

I don't recognize three of them!
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posted on Mar, 16 2014 @ 04:02 PM

Sometimes I feel like a dinosaur because I don't Tweet, or Facebook,
or IM....hell I don't even text msg.

Dinosaurs have been said to have been actual human beings, that mutated due to unfortunate circumstances (cataclysms, upheavals and such), and that should never have been born. This would explain the huge fascination humans of this planet have in them, and as well the other-source claims that dinosaurs were actually one-souled beings, like humans (anyone confused about this terminology could read my post about 'animal souls', can't be awsed to find the link right now).

But I don't think not going with the stupid masses should make anyone feel like some extinct mutation. After all, if you are still here, how could you be extinct?

I don't know if it's because I'm wary, or that I just like to be different,
or maybe I could be a full blown paranoid conspiracy theorist. It's just
that when I see EVERYBODY going one way, I have to go the other.

I hope you are not offended, but I find this attitude to be unhealthy. What if EVERYBODY (I'd rather use the term 'everyone', because 'body' is not what or who we are, but just tools for our true selves - it's like identifying with your car, although you are not your car) went a GOOD and BENEFICIAL way, instead of stupid way - then you would have to go BAD/EVIL and UNHEALTHY way.. and that can't be called wise, now can it?

I would actually -love-, absolutely ADORE going the way that everyone is going - provided that the way is good/beneficial/wisdom or towards wisdom, or something respectable.

I would love to live in a world where the masses would follow truth, wisdom, and everyone's well-being instead of stupidity, selfishness and the paths dictated by market forces, corporations, governments and greed. I would definitely want to 'fit in' with such a good mass of people, and do what they do, go where they go, and so on. It would be a true bliss to live in a system where everyone worked for everyone's benefit, and thus everyone benefitted from everyone's work.

So, it CAN be good to go the way EVERYONE is going, provided that it is a good direction. There's nothing INHERENTLY wrong with going with the masses, as long as you have processed, thought about it, and decided for yourself that it is a good way to go.

However, in THIS world, the masses almost always follow stupidity, greed and selfishness, and are controlled by the forces I mentioned above. Thus, in this world, in the current situation, it is usually not a good idea to follow the masses.

I am actually completely different from you in that I hate being different, hate having to be different - but I hate lies, greed, stupidity, superficiality, materialism, consumerism, the bimbo-glitter and all the things that the masses love, even more. I don't like to be different just for the sake of being different. I would love to blend in, but I can't blend in with things that disgust me. If I lived in ancient Greece, for example, you would definitely see me wearing a white toga and philosophizing with people like Sokrates and doing what they do (if it were possible for me - it could very well be that I would just end up being a slave) on a daily basis - blending in with them.

I have other reasons for not using the social networks - I don't do any of the things, either, and I certainly do not feel like a dinosaur. I don't let my feelings be dictated by passing trends of a mad planet - I like thinking bigger, I like drawing my identity from the true source of self, I like thinking cosmically and with a much larger timeline about things like that. For example, one incarnation is just a little ant walking on sand. Then it's gone. If you focus only what happens within that short walk, you are missing the beautiful scenery around the sandbox (ach, today is not good day for metaphors, it seems, sorry about that). In any case, your view will be distorted by such a limitation.

Identity and how you feel about yourself, cannot really truly come from within the incarnation's limitations, because you existed before the incarnation did, and you will exist after the incarnation ends. So what happens, when your body stops providing services and dies? Your identity changes? If it has to change just because your circumstances change, then it means that it wasn't your true identity anyway, because you are still you.

The funny thing about social networking is that people like to expand on their means of communication, but never the content of it. They have to have zillions of channels to communicate trivial nothing to each other. "Ooh, nothing is happening right now, I must blog about it right away and then write update my 'mood' on friendface and send a tweet about it and email my friends with a funny photo, perhaps they will react with something interesting".. it's pretty pathetic, you know.

People have nothing meaningful to say to each other, and yet they have to have multiple methods of getting touch with each other to non-communicate this. It's madness!

I visited one site recently, just looking for some information
about a medical condition, and I could ALMOST see the info I needed
thru the banner which DEMANDED I sign in with Facebook. And that was it.
You either sign in with FB, share, tweet, like, thumbs up...or you don't
get to see the page.

It's pretty ridiculous, how corporations have jumped in and now are offering their services in friendface.. I mean, it's like a corporation offering services in IRC! Oh, wait.. they do that now, too. It's shocking to me to see a seemingly 'proper and credible' institution, foundation or company suddenly have a friendface support page. It's like, soon you won't even be able to communicate with your ISP without signing up with friendface - which was originally designed to just be a 'social network' site, not some corporate service place.

Yes, I can't bring myself to write that word, so I use 'friendface' instead. It was originally a gag in a TV show, showing the ridiculous side of such social networking.

This world is getting more crazy every year, and the social-network-phenomenon is like the appearance of Nero and his violin..

(Btw, the 7500 char limitation counter doesn't work for me, so I never know how much I have typed, and how much will be cut)

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