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NEWS: Iran Wants to Change Conditions of Freeze

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posted on Nov, 24 2004 @ 10:43 AM
In a move certain to put Iran back in the cross hairs of the US administration, Tehran has made a request to be allowed to continue operating many of it's centrifuges. On the eve of a meeting to determine Iran's compliance with the demands of the IAEA, Iran has requested the exemption so that they may continue to operate their centrifuges for "research".

VIENNA, Austria (AP) - Iran is demanding that it be allowed to make an exception in its commitment to freeze all uranium enrichment activities so it can operate about about two dozen centrifuges, diplomats said Wednesday.

The Iranians have told the International Atomic Energy Agency - the U.N. nuclear watchdog - that they want to operate the centrifuges "for research purposes," the diplomats told The Associated Press.

They have asked the IAEA to exempt around 24 of the devices from the agency seals meant to ensure the enrichment program is completely at a standstill, one of the diplomats said.

The IAEA had no immediate comment. But another diplomat who is familiar with the agency said it was resisting the demand for an exemption.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Iran has made quite a bold move. After agreeing to stop all enrichment activities, they are now requesting the ability to go ahead and continue them anyway.

I'm not sure if the move was made in an effort to show good faith, and possible gain some support when they finally get ready to pull the bait and switch.

It seems obvious to me that they never really intended to halt the enrichment of uranium.


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